Best Garden Incinerator [Buying Guide + Reviews]

Let’s face it guys; garden bonfires are not the solution to getting rid of your yard waste. Not only do these fires scorch the ground and leave it open to the elements, but they’re really not that effective in the first place.

And don’t even get me started on the smoke and pollution. I swear, the smoke used to get so thick that my indoor fire alarms would go off.

So, just how do you get rid of all your home and garden waste without killing your entire garden or pissing off your whole neighbourhood?

Simple, by getting your very own piece of specialised equipment designed to burn your yard waste on site. That’s right, I’m talking about a garden incinerator. These mini incinerators burn efficiently at higher temperatures, making them the most effective way to dispose of your rubbish and garden waste (together with garden shredders).

The average garden incinerator can be used to burn leaves, branches, allotment waste, clippings, card, paper, and several forms of rubbish. And as a bonus, the resulting ashes can be used as a soil amendment quite similar to compost.

Out of the hundreds of top ranking garden incinerators that I checked out, I found that the best models had a few features in common. For starters, they were sturdy, durable, and rust-resistant thanks to galvanised steel construction.

It also helps if the bin has a series of holes on the lower side to encourage continued airflow into the fire and handles so you can easily move the unit.

Similarly, a solid lid helps retain more heat in the bin while a small chimney helps even more with the airflow. Ensuring that your incinerator also has legs keeps it from scorching the ground.

I’ve narrowed down the best garden incinerators to make your search a whole lot easier.

1. CrazyGadget 90L Extra Large Galvanised Metal Incinerator


If there’s a brand that should be awarded for creativity, innovation and some pretty talented re-using, it would have to be CrazyGadget. These guys have literally taken a steel trash bin and turned it into quite the capable garden incinerator. The CrazyGadget Extra Large Galvanised Metal Incinerator lives up to its name since it can hold 90 L of whatever rubbish you need to get rid of.

This massive burner boasts of durable galvanized steel construction; so there’s no question about the durability or rust resistance. There are also the classic ventilation holes near the bottom to guarantee efficient combustion. CrazyGadget does seem overly proud of their exclusive locking system, but it does make sure that the lid doesn’t come off even when toppled.

What I like about it:

  • Extra large 90L rubbish capacity
  • Sturdy three-legged base
  • Special locking system that secures lid to handle

2. S&MC Gardenware Galvanised Steel Incinerator Fire Bin


Here’s another generously spaced incinerator that takes the ordinary trash can and endows it with superpowers. We all know that nothing beats a product make right here in the UK. That’s why you’re likely to spot the S&MC Gardenware Galvanised Steel Incinerator Fire Bin in every lawn in the country.

But that’s not the main reason why these garden incinerators are incredibly popular. In addition to still maintaining the large 90 l rubbish capacity, the manufacturer managed to include a free accessory. That’s right; every purchase includes a free ash shovel so you can easily pick out the residue when done burning. With the preferred galvanized steel construction, you can be sure the bin is here to stay.

What I like about it:

  • UK made with quality galvanized steel
  • Ideal for leaves, branches, trimming, cardboard and rubbish
  • Purchase includes free ash shovel

3. Kingfisher SINSIN Square Incinerator


Here’s a unique and exceptionally sturdy piece of burning equipment. Just one look at this bad boy and you can tell that it means business. The Kingfisher SINSIN Square Incinerator is a solid steel square box with reinforced corners that extend to make up the four legs.

You’ll also notice that this particular incinerator has random holes cut on all sides top to bottom. This means that you get more airflow than with the larger 90l bins for sustained fire. Combine the additional holes with the lack of a lid and you can tell that the SINSIN is engineered for super hot burning of damper materials.

What I like about it:

  • Incredibly solid galvanized steel construction
  • More holes translates to improved airflow
  • Easy to assemble

4. CrazyGadget 18L Garden Metal Incinerator Bin


If you have slightly less rubbish and garden waste to get rid of, then chances are that you don’t need a larger than life garden incinerator. CrazyGadget went ahead and built a smaller, more portable version of their burning bin – the Small Garden Galvanised Metal Incinerator.

This incinerator packs 18 litres of rubbish in its galvanized metal frame. Whether it’s wood, clippings, leaves, shavings, paper, or garden trash, this bad boy will turn all that into ash. The unit comprises of ready-made ventilation holes for consistent airflow and combustion while the lid makes sure that the temperature levels remain high. The handles allow for safer relocation while the sturdy three-legged base makes sure that your lawn remains unscathed by the heat.

What I like about it:

  • Affordable garden incinerator
  • Durable galvanized steel construction
  • Aesthetically pleasing design

5. Keto Plastics Mini Garden Incinerator Small Fire Bin


Who says that you have to spend double digits to get a decent garden incinerator? If you’re working on a virtually non-existent budget but still want a convenient solution to your waste disposal, then we’ve got the perfect incinerator for you. And it’s called the Keto Plastics Mini Garden Incinerator Small Fire bin.

This mini incinerator packs a fair 15 litres of rubbish and waste ready for combustion. Like all the best garden incinerators, Keto Plastics used durable galvanized steel for the construction to guarantee durability and rust resistance. This includes the secure rivet handles that allow for easy relocation and three-legged base that is edged at the end for more stability. The manufacturer also incorporated a lid with its own handle and a wide chimney to ensure all smoke is instantly expelled.

What I like about it:

  • Extremely solid and durable steel construction
  • Cheapest garden incinerator on the list
  • Extra wide chimney for faster exhausting


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