Gardening Month by Month: Gardening in September

September is the month when it will finally hit you summer won’t be back for another year. The days will be noticeably cooler and the wind will pick up, so your chances is experiencing many warm days is low. Thankfully the weather isn’t too bad yet, which means gardening in September can still be pleasurable. You’ll also be kept busy because there are lots of fun things to do. Let’s look at all the jobs you should have at the top of the list to guarantee none are missed accidentally.

Gardening calendar: Gardening in September

Flowers, Trees, and Shrubs

Spring Flowering Bulbs

1 – Dividing Herbaceous Perennials: If you want your plants to keep performing on a yearly basis you’ll need to work on it, which means dividing your herbaceous perennials on a regular basis.

2 – Collecting and Sowing Seeds: Hopefully you did it last month, but keep collecting seeds from hardy annuals and perennials. You can also begin to sow them when you’re gardening in September.

3 – Spring Flowering Bulbs: Summer might be gone for a while, but the nice weather will be back quicker than you think. Plant your spring flowering bulbs to make sure the garden looks great when that time arrives.

4 – Bring Tender Perennials Inside: As we approach the end of the month there is more chance of it getting really cold. If you want to protect your tender perennials bring them inside.

5 – Watering Houseplants: You had to start watering your houseplants more often a while ago, but the opposite is now true. Thanks to the temperature drop they’ll retain water for much longer.

Fruits and Vegetables

Picking Autumn Raspberries

1 – Dig Up Potatoes: The slugs are eventually going to ruin all of the potatoes you have left, which would be a complete waste. Dig up the remaining ones now so they can’t get to them.

2 – Covering Vegetable Plots: All of those leafy vegetables in your garden must be making your mouth water by now. You’ll need to cover them in bird-proof netting to stop any from being attacked.

3 – Picking Autumn Raspberries: Raspberries are one of the more popular fruits to grow, so hopefully you have some in your garden. You should begin picking them this month for your daily dose of antioxidants.

4 – Planting Garlic Bulbs: Garlic is one of those things you can add to lots of dishes, so you’ll benefit greatly from growing them. Do it this month and they’ll be ready for you next year.

5 – Winter-Hardy Spring Onions: If you want to enjoy the taste of spring onion next year you should sow winter-hardy varieties now. They’ll be ready as soon as spring rolls around.

General Garden Maintenance

Looking After Water

1 – Netting Your Ponds: Sooner or later the leaves are going to begin flying off the trees. You don’t want them to end up in your ponds, so make sure they’re covered with nets.

2 – Cold Frames and Greenhouses: Your cold frames and greenhouses might not be in the best condition, but you’ll need them to be for autumn. Clean them out soon, check the greenhouse heater, and you will be prepared in advance.

3 – Looking After Water: You’ll need to keep watering your garden with your garden hose, especially those new plants. Try to make sure you keep using the water you’ve collected or recycled yourself to prevent waste.

4 – Mowing Your Lawn: This month you can begin to reduce the amount of times you mow the lawn. Also raise the cut height if you don’t want the lawn to be damaged once the wet weather arrives.

5 – Pests and Diseases: There could be a selection of plants you’re planning to bring indoors in September, but don’t forget to proceed with caution. Check them all carefully for pests and diseases first.

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