Best Moss Killer For Lawns [Reviews + Buying Guide]

Coming in only second to weeds, moss is arguably the most difficult thing to clear from lawns. Take a quick look at your lawn. If you see any coarse green or yellowing tufts in between the grass, you’ve got moss. Left unattended, moss will spread spores everywhere and overtake your entire lawn.

Soon enough, it will be competing with your grass for space and nutrients. More often than not, moss tends to grow on poorly fed compacted soil or over-thatched lawns with poor drainage. And once it gains root, simply raking or scarifying your lawn won’t work – all it does is spread the moss to other good parts of your garden. What you need is the best moss killer for lawns.

Key Features and Considerations When Buying Moss Killer

i. Lawn Size

The size of your lawn should determine the moss killer you buy. If you have a large lawn, it goes without saying that you need a large capacity moss killer. Similarly, the ratio of water to moss killer will affect how quick and effective it is. People with larger lawns will be well suited by a lawnspreader. But if it’s small, then go for moss killers that can be spread by hand or sprayer.

ii. Grass Food

Killing moss is only half the job, the other’s growing a denser, stronger lawn. If you really want the best moss killer, then get one that also helps your lawn grow healthy grass as well. The best moss killers tend to have residual benefits and light nutrient content.

iii. Safety

Ideally you want a chemical free moss killer that is safe to use around children and pets. However, make sure it’s also non-stain so it won’t stain your paving, deck, and patios.

The Best Moss Killer For Lawns Reviews

1. Ferromel Iron Sulphate Lawn Conditioner


Got a big lawn and an even bigger moss problem? Then you’ll appreciate a large bag of quality, multipurpose moss killer. The Ferromel Lawn Conditioner comes in a 25 Kg bag of fine powdered Iron Sulphate. Ferrous sulphate is known for being an effective moss killer. Thanks to its turf hardening properties, the conditioner makes your lawn less susceptible to both moss and other lawn diseases.

Ferromel’s lawn conditioner covers different areas depending on the intended use and mixing proportions. If you’re using it to kill moss, the 25Kg bag covers 5000-12,500 sq m. The area goes up to 20,000 – 25,000 if you’re just greening the lawn. However, higher doses can be used to kill moss in hours. That’s why this particular bag is a favourite for professional lawnkeepers, sports groundsmen, and large estate lawns. The fine powder can be diluted in water or applied dry by-hand or spreader.

What I like about it:

  • Large 25 Kg Bag (over 15,000sq metre coverage)
  • High quality professional grade lawn conditioner
  • Powerful 3 in 1 Iron Sulphate formula that kills moss in hours

2. Evergreen Complete 4 in 1 Moss Killer Bag


Whether you’ve got a fairly sizeable lawn of just want to stock up on good grass food, it always pays to have a well rounded, comprehensive lawn care product around. The Evergreen Complete 4 in 1 Lawn care Bag acts as grass food, lawn conditioner, weed and moss killer all available in one blend.

Evergreen contains more nitrogen than other brands to give your lawn tougher, greener grass. And with the added WaterSmart formula, the lawn is protected against heat, drought, cold, and other elemental stresses while also controlling weeds and mosses. The brand recommends using a lawn spreader to avoid scorching the grass due to over-application.

What I like about it:

  • 4 in 1 multipurpose lawn care
  • Watersmart formula allows for effective absorption of water
  • Blackens and kills moss in 2 weeks

3. Pro-Kleen Premium Pure Lawn Tonic


The benefits of Iron Sulphate for lawns are undeniable. Question is; how much do you need? If you’re fond of DIY and want a healthy backyard without too much hassle, Pro-Kleen has just the thing. Their Premium Lawn Care Tonic comes in a 2.5 Kg tub of professional grade dry iron sulphate powder.

Unlike inferior grade lawn feed that contains extra weight in water, this dry grade option offers twice the coverage. The full 2.5 Kg tub should be enough to cover an area of 1500 sqm for turf hardening and moss killing. The area shoots to 2500 for regular grass greening. In addition to being easy to use, the open/close lid on the tub means you can store it for longer in cleaner and optimal condition.

What I like about it:

  • Covers an area of 2000 sqm
  • Contains Iron Sulphate
  • Easy to store tub with open/close lid

4. Maxicrop PMKLT4TL Liquid Moss Killer


Like most people in the UK, you’re more likely to have a sprayer handy than a dry fertiliser spreader. If this is the case, you’ll be more at home with a liquid or soluble lawn feed. What’s more, soluble feeds are always the safer bet if you’re not too familiar with the practice. The Maxicrop PMKLT4TL Moss Killer acts as a 2 in one solution that also feed your lawn.

It contains a natural seaweed base that helps with greening and hardening of turf. Combined with ferrous sulphate and nitrogen, this lawn tonic blackens moss within a matter of hours depending on how concentrated the solution is. To use this solution, just mix with water and apply to your lawn twice a year.

What I like about it:

  • Easy to use water soluble lawn feed
  • Efficient blackening of moss in hours
  • Contains natural seaweed extract that encourages grass regrowth

5. Westland Elixir Garden Lawn Sand


There’s a reason why Westlands Lawn Sand remains a staple in many UK households. Not only does it come is smaller packs for smaller lawns, but it’s quite the effective solution for controlling moss and weeds. Their Elixir Garden Lawn Sand is a great option for people looking to give their lawns a one-time treatment.

Each granule in the pack contains ferrous sulphate that causes moss and weeds to blacken out and die in hours as well as a nitrogen fertiliser that feeds grass and encourages even lawn growth while at it. This pack covers an area of 200sqm and can be used anytime. However, Westland recommends not applying the feed under rainy or freezing conditions.

What I like about it:

  • Small pack for small lawns
  • High nitrogen levels for thicker results
  • Ferrous solution kills moss in hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to make moss killer for lawns?

Home made moss killer is effective, cheap, and won’t damage wildlife and plants in the same way that harsh chemicals will.

  • Water, vinegar, salt and soap: Mix the water, slat and vinegar together in a large bucket, then add soap up to around 20% of the total mixture. Apply this mixture to the moss using a spray bottle – but do be aware that this mixture will also kill other plants, so be careful where you spray it. Once the mixture has worked its magic, usually a couple of days, simply scrape up the dead moss and discard it.
  • Water and iron sulphate: Iron sulphate will alkalise your soil, allowing more grass to grow rather than the moss. Mix 3oz of iron sulphate with 5 gallons of water, and pour it liberally over the moss using a watering can. The moss will turn brown after 3-4 days, when it can be easily removed with a rake.
  • Baking soda and warm water: Mix 3Tbsp baking soda with 2 pints of warm water. Mix this together thoroughly and spray it onto the moss using a spray bottle. As a tip, using this particular method works best on a warm sunny day, where the sun’s heat will help the moss dry out quickly.

Q: When to apply moss killer for lawns?

Late spring or early summer is the best time to apply moss killer, when the weather is warm but not too hot. The moss should be actively growing but should not have grown enough to totally take over the lawn.

Q: Where to buy moss killer for lawns?

Most good garden centres will stock moss killer for lawns. If you can’t find it in your local garden store, have a look at bigger department stores that stock gardening equipment, and failing that, take a look online and see if you can find what you are looking for – just type it into a search engine and you should find hundreds of results.

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