What Is The Best Long Reach Pruner On The UK Market?

Hi readers, glad to see you back again for some more gardening and landscaping advice. But since you’re here, I’ll go ahead and assume that you’re losing both the battle of height and wits against the trees and tall plants in your lawn. Not to worry, you’re definitely not alone!

Whether you’re looking for a handy gardening implement to gain an advantage over high branches or a convenient way to trim and shape humongous hedges, there’s only one tool fit for the job.

That’s right; also known as telescopic pruners, long reach pruners allow for the safe pruning of branches and tips that would otherwise be out of reach.

Thanks to their very long handles, users have a useful reach of around 8 more feet (210cm) than you would get with ordinary pruners and loppers. And we all know what using a tool with long reach means; less reliance on bulky and cumbersome ladders as well as more precise operation.

As you’ve no doubt noticed in your search, there are plenty of different telescopic pruners on the market. Typically, there are different types with other pruners even including accessories such as both a pruning saw and secateurs.

When looking for the best long reach pruners, you need to make sure that you get a product that is not only strong and stable when fully extended, but also incredibly lightweight for effortless pruning.

I and few of my friends turned the industry upside down and tested hundreds of different telescopic pruners just to find the best, most popular models in the UK. Enough chit chat, let’s dive right into the top ranking long reach pruners, shall we?

1. Fiskars FSK115560 Extension Poles and Top Pruners


Established back in 1649, Fiskars is currently a global leader in the manufacturing of home, garden and other outdoor equipment. It’s because of the brand’s user friendly, innovative, and functional solutions that they’ve gained the trust of millions of gardeners worldwide. If we’re talking about long reach pruners, then this brand makes an entrance with the FSK115560 Telescopic Universal Anvil Cutter.

This marvel comes with the ability to extend up to 4m so you can gain a healthy advantage over tall shrubbery and branches. And thanks to the adjustable cutting angle, users can easily cut branches that are in awkward positions. With the CrMov steel blade, you are guaranteed of sharper operation for longer.

What I like about it:

  • Exceptionally high quality construction
  • Can be extended for up to 4 m
  • Ultra lightweight aluminum shaft

2. Spear & Jackson W223 Razorsharp Telescopic Tree Pruner

Spear n Jackson W223 Razorsharp Telescopic Tree Pruner


By now, everyone already knows who Spear & Jackson are and why their products reign supreme all over the world. After making just about every type of garden implement you can imagine, the brand’s at it again with their new line of telescopic pruners. Their pride and joy goes by the name Spear & Jackson W223 Razorsharp Telescopic Tree Pruner.

This bad boy stands out mainly because of its low price range. Given the versatile array of features, that’s quite the impressive value for money. The W223 comprises of a telescopic handle that extends up to a maximum length of 2340 mm. To give users a little more versatility, the manufacturer incorporated a bypass lopper at the head for branches up to 30m in diameter. I also appreciated the fact that the durable SK5 carbon steel blades could be resharpened.

What I like about it:

  • Affordable price range
  • Incorporates bypass lopper and a 330mm saw blade for larger branches
  • Telescopic handle extends 234 cm

3. Draper Expert 32mm Diameter Tree Pruner


Here’s one brand that definitely needs no introduction if you live in the UK. Boasting of over 90 years experience with high quality gardening tools, you can always rely on Draper to deliver. That’s why I was really excited to see what the Draper Expert 32mm Diameter Tree Pruner could do for my branch-overrun lawn.

At first glance, you can tell that the expert pruner is engineered for both the casual landscaper as well as professional grounds men who appreciate performance and quality. The first thing you want to look at is the reach. The Expert Tree Pruner from Draper comes with a telescopic pole that extends up to 2.5m in length. Likewise, the detachable curved pruning saw blade helps work with tougher branches.

What I like about it:

  • Good quality craftsmanship
  • Extends from 1.5m all the way to 2.5m
  • Cheapest long reach pruner on the list

4. Ryobi ONE Cordless Pole Pruner


As any seasoned gardener will tell you, it takes a lot of different garden tools to get the job done. One particular brand allows you to build to your ONE collection without spending more on each purchase. If you’ve got your chainsaw, loppers, and secateurs, it’s time to literally up your game with the Ryobi ONE+ Cordless Pole Pruner.

This one of a kind pruner boasts of the world’s largest interchangeable cordless power tool system with the ability to power over 35 different garden tools. With a total reach of 270 meters, the Ryobi ONE Cordless Pole Pruner allows you to trim even the tallest branches in your lawn. The model features a 20cm Oregon bar and chain that rotates at a rate of 5m/s for effortless, assisted cutting.

What I like about it:

  • Slightly longer reach of 270cm
  • Incredibly lightweight even at full extension
  • 5m/s chain speed power operation

5. Long Reach Telescopic Tree Pruner Chainsaw by Wolf Creek PT75


I’ve always been a big fan of Wolf Creek garden tools for one reason and one reason only; they always seem to come out on top when tried and tested. However, their newest Long Reach Telescopic Tree Pruner gave me a few more reasons to love the brand.

This particular pruner stands out by is simplistic yet functional design that is built to make your work easier. Like all the other models on this list, Wolf Creek’s PT75 also comprises of a telescopic pole that extends up to 2.72 meters for working on those awkwardly high branches. As the finishing touch, this bad boy incorporates an Oregon chain and bar for assisted, effortless cutting.

What I like about it:

  • Oregon chain and bar chainsaw
  • Extends up to 2.72 meters
  • Powerful 750w motor

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the longest reach pruner available?

Long reach pruners come in many different lengths, with professional varieties available in lengths of up to 21 feet. The average, for the amateur gardener with tall trees that need pruning, is around 16 feet.

Q: How to restring long reach tree pruner?

  1. Remove the protective cover from your long reach pruner.
  2. Wrap a towel or an old rag around the blade – make it thick, to protect your hands from cuts.
  3. Remove the old string from the pruner.
  4. Thread the new string through the eye of the pruner – the string should be a long as the pruner.
  5. Tie a knot in the string at the very top, where the string goes through the eye, to prevent the string from slipping back out of the eye.
  6. Pull the string down and thread it through the pulley at the bottom, from the pole side.
  7. Take the string to the top again and put it through the clip at the top pulley, heading towards the cutting blades.
  8. Firmly secure the string to the clip, then thread the other end of the string through the bolts on the pole, to keep it secure while you are cutting.
  9. The string should be just short of the length of the pole; you can trim it with scissors or a knife if it is too long.
  10. Replace the protective cover after every use, to prevent the blades from rusting.

Q: Where to buy a long reach pole pruner?

You can find these useful pieces of equipment just about anywhere; if your local gardening store does not stock them then have a look online (see my selection above), or browse through a specialist tool seller’s catalogue.


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