Best Greenhouse Heater: Top Ranking Reviews and Buyers Guide

By a show of hands, how many of you here treat crop growing as a serious, all year round affair? Whether you’re in it for commercial profit or just enjoy gardening your own greens, you’ve no doubt come to respect the unique nature of UK’s weather. We see it all the time; thousands of neighbourhood gardens frozen over and packed with snow over the winter. For anyone who relies on farming or gardening, this can be a huge blow.

For the smart gardener, you probably have a greenhouse or three around and have been enjoying fruits, veggies, herbs and all sorts of magnificent plants for a couple of seasons. Unfortunately, many are the times when even the toughest structure gets overwhelmed by the power of UK’s frigid winters. So, just how do you help your beautiful plants beat the cold?

Simple; by installing the best greenhouse heater you can get your hands on. A great heater will not only help provide the ideal temperature for your plants, but also counteract a host of other issues such as poor greenhouse insulation. Similarly, greenhouse heaters protect tender seedlings from severe temperature drops and extend your growing season even into the coldest months.

But while all greenhouse heaters share the same endgame of providing life-giving warmth to your plants, there are lots of shapes, sizes, and options to choose from.

For starters, you’ll need to choose how your heater is powered. Paraffin and gas heaters are the most common type and are quite cost effective; but they require refuelling and efficient ventilation. Electric greenhouse heaters are reliable and don’t leave any carbon footprint; however, they can get a tad pricey.

I’ve scoured the entire market to find the best greenhouse heater in the UK; here’s what I found out.

1. Bio Green PAL 2KW Palma Heater


We start off with what is hands down the best and most advanced greenhouse heater in the UK. Compact, energy efficient, incredibly powerful and as safe as it gets, the Bio Green PAL 2KW Palma Heater is an excellent addition to any greenhouse, workshop, garage, basement, or outbuilding. Boasting of stainless steel construction and a robust build quality, it’s definitely engineered to last.

The powerful Palma makes use of 2kW of heating power that circulates at 163 cubic metres an hour; making it ideal for greenhouses where space is at a premium. What’s more, the temperature can be set and controlled by a single and super easy to use dial. We also loved the IPX4 protection that makes the Bio Green Palma Heater splash proof from all directions. And with the addition of a digital thermostat, users can even select temperatures in the minus range.

What I like about it:

  • Solid build quality stainless steel construction
  • Provides 2kW of heating power ideal for 39 sq ft
  • Incredibly advanced air movement and safety features

2. Apollo Electric Greenhouse Heater


If there’s heating involved, you can be sure that Apollo isn’t too far behind. Introducing their pride and joy, the Apollo Electric Greenhouse Heater has become an instant hit with gardeners worldwide. This particular unit might be a bit bulky, but that’s because of all the power and features packed inside.

The Electric Greenhouse Heater from Apollo boasts of up to 2kW of heating power with a requirement of 220 to 240v. With its robust solid steel construction, this bad boy is quite the indestructible heater. But wait until you hear the best part; the unit comes with full thermostatic control, a frost start setting and even the ability to double as a summer ventilator.

What I like about it:

  • Incredibly solid construction
  • Full thermostatic control
  • Greenhouse heater doubles as a summer ventilator

3. LightHouse Eco Heat Greenhouse Heater


Okay, so it’s the beginning of the cold season and you don’t want to watch your plants die of frostbite; what do you do? Simple; get the new and affordable LightHouse Eco Heat Greenhouse Heater and provide a stable environment for your plants.

In addition to stabilizing the climate and protecting plants from sudden temperature drops, the Eco heater also guards against humidity fluctuations. And while the unit is cheaper to purchase, it’s also cost-effective to operate since it uses less than 50W per foot. And as a bonus, it can be used to turn on the household lights or TV as theft deterrents.

What I like about it:

  • Available in 45, 80 and 135-watt versions
  • Uses less than 50w per foot
  • Can be used for other power requirements

4. S&MC Gardenware Large Parasene Electric Greenhouse Garden Plant Warmer


Here’s another heater that closely resembles the new unit from Apollo. Not only is the S&MC Gardenware Large Parasene Electric Greenhouse Garden Plant Warmer as solidly built as best of them, but the manufacturer painted them green so they blend seamlessly with the plants in your greenhouse.

What immediately grabbed my eye was the fact that even with a full thermostat that allows for automated temperature control, this unit is still a bit cheaper than the Apollo. The manufacturer was also thoughtful enough to give the exterior an IPX4 rating so that it’s protected in the event of water splashes.

What I like about it:

  • Green exterior that blends in the background
  • Also doubles as a summer ventilator
  • Packs in 2kW of heating power

5. Single Burner Paraffin Greenhouse Heater


If you’re looking for a way to keep your plants alive in the greenhouse but don’t have a lot of money to work with, then we’ve got the perfect heater for you. You don’t always have to go for expensive electric heaters to get results; especially not when you can get a paraffin model for half the price.

The Single Burner Paraffin Greenhouse Heater from Fireside makes use of a 5 litre capacity for paraffin that burns for up to 80 hours in one filling. The adjustable brass plated twin wick keeps the flame at peak temperature while the flat base is broad for extra stability on the ground. The flame extinguishing device makes for the perfect finishing touch, and so does the high frost-free protection ideal for 6 by 8 greenhouses.

What I like about it:

  • Cheapest heater on our list
  • Large capacity tank offers more heat hours
  • Attractive black and brass plated exterior

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to use a paraffin greenhouse heater?

These nifty little heaters are a great – and relatively inexpensive – solution to keeping your greenhouse warm in the winter.

They do need a little tinkering with when you first set them up though – for example, you will need to experiment with how low to trim the wick to get the maximum amount of heat with the least smoke. All you need to do is fill them with the appropriate fuel, light them, and leave them in peace!

You should always remember that you need to light the burner when it is in its final position, and not carry it around when lit.

Also, do your utmost to keep the paraffin off your clothes, as it is highly flammable.

You must always allow ventilation in your greenhouse, especially if you are heating it with a paraffin heater – keeping a window open just a tiny crack will not affect the temperature, and it will allow the plants to breathe and the flame to continue burning.

Q: What size heater do I need for my greenhouse?

This depends entirely on your greenhouse. If you have acres and acres of land and vast polytunnels, then you will need a bigger heater than someone who is heating a tiny space at the bottom of the garden!

Your heating needs will also depend on the type of greenhouse heater you want to get – are you using a paraffin heater? An electric heater? Or a gas heater?

Most manufacturer’s seem to recommend about 300w of electric heating for a 24 square foot greenhouse, and this goes up incrementally with the size of the greenhouse.

Your best bet would be to work out what type of heater you want, then go and speak to your local stockists who will be able to advise you.

There are also useful websites where you can input the size and construction of your greenhouse, your local temperature, and the desired temperature inside the greenhouse, so you can tailor your needs specifically.

Q: Where to place a greenhouse heater?

It is important to place your heater in a central spot in your greenhouse, which is open and away from water. You can angle it to reach plants that like to be warmer, and away from those which like their environment colder, to improve the overall effect.


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