Container Gardening: What To Plant Together

Container gardening is a great option for those with a small space, or people who do not have time to maintain an entire large garden. Container plants generally keep themselves pretty well, but if you are wondering about container gardening, what to plant together, you are not alone!

Let’s have a more detailed look into what you can plant.

Container Gardening What To Plant Together?

What Plants Can Be Planted Together In Containers

When you are creating a container garden, there are things to consider. How big is your space? What do you want to plant, vegetables or flowers?

If you are planting flowers, a good thing to remember is: “Thriller, Spiller and Thriller.” This means one plant that is vibrant and beautiful, one that acts as a backdrop, and one that trails down over the edge of the pot.

If you are planting veggies, try to pick ones that get on well together – planting Basil with Tomatoes, for example, benefits both the plants.

Growing small flowering plants alongside trailing blooms is a great idea – not only do they not compete but they can really complement each other.

You can also, if you are going for plants that are to stay in their pots long term, plant an evergreen shrub with smaller plants that may not last year after year.

The most important thing is to plant things that like the same sorts of soil and conditions together, otherwise you may end up with one plant that thrives and another that fails!

What Plants Can Be Planted Together In Containers?

If you are looking for dramatic impact, go for contrasting colours planted together in one container – this will add excitement to your garden!

For a more tranquil effect, opt for different shades of one colour. This will give a calm, relaxed feel to your containers.

It is a good idea to go for a focal point by using tall plants in the centre or at the edges of your containers.

To offset this, use smaller shrubby plants that show off the difference in size and texture of your chosen plants.

Taller plants can include:

  • Bougainvillea
  • Boxwood
  • Elephant Ear
  • Hibiscus

While your smaller, filler type plants could be:

  • Basil
  • Fuchsia
  • Ornamental Cabbage
  • Swiss Chard

Herbs grow well together in containers too, and some pair better than others. Make sure the taller ones are not shading out the smaller ones!

  • Sage, Thyme, Marjoram, Rosemary and Oregano are all Mediterranean type plants that share growing needs, so they will do well planted together.
  • Tarragon, Coriander and Basil work very well in a pot together, as they all love to be kept moist.
  • Lemon Verbena and Lemon Thyme, planted together, make a truly delicious smell, and the plants will support each other too.

What Vegetables Can Be Grown In Pots Together?

Vegetables can be grown together, not only in a sensible regimented way, but also in ways that benefit each other and that can help maximise the produce from each one.

  • Tomatoes, Basil and Onions. Ok, we know that tomatoes are technically a fruit – but this doesn’t stop them growing very well with basil and onions!
  • Beans and Carrots. These two are great together, especially as they don’t compete – the beans grow tall, while the carrots grow under thee soil.
  • Squash and Carrots. Squash are good at spreading, but because carrots do most of their growing underground, these make good companions.
  • Lettuce and Cucumbers. As long as you don’t allow your cucumber plants to swamp the lettuce, this is a very good combination.
  • Spinach and Onions. Onions are a below the soil grower, while spinach is all above ground. This makes them grow well together.
  • Beans and Aubergine. Beans grow tall and leggy, while Aubergine can climb – this makes these two a match made in heaven!

What Plants Are Good For Pots All Year Round?

Many plants are great for living out, year round, in pots. Obviously seasonal ones like vegetables won’t last all year, but many others will.

Flowers, although they will not bloom throughout the winter, can live out in containers all year round.

Clematis, Honeysuckle and Fuchsia are all great plants to keep in pots year round, and they will reawaken in the spring with renewed vigour.

Mint is a great contender for living in a container year round; it is a great little hardy herb, plus keeping it in a pot will prevent it spreading and taking over your whole garden!

Evergreen trees and shrubs also work really well in pots the whole year. These will not only survive the winter, but bring a welcome splash of green to your garden.

Roses can be kept in containers all year round too. As long as you prune them well they will return in the spring as beautiful as before.

Geraniums are a perfect year-round container plant. They will generally only flower in the warm weather, but tend to keep their leaves even in the winter.

Sweet potatoes, as long as you live in a warm area, can be great pot plants. Even if you don’t harvest the tubers, the leaves are a beautiful cascade of green.

Begonias are hardy and pretty, and can happily live out in containers for the whole year.

Petunias, this beautiful little plant, will offer you gorgeous flowers in the summer and a nice show if greenery during the colder months.

Plants in pots can brighten up any garden, and the ones that can be kept for the whole year are a great choice for livening up your space.

This short video contains just about everything you need to know to start off the basics of your container garden:

Final Words

Container gardening is very rewarding – as long as you get it right! Planting the right things together will give you the best results.

Now you know a little more about container gardening – what to plant together, you can get on and enjoy your pot garden happily!

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