How to Choose the Best Gardening Gloves in the UK

So, think you don’t need a decent pair of gloves to get through some light gardening huh? No matter how tough your hands are, the abrasive weed pulling, prickly bushes, hazardous insects and plants such as Poison Ivy will definitely convince you otherwise.

Sooner or later, there are numerous reasons why every farmer, landscaper, and gardener in the UK ends up using protective gloves. Aside from the usual dirt, splinters and scratches from thorns, working without gloves could put you at risk of toxoplasmosis infection; especially if you’re a pregnant woman.

So whether you are a professionally trained landscaper or a self-proclaimed backyard warrior, here are the top 5 best gardening gloves in the UK.

Best Gardening Gloves in the UK

1. Gold Leaf Ladies Dry Touch Gardening Gloves

Gold Leaf Ladies Dry Touch Gardening Gloves


You can’t help but laud the Jayco family business who after releasing the Gold Leaf Gardening Gloves, they became an instant global favourite for gardeners worldwide. The Gold Leaf Ladies Dry Touch Gardening Gloves are super comfortable thanks to the softer and exceptionally pliable Cow grain leather construction. This affords you all the flexibility your fingers need to handle sensitive tasks. UK mornings can get really cold and frosty; that’s why the Dry Touch glove features a full lining for extra warmth and comfort. However, these gloves have been accused of not being as waterproof as advertised.


  • Endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society
  • Fully lined for more warmth
  • Luxurious and durable construction


  • Tend to lose their waterproof capabilities quick

2. Bamboo Working Gloves for Women & Men

Bamboo Working Gloves


One of the reasons why you need a pair of the best gardening gloves is to protect your hands and fingers from injury. Nothing ruins a good day like walking around with dirt on your nails, and thorn scratches all over your hands. If you’re tired of your hands looking like you lost a fight with a thorn bush, then you’re going to want the Bamboo Working Gloves for Women & Men. These gloves promise durable hand protection and are so flexible that they almost feel like a second skin. Bamboo also helps absorb perspiration and keep your hands cool and comfortable. However, you might want to be careful since exceptionally large thorns tend to make their way through.


  • Well suited for wet gardening and fishing activities
  • Ultra flexibility
  • Made with environmentally friendly Bamboo


  • The finger coating tends to wear smooth; reducing your grip strength

3. Heavy Duty Goatskin Leather Work Gloves for Men and Women (General Purpose Utility)

Heavy Duty Goatskin Leather Work Gloves for Men and Women. General Purpose Utility, Driver, Rigger, Safety, and Gardening Gloves


There are times when you can’t afford to slip up on the job. Whether you are lifting heavy objects, constructing, gardening or general household tasks, it pays to protect your hands and improve their overall performance. If you don’t mind shelling out a decent amount of money for the best gardening gloves in the UK, then have a look at the Heavy Duty Goatskin Leather Work Gloves for Men and Women. Made from premium quality, thick, puncture resistant goatskin leather, your hands are adequately protected from cuts and irritants. The elasticized wrists are a lovely touch for a customised fit.


  • Made from durable thick goatskin leather for more protection
  • Elasticised wrists for secure fit
  • Ergonomic keystone thumbs for better grip


  • The waterproof levels are pretty low

4. Ladies Gardening Gloves

Ladies Gardening Gloves


As a lady, keeping your hands clean, pretty and well-manicured is of the utmost importance. However, someone’s still got to keep your rose bushes and petunia patch looking gorgeous. If you want the best of both worlds, then you’ll love the ultimate comfort and protection of the long sleeved Ladies Gardening Gloves. These gardening gloves are made with Bionic Rose technology that improves your comfort without interfering with your hand motion. Additionally, the unique design enhances your grip and glove toughness. However, these majestic gloves do not come cheap; they are the most expensive gardening gloves on our list.


  • Long protective sleeve for arms and hands
  • Machine washable
  • Ideal for anyone with arthritic hands


  • The gloves may feel a bit tight, but they stretch out eventually

5. Two Pairs Ladies Gardening Gloves – Lightweight and Durable Work Gloves for Women

Pairs Ladies Gardening Gloves


This here’s another winner for ladies who love to work hard and still look great doing it. These gardening gloves come in two pairs of beautifully designed units with stylish, flowered fabric that really stands out. The exterior is covered with a clear nitrite coating on the palms for that extra grip, leverage, and protection. To cap things off, these ladies gloves come with elasticised cuffs for a comfortable, secure fit. But I have to point out the flimsy construction of these gloves which worries me. Oh well, I guess that’s why you get two pairs for the price of one.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Exquisite and attractive design
  • Affordable


  • May be prone to early wear and tear

Best Gardening Gloves Buying Guide

Depending on your preferences, there are several types of gardening gloves you could buy in the UK. However, you need to make sure that the gloves are thick, comfortable and durable enough to handle the materials you’re working with. So if you’re thinking of buying a pair of gardening gloves, here are some key considerations you need to make.

1. Comfort or Durability?

If your gardening gloves are not comfortable, then chances are that you won’t wear them much. But as with all personal protective equipment, the most comfortable gloves are often the least durable. Cotton gloves have plenty of comfort and softness, but not too much in the way of protection.

All leather gloves, on the other hand, are great at preventing cuts and nicks, but they suck at manoeuvrability, flexibility, and breathability. Going for a glove that balances both comfort and durability might be your best move.

2. Reinforced Fingertips

The fingertips are usually the first part of the gloves to fail, especially if you deal with thorny plants or rocky soil. Quality gloves have an extra layer of material such as leather over the fingers to protect them from wearing out. The additional layer also protects from rusty nails, broken glass, thorns, insects and much more.

However, these reinforced tips have the drawback of decreasing your ability to feel, so you might want to remove the gloves if you’re handling delicate seedlings.

3. Wrist Closure

Always look for a snug and comfortable fitting wrist closure to help keep water and dirt out. If you plan to dig up some dirt, avoid gloves with elastic closures or hooks. Elastic bands tend to loosen over time. The best fit comes from Velcro that can be tightened and adjusted. A poor fitting glove can make a mess of your entire garden.

4. Materials

Gardening gloves come in a wide range of materials. So, how do you know what material to pick out? Here are some of the most popular materials used.

  • Pigskin Leather – it’s sturdy yet very flexible, that’s why most gardeners love pig skin gloves. The low price tag is also not too shabby.
  • Goatskin – This is considered as one of the most durable leathers with superb puncture resistance. It’s also flexible and makes for a perfect glove material. High-end gloves love goatskin.
  • Split Cowhide – An excellent choice for rugged leather gloves. Since split cowhide does not flex well, it is mostly used around the cuffs to protects arms.
  • Cotton – Cotton is typically used for light duty gloves. It’s flexible, breathable and very affordable. However, don’t expect your gloves to last long or protect you from a simple rose bush.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to clean gardening gloves?

If you have fabric gardening gloves, they can be easily thrown in the washing machine with other dirty things (just don’t wash them on too high a heat, in case they shrink!) You don’t have to wash them every time you use them, but it’s always a good idea to shake off any loose soil or plant matter, so that it will not dry into the gloves and make them hard to use the next time you wear them.

Q: How to store gardening gloves?

Hanging your gloves up is the best bet, preferably close to where you keep your other gardening equipment so they don’t get mislaid. Hanging them will make sure that they stay dry, and will help stop them going mouldy. There is also the added bonus that if they are hanging, you will see them more and be reminded to wear them, so your hands don’t get damaged!

You could also store gardening gloves in a drawer, but make sure you put them away when they are dry, even if this means leaving them out for a bit, or bringing them indoors to hang on a heater.

Q: How to soften gardening gloves?

If you have leather gardening gloves, they can be a bit hard and stiff, especially for the first few uses. If you want to soften them up without months of wearing them in, start by soaking them in a bucket of hot water for ten minutes. Pop them on your hands, to keep them from shrinking, then allow them to dry until they are almost completely dry.

At this point, apply a layer of some good leather conditioner, or some oil if you don’t have any leather conditioner. They should be soft and supple the next time you use them after this treatment.

Q: Can leather gardening gloves be washed?

You can’t put leather items in a normal washing machine, but you can still keep your leather gardening gloves clean. You will need some good saddle soap and a clean rag.

Start by brushing off any mud or soil residue, then place one glove on your hand. Using the clean rag, apply saddle soap all over the glove, working it in well. Rub it firmly until the natural shine of the leather shows through. Allow them to dry thoroughly, then store them as you normally would.

Q: Why wear gardening gloves?

Gardening gloves are the perfect thing for protecting your hands when you’re in the garden. They can stop you getting stung or cut, and they are ideal for when you have lots of pruning to do and you might otherwise get blisters. It’s easy to forget to wear them, or just not bother, but a good pair of gardening gloves can really save your hands from damage.

Final Word

When it comes to the best gardening gloves in the UK, the old adage is definitely true – you get what you paid for. Now, this does not mean that you have to shell out a lot of money to get a decent pair. It simply means that you can expect the price to go up as your need for strength, durability, flexibility and quality goes up. So protect your hands with a pair of the best gardening gloves in the entire UK today.

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