Best Chainsaws In The UK: Shopping Guide And Top Reviews

With today’s breed of light, affordable and user friendly chainsaws, the last thing you want is to spend money paying a professional every time you need some pruning and yard work done. If you’re looking for the best chainsaw for the purpose, you’re in the right place.

1. Do you want a chainsaw that is affordable to purchase but still robust enough to handle tougher jobs? Sounds like you need the Einhell GH-EC 2040 Electric Chainsaw.

2. The Husqvarna 236 Chain Saw is a professional grade model that transcends into the domestic chainsaw field. Perfect for both professional gardeners as well as home owners faced with hard cutting tasks.

3. For more cautious homeowners who need a chainsaw to perform basic tasks as safely as possible, it’s tough to beat the WORX WG307E 600W Jawsaw Safety Chainsaw.

Chainsaw Buying Guide

Ranging from lightweight electric models built for yard work to gas guzzling monsters designed to down trees larger that Ol’ Big Ben, chainsaws have been helping man fell trees and build structures for centuries.

Today, they’ve become so versatile they can even cut concrete and work ice blocks. However, the immense range of chainsaws currently available also means one heck of a confusing trip to the store. This segment will help break down the process and find the best chainsaw for you.

Types of Chainsaws

  • Gas Powered – These are incredibly powerful beasts engineered to tackle heavy duty jobs. Of all the types, gas powered models are by far the most capable. If you spend long hours out in remote locations such as forests felling colossal tree trunks, this is what you want. On the downside, they’re heavy, tough to master, noisy, produce lots of emissions and require plenty of maintenance.
  • Electric Corded Chainsaw – Where the gas powered beasts fail, electric models excel and vice versa. Not only are they light and easy to use, they’re also much quieter and don’t produce any emissions. Electric chainsaws are also the most affordable to purchase and run. However, they’re not as powerful and hardy as gas powered models making them ideal for medium to heavy yard work.
  • Cordless Chainsaws – The capabilities and benefits of cordless saws are quite similar to electric corded models. They’re light, quiet, cheap, and easy to use. However, they run on batteries which don’t give you as much cutting power as other types. You’ll also have some downtime waiting for the battery to charge.

Key Features and Considerations When Buying a Chainsaw

i) Guide Bar Length

The guide bar is measured from the tip of the chain to where it meets the housing. This bar represents the active cutting area and dictates the largest wood length a saw can cut in a single pass. Light cutting can be accomplished with 14 – 20” bars while professional, heavy duty cutting will require 22” to 36” bars.

ii) Handles

Poor handles not only make for an uncomfortable grip, they also diminish user control and increase arm fatigue. This can be very dangerous over time, so make sure you get comfortable handles.

iii) Ease of Use Features

It always helps to have a user friendly tool. When choosing a chainsaw, make sure it has additional features such as an automated chain oiler, oil reservoir window and a tool-less chain adjustments. You may also consider how easy/difficult will be to sharpen the chainsaw yourself with a good quality chainsaw sharpener that won’t cost you much.

iv) Safety Features

Chainsaws can be dangerous tools, no matter the type. That’s why all of them will have certain safety features. The primary one to look for is the chain brake which protects the user from kickback. Secondary safety gear is also important to protect the user even further. This includes hearing protection, safety glasses, protective gloves, non slip boots, and protective chaps.

Best Chainsaw Reviews

1. BEST ELECTRIC CORDED: Einhell GH-EC 2040 Tool Less Electric Chainsaw


  • Smooth, fast start up with easy operation
  • Longer cable offers slightly more mobility
  • Plenty of automated features


  • The chain might require regular sharpening to prevent it going blunt


Scoring a solid double digit rating, the Einhell GH-EC 2040 Chainsaw is a powerful, compact machine for pruning branches and downing small trees. Powered by a robust 2000 Watt motor, Einhell really managed to crank up the performance to levels rivalling some gas powered chainsaws.

Its blade length of 400 mm offers clean cutting results through branches with 40 a similar diameter. Slicing through branches and felling trees is made easier by a chain speed of 13.5 m/s.

To give the chainsaw optimal power transmission and an even longer service life, the manufacturer used low wear metal. The large viewing window that allows for easy monitoring of the oil tank level was a really nice touch.

What It Does Best

Being the best electric corded chainsaw in the UK, I’m sure you can already guess what it does best. Sure, it saves you money on both the initial purchase and as well as in the long run since you won’t be using any petrol. But that’s not what I’m talking about.

Where the GH-EC 2040 from Einhell really shines has to be the stack of convenience features the manufacturer managed to get in there. For starters, the additional oil container enables automated chain lubrication while a practical pivoted lever lets users change the chain tension without the need for tools.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

The Einhell GH-EC 2040 Chainsaw is definitely a great piece of equipment, there’s no question about it. Unfortunately, it’s not the best that money can buy, so there are a few issues that I’d like to bring into light.

First off, Einhell could have done a better job with the instructions; they are really unclear. It’s easy to get it wrong on the first go and you don’t want to have to keep backtracking. Getting the chain wrong means that the plastic guard will get an unintentional chewing and might even break off.

What Other Customers Think

Looking at what other customers had to say, it’s more than clear why the Einhell GH-EC 2040 Chainsaw makes it to the top of this list. Its solid, robust construction combined with an affordable price range is what attracts majority of the users in the first place.

However, the fact that it doesn’t require any fuel nor does it demand regular maintenance is what makes it a favourite in numerous UK households.

Should You Buy It?

Whether you’re a professional gardener or just trying to keep your yard in check, any gardener will enjoy what the Einhell Electric Chainsaw has to offer. Few electric chainsaws can truly say that they match this particular saw’s performance, especially not at that price range. If you want to work on a bigger area without having to replug at every other corner or use costly fuels, the GH-EC 2040 is the ideal electric option.

2. BEST PETROL CORDLESS: Husqvarna 236 Chain Saw


  • Light and compact for a gas powered model
  • Fuel saving, low emissions 38cc X-Torque engine
  • Unique centrifugal air cleaning system


  • Flimsy construction of some plastic components


We all know the stereotype associated with gas powered models – that they’re heavy and noisy. Husqvarna set out to break the stereotype and create a petrol powered engine that could almost pass for electric.

The Husqvarna 236 Chain Saw is a professional grade, compact saw that crosses the barrier to domestic use due to its lightweight build and user friendly nature. At only slightly above 4 kg, you don’t have to be a bulky lumberjack to wield it.

It’s fitted with Husqvarna’s 38cc X-Torque petrol engine with a fuel saving feature that we’ll talk about in the what it does segment. Another feature users will really enjoy is the ergonomically designed handles which now give you more varied and sure gripping positions.

What It Does Best

You may not hear this term often with petrol powered chainsaws, but like I said, the Husqvarna 236 Chain Saw is breaking all barriers. This saw is actually among the manufacturer’s line of eco friendly options.

Thanks to the X-Torq technology that gives out around 70% lower emissions than your average gas saw, you can contribute to slightly less pollution and get through work without having to breathe through a cloud of fumes. But that’s not all this new tech does.

The X Torque goes ahead to improve fuel economy by up to 20%. But all these savings don’t get in the way of performance. The 14” chain saw still makes sure you can chop down some of those bigger branches and trees in the yard.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

The Husqvarna 236 Chain Saw is among the best petrol models you’re likely to get for the price. That said, the price could have come a bit lower considering some of the components the manufacturer used.

One particular aspect that I really have to fault Husqvarna for is their choice of plastic. The 236 is a chainsaw that could potentially be used for some occasional heavy duty cutting. So as great as the engine may be, you’re definitely not getting much work done if the flimsy plastic breaks apart.

Likewise, I also noticed the plastic housing needs some double checking every once in a while. If the clutch cover is not properly tightened, it could just snap clean off.

What Other Customers Say

If you’re buying a petrol powered model, you can be sure that there’s going to be some heavy duty cutting involved. That’s why customers who buy gas powered chainsaws are the best to get reviews from.

As expected, lots of them were pleased with the performance and capabilities of the 236. Surprisingly, not many people are talking about the price which could mean that they got the value they were looking for.

Should You Buy It?

Lightweight, compact, extremely powerful and more eco friendly than today’s line of gas powered chainsaws, the Husqvarna 236 Chain Saw is definitely a new breed of equipment altogether. The fact that it uses up less fuel and gives off less pollution makes it ideal for working on the yard at home. If you expect the most out of your chainsaw and can foresee spells of extended, heavy duty cutting, you just can’t beat the 236.

3. BEST SMALL SAFETY: WORX WG307E 600W Jawsaw Safety Chainsaw


  • Ideal size for occasional yard work
  • One of the safest saws in the UK
  • Only chainsaw designed to cut safey on the ground


  • Limits users to cutting small branches and trees


You’re not a professional lumberjack, are you? If not, then you really don’t need a loud, long, heavy and cumbersome chainsaw. What you need is the ultimate revolution in power saw design.

That’s right, the WORX WG307E 600W Jawsaw Safety Chainsaw was invented to make cutting those branches and hedging as easy and as secure as possible.

Unlike traditional chainsaws that have the chain on the outside, this handy model incorporates a unique guardjaw design that holds your target in place while the saw does its thing. This way the chain is fully enclosed at all times for safety.

The JawSaw is solidly built to tackle hardwood branches and makes use of tough, steel teeth and a powerful 600 W motor for high performance.

What It Does Best

As the name suggests, the WORX WG307E JawSaw is a safety saw. In fact, it’s been touted as the best small safety chainsaw in the UK. So naturally, we can say that where this saw excels is in user safety and protection.

We already talked about the enclosed design which is the main safety feature. It keeps the bar and chain fully enclosed so there’s literally zero chance of accidents. The manufacturer also included extra safety features such as left and right safety lock switches to prevent accidental starts.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

This one’s a really tough one guys. Because the WORX WG307E 600W JawSaw’s strength is also its weakness. You guessed it; I’m talking about the unique Jawguard design.

Sure, the design is what makes it the best safety chainsaw, but it’s also what creates the limitations. You are limited to cutting only branches and trees whose diameter fits within the saw guards. Any bigger and the safety saw will be unable to but through.

What Other Customers Think

While going through what other customers had to say, I kind of noticed a trend. Most of the customers seem to have bought the WORX WG307E 600W JawSaw did so for one of two reasons. To either handle some of the occasional trimming and cutting at home, or to deal with branches high up in trees.

But no matter the intended purpose, it’s obvious that almost everyone who bought the JawSaw was happy with the purchase.

Should You Buy It?

There’s no question about it; chainsaws rank pretty high in the list of most dangerous power tools on the planet. One wrong move and you could lose a finger, limb, or life. That’s why first time saw users will be thrilled with the best small safety chainsaw in the UK. If you just need a basic chainsaw for the occasional yard work and prefer to work in as safe conditions as possible, then the WORX WG307E 600W Jawsaw Safety Chainsaw was made just for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Chainsaws

Q: When does chainsaw kickback occur?

Kickback is one of the most common causes of chainsaw accidents, and it is where the chainsaw’s guide bar suddenly shoots upwards, causing the user to lose control. It happens most often when the top tip of the bar strikes an object, and when the wood closes around during a cut and pinches the chain saw.

Q: Can chainsaw blades be sharpened?

Chainsaw blades are easy to sharpen using a file. You will need a pair of gloves, a filing kit made for chainsaws, and a bench vice. Clamp the chainsaw and set the sharpening guide, then push the file over the cutting tooth five or six times. Repeat this for all the cutting teeth.

You can sharpen your chainsaw at home, but it is best to take your chainsaw to a professional to have this done as an improperly maintained chainsaw can be very dangerous.

Q: Can a chainsaw blade be put on backwards?

It can be put on backwards, but it will not cut even a piece of paper this way! A chainsaw that it set up wrong can be a hazard, so if you are not sure about anything to do with your chainsaw then you should take it to a professional so you know it is as safe and effective as it can be.

Q: Can chainsaw cut through metal?

There are many saws which can cut metal, but a chainsaw is not one of them. It can, in theory, cut through metal but it will become blunt very quickly, and using a chainsaw this way can be dangerous. It can break the chain, cause sparks, damage the engine of the chainsaw, throw chips of metal and even cause kickback. You should only use your chainsaw for cutting wood, hedges, and big plants.

Q: Can chainsaw cut bamboo?

A chainsaw is a good way of cutting through stems that are more than 3 inches in diameter, so yes, a chainsaw is suitable for cutting large bamboo plants.

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