A Comprehensive Guide To The Best Log Store

There is nothing quite like enjoying a warm night around the fire pit or chiminea during the cold night. However, to maximize the heat and warmth, the logs should be kept dry and seasoned throughout the year. Luckily, this can be done simply with a log store, which would be much cheaper and more space-saving than fixed storage areas, particularly when your property is confined and limited.

In this guide, I’ll show you some useful tips and recommend some of the best log stores on the UK market.

Benefits of using a log store

Everyone knows that damp timber is much more difficult to light than dried woods. Also, it would produce more smoke instead of heat, making it annoyed to enjoy the night.

That’s why it is important to have a well-designed log store that can keep your logs protected against rain, snow, and other weather conditions.

Also, this accessory can ensure good circulation of air so that the wood can be well-seasoned, which is important in ensuring the quality and duration of the flames.

Which factors to consider when choosing a log store?

Here are a few important features that you should consider when choosing a log store:

a) Open slats

You need to store logs in the summer to keep them dry out for winter. That’s why open-front units are better than a storage shed. It allows the woods to access more air during the warmer days. Just seal off the store when it’s raining to prevent them from rehydrating.

b) Raised floor

With a raised floor, you can ensure that the bottom parts of logs can be well-aerated. Rotting woods at the bottom is a common issue that would be resolved easily by having this feature.

c) Sloping roof

A sloping roof will be the main protection for your logs against rain and snow. Make sure to check if the lip extends well on the walls’ sides so that rainwater can flow off properly.

d) Size

The size of your log store will depend on your burning needs. A small unit is suitable when you just need several logs for occasional fires in the winter. However, when you want to season logs, then go for a larger one.

e) Ventilation

Make sure the chosen store log provides lots of ventilation. This is important in seasoning and preventing fungi or rotting.

Top 5 best log store reviews

1. Charles Bentley Wood Small Log Store


The Charles Bentley log store is a great option for keeping your seasoned logs always dry and tidy. Also, it can serve as a kindling self. The slanted roof is specially designed to protect your wood against rain, snow, and other weather conditions. This unit features a slatted form with many smaller pieces, which allows for better air circulation and mould prevention.

The whole unit is crafted from premium Nordic wood that has been carefully pressure treated. This delivers ultimate durability for years. The measurements of this store are 1.52 x 0.56 x 1.17 meters, compact and portable enough to be placed in any space of the garden.

What I like about it:

  • Crafted from premium Nordic wood
  • Raised floor and slanted roof
  • Good circulation of air
  • Slatted design to prevent mould

2. Signs & Numbers Easy Access Log Store Hinged Lid


Keep your logs always tidy and organised with this great log store from Signs & Number. It is crafted from tantalised pine, which is pressure treated to protect against mould and rot. The design is simple yet compact and portable to save space in your garden. With a natural finish, it can also be an attractive addition to your outdoor areas.

All parts can be assembled or disassembled easily for easier transportation. The store only requires the minimum efforts with supplied screws and pre-drilled holes. You can also find two free recycle bin in the package, along with stickers to personalise your log store. Hand made from sustainable wood, this product is durable and sturdy to last many years in any weather conditions.

What I like about it:

  • Hand-made with sustainable wood
  • Include free personalized stickers
  • Easy to assemble
  • Treated against mould and rot

3. The Rustic Log Garden Wood Store Fully Assembled


This attractive and unique arch-style log store can easily become an eye-catching addition to any backyard or garden. With a smart design, it always ensures a good shelter and airflow for your firewoods, whereas ensuring all items are stacked neatly to maintain an organised space.

The unit is handcrafted by great craftsmen to ensure high-quality and durability. Its arch is created by wetting timber strips, which are laminated later on a former. The framework is carefully screwed together to allow for long-lasting use. Everything will be delivered fully assembled, meaning that there will be no more assemble or setup tasks.

What I like about it:

  • Fully pressure treated and tantalised
  • No assembly required
  • Beautiful finish with natural timber
  • Hand-crafted with perfect craftsmanship

4. Easipet 467 Wood Log Store


Measuring 1.23×0.64×1.16 meters, the Easipet 467 log store is large enough to keep your logs dry during the winter. There are wooden slats on three sides to allow for better air circulation, which is important in seasoning logs. To prevent damp and rainwater, the floor is raised a bit. The felt roof can dispel water from rain and snow for ultimate protection in any weather conditions.

The product comes flat packed with included instructions and hardware for assembly. The cleaning and maintenance process is also simple. Crafted from treated plywood and fir that can resist stain, mould, and other components. With a natural wood finish, this log store can even add a touch of elegance to your garden or backyard.

What I like about it:

  • Waterproof and stain resistant
  • Made of treated plywood and fir
  • Raised floor to prevent water
  • Better air circulation with slats

5. The Garden Supplies Centre Pressure Treated Large Log Store


This log store by the Garden Supplies is a heavy-duty and extra-large space to season and protect your woods. The slatted base is raised to prevent water from penetrating and damping the logs, while low back panel allows for more air flow. With this affordable unit, you can maximize protection and ensure heat and warmth during the winter.

There are 3×3 support posts featuring framing clad and edge boards to ensure durability. In addition, this allows for greater storage capacity of up to 2 cubic meters. This store is fully crafted of pressure treated woods to resist mould and rot. You can place it anywhere in the garden or outdoor spaces without worrying about weather conditions.

What I like about it:

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Hold up to 2 cube meters
  • Optimise log seasoning process
  • Support posts with framing clad

Frequently asked questions

How to build a log store against a wall?

Building a log store against a wall can be as simple as stretching a tarp from the wall to cover a pile of logs. But, you can make a more sophisticated log storage solution fairly simply.

Generally speaking, the suggested size for a log storage solution is around 2m high, 2m wide and 60cm deep.

  1. You will need two front and two back posts, sawn at an angle to match the slope of the roof.
  2. Cut the two roof supports at an angle, with a 25 degree slope. The roof supports should stick out by about 30mm to protect against rain.
  3. Join the tops of the outside supports to the roof support, using a flat surface to connect the joints.
  4. You will need a front and back support at this stage. Stand the side panels and the roof structure up, and lay a long crossbeam across the front of the structure to hold the whole thing together.
  5. Add a roof panel, if you are using one, by screwing a flat piece of wood to thee two side supporting beams. If you are going for a temporary structure, a tarp or other waterproof covering will do just fine.
  6. Fill in the gaps between the joints and the wall with filler, such as waterproof silicone sealant.

How to build a log store from pallets?

Pallets are a great thing to build a log store from. The are lightweight and easy to cut and manoeuvre. It can be as easy and simple as placing one pallet on the floor, nailing an upright pallet onto the side of the bottom one and another on the other side and stretching a waterproof covering over the top.

Voila! Instant wood storage!

Alternatively, you can separate the individual planks from the pallets, and use them to build a much more long term wood storage solution, using a few unbroken pallets as the base.

How to stack logs in a log store?

The best way to stack your logs is a way that will keep them dry, allow air flow, and make it easy for you to grab a few when you need them. Flinging them willy nilly into the shed will encourage mould and dampness, which is not what you need when you want a few good logs to get the fire going!

  • Stack the logs neatly, one row on top of a pallet to keep them off the ground.
  • Place the next row on top of the first row, trying not to stack them too loosely – they need to have air flow to avoid mould and dampness.
  • Try to place your log pile in a wider stack rather than a towering sculpture – the higher they are the more danger they are of falling down and injuring someone.
  • Keep the logs covered from the rain. Damp logs won’t burn, so you want o make sure your logs aren’t getting covered by the wet weather. This being said, you should allow a small gap for air to circulate.
  • Try to avoid any dripping from above that can make your logs damp and un burnable – keep your log store away from trees or overhanging plants, or leaking gutters.

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