What Gives Off More Heat Chiminea Or Fire Pit?

Having a heat source in the garden makes the outside even more attractive – nothing beats sitting around some pretty flames of an evening! If you are looking for a warm corner of your garden, you may wondering what gives off more heat, chiminea or fire pit? We’re here to find out the answer for you!

What Gives Off More Heat Chiminea Or Fire Pit

Chimnea Or Fire Pit

While it’s true that both of these things will put out heat, there may be one that is hotter than the other, or more suitable for your space.

Let’s have a look into the differences between a chiminea and a fire pit:

  • Chimineas are generally hotter than fires, because of their shape and what they are made of.
  • The heat generated by a chiminea fire is more contained, meaning that less heat can escape into the air.
  • However, a fire pit can be filled up more and made larger, so it can end up giving off more heat…
  • …But the heat in an open fire pit is more easily able to dissipate into the air, meaning that it might not feel as hot.
  • Chimineas are generally easier to light, being contained as they are in a small space. A fire pit can take as long as a bonfire, by which time you will have given up and gone inside!
  • A fire pit can fit more people around it, which is ideal if you are looking for a nice relaxing summertime evening with friends.

If your garden is large enough you might wish to have a fire pit for warmth, while if it is smaller than a compact chimnea would be a better option.

Whichever you choose, make sure you site it far enough away from the house, shed, washing line and any plants, to prevent damage!

Here is a good article, telling you how to use both a fire pit and a chiminea for the best results.

Which Is Better A Fire Pit Or A Chiminea?

Fire pits and chimineas are both fantastic options for extending your summertime barbecues, and for keeping you warm in the long cold evenings.

But which is better? Well, obviously it is up to you what you want to put in your garden, and which is better depends on your situation.

For those with a small space, a chiminea would be the best bet. This way you can have your fire without the risk of setting fire to your house!

A fire pit is a great option if you have a larger space, so you can enjoy a warm summer evening with friends and family.

You will also have to think about your storage options – do you have the space to dismantle and store your fire pit in winter? Do you have a dry space to keep your chiminea?

Both of these fiery devices are made of metal, and as such they can start to rust in the rain. Storing them for winter is imperative to keep them in good condition!

You know you want a source of fire in your garden, but which is the best? We’ll have to let you decide this one.

This video will tell you the pros and cons of fire pits and chimineas – it also discusses patio heaters, but we can just ignore that part!

Does A Fire Pit Keep You Warm In Winter?

Having a fire at any time of year will definitely keep you warmer. But what about in the chilly depths of the winter?
A fire pit is a much better bet than a patio heater, as these can use a lot of electricity or fuel, and are not the best option for the environment.

This being said, lighting a fire can take a long time, and if it is damp outside then the fire may take even longer to light!

If you are looking for a small fire to keep you warm on winter evenings, a fire pit or a chiminea can be a great option.

Fire pits can take a little longer to light than a chiminea, which is something to factor into your choices.

Once a fire pit is established though, it can burn for a long time and put out a lot of warmth (as long as you have sited it correctly).

Do remember though, that winter nights are cold, and even huddling around a fire pit or a chiminea is not much of a substitute for four walls!

Do Chimineas Give Off Good Heat?

A chiminea is a great option for keeping warm on the cool summer evenings, or the distinctly chilly autumn nights.

A chiminea, although they can be small and compact, can give off really good heat, especially if they are sited in the right place in your garden.

Actually, the fact that they are small and compact and the heat is generated from inside can mean that a chiminea is a great way of heating the air.

Imagine the difference between an open fire and a wood burner – an open fire is warm, but that heat tends to be lost into the air somewhat.

A woodburner generates heat from the fire, as well as heat from the metal which it is made from, meaning that it might be a more efficient way of heating.

A chiminea tends to hold its heat for quite a while even after the fire has gone out – again, this is due to the conductive properties of the metal it is made from.

They are usually made of metal, which is a great conductor for heat – this means that the chiminea itself will heat up, and it will also warm the air around it.

Final Words

Having a fire feature in your garden is not only practical and warming, but they can be really attractive too.

Now that you have a better idea about the differences between a chiminea and a fire pit, you’re in a better position to choose which one you want!

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