Spear And Jackson Micro Shovel Review

If you are shopping for a lightweight, sturdy and versatile micro shovel, I highly recommend the Spear and Jackson round mouth micro shovel.

Despite being a lot smaller than most gardening shovels, it is surprisingly practical for a wide variety of tasks. From weeding your flowers to dig up treasures when metal detecting, the Spear and Jackson micro shovel is highly versatile. Read on for my full review.

Spear and Jackson Micro Shovel Review

Spear and Jackson Micro Round Mouth Fibre Glass Shaft with Micro Shovel

In my garden…

What Are You Buying?

1. Versatile Micro Shovel

Large and hefty shovels have their place among your garden tools. They are useful for moving large amounts of soil or compost, digging large holes, making trenches and removing deep-rooted weeds.

But there are some tasks that require the precision and ease of use of a lighter and smaller shovel. This is where micro shovels come in.

Micro shovels are much smaller than a standard shovel but not quite as small as one of those mini shovels that resemble a trowel. The Spear and Jackson micro shovel is 72cm long from the blade to the handle.

Though smaller than a regular shovel, it is still a 2-handed shovel and you use it the same way as a normal shovel.

If you are wondering what exactly you can use a micro shovel for, here are some of the users buyers have put the shovel to:

  • Gardening in confined spaces where a standard shovel would be awkward/impossible to use.
  • Scooping soil, compost or some other material from a bag. The smaller blade easily fits through the opening and you can hold the shaft in one hand.
  • In areas where you need more precision such as weeding around flowers or vegetables.
  • Tending to small or raised garden beds where the wide blade of a regular shovel would make work difficult.
  • The Spear and Jackson micro shovel is perfect for older kids whether it’s gardening or playing at the beach. Shorter gardeners also say they find it a lot more comfortable compared to regular shovels.
  • The micro shovel is handy for pulling out small weeds or transplanting small plants.
  • Great for digging small holes and trenches.
  • The short length of the shovel makes it ideal for gardeners who prefer working while seated or on their knees.
  • The Spear and Jackson is also popular among metal detecting hobbyists. This is partly because of how portable it is.
  • If you find regular shovels too heavy and they tire you out quickly, then the Spear and Jackson micro shovel might be more suited for your needs.

2. Sharp Rounded Blade

Another feature that adds to the versatility of the Spear and Jackson micro shovel is the type of blade it comes with. It’s a round mouth type of blade, similar to the one you’ll find on most traditional shovels.

Compared to specialised shovels such as those with square or tapered blades, rounded shovels are more versatile. They can handle a wide range of tasks, including lifting and moving soil, digging holes, making trenches, uprooting weeds and more.

The blade on the Spear and Jackson micro shovel is sharp enough to cut through small roots and hard earth.

3. Designed to Last

Similar to most of the other Spear and Jackson tools, this micro shovel is built to last. Some customers say they’ve had theirs for over 5 years and it is still good.

The blade is made from carbon steel, ensuring it lasts for years without bending. It is powder coated to protect it from corrosion.

The shaft is made from fibreglass, a strong yet lightweight material. Unlike wooden shafts, fibreglass is less likely to snap and it’s more weather-resistant. It’s also much lighter than a metal shaft.

The D-style handle is made with soft grip plastic for added comfort.

4. Great for Portability

The Spear and Jackson micro shovel is not just small, it’s also light. It weighs only 1.1kg. The lightweight design is handy if you plan to carry the shovel around with you such as when metal detecting or if your garden is a distance away from home.

The micro shovel is also ideal for beach trips, camping and other outdoor applications.

How Easy Is It To Use?

It depends on what job you are using the micro shovel for. Obviously, the Spear and Jackson micro shovel does not replace a regular length shovel.

It’s not ideal for moving large amounts of material, digging large trenches or holes, or working on a large garden. The small size of the shovel can even hurt your back if you are not careful.

But if you use the micro shovel for its intended purpose, then it is really easy to use. The small size and lightweight build allows you a lot more precision compared to a regular handle. That’s what makes the micro shovel great for tasks like tending a raised garden or weeding around delicate plants.

The soft grip D handle feels comfortable in your hand and the sharp blade cuts easily through whatever material you are digging through.

Being small, the Spear and Jackson micro shovel is also easy to store. You can hang it in a corner in the garage, put it in a garden shed or stow it away in a garden storage box. And if you are travelling, the shovel fits easily in the trunk of most cars.

What Accessories Are Included?

The Spear and Jackson micro shovel does not come with any accessories, nor do you need to buy any to use it.


  • Versatile micro shovel.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Portable.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Affordable.


  • Not ideal for certain gardening tasks.
  • Might be uncomfortable for taller users.
  • Not foldable – limits portability for some people.

Anything Else You Should Know?

Carbon steel is more vulnerable to rust compared to stainless steel. To keep out corrosion as much as possible, the carbon steel blade on the Spear and Jackson micro shovel is carbon coated.

However, it can still rust if you leave it outdoors for too long or leave it wet after use. Clean and dry it after each use to keep it rust-free.


If you’ve never thought about adding a micro shovel to your collection of gardening tools, it’s more useful than you think.

And even if you don’t own a garden, you can use the Spear and Jackson micro shovel for metal detecting or camping.

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