Which Is The Best Circular Saw On The UK Market?

If we’re being honest, not all cutting tasks require the massive, bar and chain lumberjack approach. Sometimes, you just need a saw built for lighter and more accurate work. How about one of these highly ranked circular saws?

1. Electric tools are the future. If you’re looking for a professional grade circular saw with all the advantages of gas powered models and none of the fumes, the Bosch has you covered with the GKS 190 Corded Circular Saw.

2. If you want a cordless circular saw that gives you more reach and allows some off the grid operation, how about the Makita DSS610Z Cordless Li-Ion Circular Saw?

3. Like I said, most homeowners in the UK just need a small power saw for light, cutting to size tasks. The Einhell TH-CS 1200/1 Hand Held Circular Saw offers a great, compact solution.

Circular Saw Shopping Guide

Along with a drill, circular saws are among the top must-have power tools in almost any workshop. These saws use abrasive or toothed discs and blades to slice through different materials. With the right blade, a circular saw can be used to cut through wood, plastic, ceramic, masonry and even metal.

But with the wide range of models available, there’s more to choosing a circular chainsaw than just specs. It all starts with the type.

Types of Circular Chainsaws

  • Worm Drive – Here, the motor is mounted towards the rear of the tool. This reduces the blade speed to provide more torque for carving up wet lumber and concrete for major renovation jobs.
  • Sidewinder – For the sidewinder, the motor is mounted on the side making it more compact. Since its lighter, it’s the ideal option for overhead cutting and manoeuvring in tight spaces.
  • Cordless – These are usually bigger and convenient for when the power is not handy. However, they generate less torque than corded saws and have limited runtimes with downtime for charging.

Key Features and Considerations When Buying a Circular Chainsaw

i) Blade Size and Type

Blade saws are categorized by the diameter of blade they can use. A larger blade will cut deeper but slower while a smaller blade will be faster and more effective with metalwork and masonry.

Similarly, there are different blades for different tasks. Ripping blades are great for natural wood, crosscut blades for composite work, and high tooth count finish blades for cleaner cuts on delicate materials.

ii) Bevel Angle

Look for a saw with an adjustable bevel angle. This will allow you to cut materials at a special angle to refine the visual appeal. It will also help you become more accurate while working with different materials.

iii) Depth Adjustment

One of the main uses of circular chainsaw is cutting into materials. If you don’t really want to go through the wood, then adjusting the depth will prevent the blade from slicing too far.

iv) Blade Guard

Safety should always be your main concern when working with power tools. A retractable blade guard covers the blade and automatically retracts as you cut to make sure the surface is not exposed to the user.

v) Electronic Brake

An electronic brake slows down the momentum of the blade automatically and brings it to a stop once the trigger is released. This prevents an open hazard where the circular saw could be left spinning with very high momentum.

Best Circular Saws Reviewed

1. BEST CORDED: Bosch Professional GKS 190 Corded Circular Saw


  • Powerful air cooled 1400W motor
  • Turbo blower for debris removal
  • Tough TCT blade with 70mm cutting depth


  • Base may not be as rigid as one would like


The GKS 190 Corded Circular Saw from Bosch definitely lives up to its name by being the ideal working man’s tool. Not only does it have the power you need to get through most cutting tasks, it’s also quite the versatile piece of equipment.

The 1400W motor is built to run as long as you want it and powers the blade through those heavy duty cutting tasks usually performed by gas powered monsters.

To make the saw hardy, the manufacturer used a steel base that also offers more stability as you work around bevel cuts. For more precision and correctness, there’s a dust extraction adapter which offers a clear field of view as you cut.

What It Does Best

The GKS 190 Corded 240 V Circular Saw is hands down the most powerful model on our list today. The fact that it’s corded means that it can draw far more power than any battery operated model and maintain a consistent cut all though.

But aside from the power, there’s just one more aspect that you’ve go to give it up to Bosch for. The manufacturer really installed some damn good blades on this bad boy. The robust tungsten carbide blades have 16 teeth for a neat, precise cut.

Combined with the power of the motor, these blades spin at a speed of 5500 revolutions a minute – way faster compared to some other cheaper models which makes it ideal for slicing through both soft and hardwood.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

Anyone who knows Bosch pretty well will appreciate just how tough it is to fault this company on most of its products. Their professional hand held circular saw is no different. The GKS 190 boasts of the classic, blue quality we’re used to, a smooth, powerful motor, and ergonomic design.

However, the only side note the manufacturer has for users it to take special care of it if you’re looking to maintain this integrity. The steel base and housing is especially vulnerable to damage, so make sure you avoid dropping the saw from heights.

What Other Customers Think

Like I said, it’s so hard to fault Bosch. That’s why it came as no surprise that almost every single person who bought the GKS 190 was more than satisfied with their purchase.

From the powerful, smooth motor all the way to the excellent build quality, the Bosch Professional GKS 190 Corded Circular Saw really impresses on all angles. New users felt like it was easy to use while experienced workers appreciated the fact that the cut is always true.

Lastly, everyone recommends the customer service that Bosch outs across for its customers. Once you register with Bosch within 30 days, you get a three year warranty update.

Should You Buy It?

The Bosch GKS 190 Circular Saw is one heck of a powerful tool. Not only does it have a beast of a motor capable of doing most heavy duty tasks, but it’s actually light enough to wield for long periods. Likewise, the blade rotation speed is high enough to cut through materials like a knife in butter. If you want a professional grade circular saw that provides all the power but none of the fumes, then this is it right here.

2. BEST CORDLESS: Makita DSS610Z Cordless Li-Ion Circular Saw


  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Plenty of safety features
  • LED job light for visibility in darker areas


  • Downtime while charging the circular saw


Here’s a saw that really hit us as a surprise here at the review haven. Makita is already well known for their unique and work-lessening innovations in the power tools industry. Unfortunately, Makita is also known for manufacturing some damn bulky and heavy equipment.

So when their cordless saw first came out, we were all expecting something cumbersome. The Makita DSS610Z Cordless Li-Ion Circular Saw is an incredibly lightweight model that comes in at just over 3Kgs once you take out the battery.

Speaking of the battery, Makita included their Lihium-ions which make for a longer run time. However, the motor only manages to spin the blade at 3700 rpm with no gears and no load speed. Still, that’s enough o saw through plastic and metal.

What It Does Best

If there’s one thing that Makita excels at, it’s got to be making their tools as safe and as easy to use as possible. The Makita DSS610Z Cordless Li-Ion Circular Saw is a testament to this extremely understated ability.

One safety feature that stands out is the electric brake which makes starting and stopping the DSS610Z a breeze. Similarly, there’s also a safety trigger so you don’t have any accidents while sawing. The soft grip also grants additional comfort and control in case of any kick backs.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

Having specialized in tools for the construction industry for years now, it’s no surprise that Makita is right up there with the best of them. That’s why looking for any flaws or limitations was super hard.

However, I’d feel more capable is the Makita DSS610Z Cordless Li-Ion Circular Saw could achieve a faster rpm than the current 3700.

This would allow for sawing through more materials at a faster rate. And although you can replace the battery for a longer run time, the one that comes with the unit is a bit underpowered making it run out faster while performing heavy duty tasks.

What Other Customers Think

It’s pretty clear just how great an option the Makita DSS610Z Cordless Li-Ion Circular Saw is for home owners. Just a quick search of the reviews and you’ll agree that the manufacturer did a great job of satisfying their customers.

The mobility of the saw is what especially get everyone excited about the saw. Sure, professionals did have a thing or two to say about the power and charging down time. But all their complaints just reiterate the fact that this is a great domestic circular saw.

Should You Buy It?

Despite its lightweight design and smaller size, the Makita DSS610Z Cordless Circular Saw is quite powerful compared to other models in its class. The speed is more than adequate for most tasks while the smaller size means you can work for long hours on end. Sure, professionals might feel a tad disappointed by the lack of versatility and charging downtime. But if you’re just looking for a mobile saw to reach those distant areas of your yard, the DSS610Z is a great tool.

3. BEST COMPACT: Einhell TH-CS 1200/1 Hand Held Circular Saw


  • Best compact circular saw in the UK
  • Simplified, easy to use design
  • Toolless cutting depth and saw table adjustment


  • Could have done a better job on the housing integrity


Einhell have made quite a splash by giving homeowners exactly the type of saw they need – a small, compact circular saw suitable for all those lighter sawing tasks. The Einhell TH-CS 1200 Circular Saw is a reliable and powerful tool that is ideal for all those do it yourself type of cutting and construction jobs.

The manufacturer included an adjustable depth and tilt angle that doesn’t require any tools. Thanks to a carbide blade, users can make cuts both across and with the grain. The ergonomic handle is what really makes this a true hand held saw. Not only is it light enough to wield for hours, it’s also comfortable and easy to manoeuvre.

What It Does Best

Let’s face it; most of us homeowners aren’t exactly looking for those monstrous bar and chain chainsaws. That’s why you’re checking out circular saws. Now, statistics go on to say that an even large percentage just needs a small saw to handle a little yard and construction work.

And this is where the Einhell TH-CS 1200/1 Circular Saw excels. This mini power house has been fingered as the best compact circular saw in the UK suitable for panel work, floor construction, chipboards, as well as many cut to size woodwork tasks.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

At first glance, the Einhell TH-CS Saw looks like as bare a saw as it gets – kind of like it’s just a blade with a handle. Well, that’s part of what makes it the most compact model around. But it’s only until you get really close that you start to see just how much work went into creating the components.

Unfortunately, the compact nature does come at a cost to durability. The overly simplistic design leaves almost every single important component vulnerable to damage. Just one lengthy drop and you can be sure that something’s getting broken. So make sure you take extra care not to drop the saw from heights.

What Other Customers Think

Suffice it to say that plenty of people were waiting for Einhell to finally add a cordless saw to their collection of handy power tools. And when they finally did, we were not disappointed at all.

The Einhell TH-CS has been getting plenty of buzz (pun intended) in the DIY construction industry; and for good reason. Most customers were truly impressed by the decent power output for smaller tasks as well as the compact nature of the unit.

Should You Buy It?

The Einhell TH-CS 1200 Saw provides users with a comfortable, easy cutting experience. With a decent rpm for a saw of its range and a nice set of comfort features, it’s no wonder plenty of homeowners in the UK don’t want any other power saw. Sure, this might not be the best saw for heavy duty cutting tasks, but she’ll handle light home sawing jobs quickly. If you just want a small saw around for the occasional DIY construction gig, then this is your best compact bet

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to use a circular saw?

It can take a bit of time to get used to your circular saw. The first, and most important part of operating this piece of equipment is to wear the correct safety gear – goggles to keep your eyes safe, and strong gloves to protect your hands. You could also consider a breathing mask, especially if you are sawing materials that release fine particulate or if you are an asthmatic.

  • Measure twice, cut once – If you measure exactly where you are going to cut then you will stand less of a chance of making mistakes.
  • Work with a saw horse – Make sure that the material you are going to cut is well supported by a saw bench or other similar supporting bench.
  • Set the central lever to your desired cutting depth (only set it to 1/8 inch below the bottom of what you are cutting; setting it lower will put too much strain on the saw).
  • For bevelled cuts, adjust the pivoting scale to angle the blade. You can do this by releasing the knob on the front of the saw anti clockwise, and sliding the scale to one of the preset angles on the frame. Lock the scale by turning the knob anti clockwise.
  • For precise cuts, add a cutting line to the cut you are going to make- this can be a flat piece of wood or a metal ruler – or, if you are feeling brave, draw a line where you are planning to cut and just follow it.

Q: How to sharpen a circular saw blade?

  1. The first step is to remove the blade. Some models have a release switch that makes this step very simple; other models will require a wrench to remove the blade.
  2. Next, clamp the blade in a sturdy bench vice, facing up with the teeth pointing towards you. Don’t tighten the blade too tightly, as you run the risk of bending the metal of the blade.
  3. Make a little mark on the blade where you start, so you will know when you have sharpened all the teeth on the blade.
  4. Using a diamond file, give each bevelled blade point that is facing you four consistent strokes. You should notice a shiny edge appearing very quickly; if not then just do a few more strokes (just try to give each blade the same number of strokes for an even sharpening). Only sharpen the bevel of the blade facing you, so you will be sharpening one blade then skipping one, sharpening the next and skipping, and so on.
  5. Once you have sharpened all the blades on one side, release the vice and turn the whole blade around, then repeat the process on the other side.
  6. Finally, run the file back and forward for one stroke over the top of the blade point, repeating for every blade. Remove the blade from the vice and reinstall it into your circular saw – and you’re done!

Q: How to cut wood straight with a circular saw?

It can be hard, even for the experienced saw user, to make straight cuts with a circular saw.

  1. The first step is to secure the wood you are using – if you have a saw horse then nail the pieces of wood you are cutting to it, to give stability. If you don’t have a saw horse then you could cut using a vice – you just need to keep the piece of wood secure so you don’t mess up while cutting.
  2. Draw guidelines on the wood, so that you know where you are cutting.
  3. Position the blade about 1 inch behind the line you have marked, and guide the saw along with your fingers – there are guards to prevent you cutting your digits off!
  4. Follow the above instructions to make any further cuts – cutting straight should be easy as long as you have a guide to follow.

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