How To Start Your Own Indoor Herb Garden?

Herbs are a wonderful thing to grow. They’re generally pretty easy, and add a touch of something extra delicious to whatever you are cooking.

If you don’t have a garden or any outdoor space, however, it can be tricky to think about growing your own herbs. Why not look into how to start your own indoor herb garden?

This is an easy thing to do, and it makes growing herbs ridiculously convenient. Plus, it looks lovely in your house!

How To Start Your Own Indoor Home Garden

Can You Grow Herbs Indoors All Year Round

It is actually pretty easy to start your own indoor herb garden – all you need is some pots, soil, sunlight and the right seeds.

  1. Start by choosing your containers. Are you going for pots on the windowsill, or starting a vertical garden? Hanging baskets of herbs, maybe?
  2. Once you have chosen your method of growing herbs indoors, choose where they are going to grow.
  3. Herbs will grow – and taste – best when they are grown in strong light, so pick a spot that gets the most amount of natural light that you can.
  4. If you are short of a place that receives natural light, you can buy a suction cup window shelf.
  5. Ensure the temperature is stable, around 18-20 degrees C (60-70 degrees F). Too hot and your herbs won’t grow; too cold and they may die.
  6. Once you have chosen your pots, position and herbs, get them planted up! Choose a good, multipurpose compost which is well draining.
  7. Plant each herb in a separate pot, to prevent overcrowding – this is not the same as growing herbs together outdoors!
  8. Allow the pots to dry out completely in between waterings, to prevent them from getting root rot.
  9. Rotate the herbs regularly to ensure that they all get a good amount of light, and to prevent diseases.
  10. Ensure there is space between them, so that each can get plenty of air flow – this also helps prevent disease.
  11. Feed the herbs occasionally, using a multipurpose fertiliser, to ensure that they are performing at their best.
  12. Talk to them. I really mean it! Talking to your plants gives them a little more carbon dioxide. And, it may make them happier and grow better.

This video is very long, but it will take you through the ins and outs of starting your own indoor herb garden:


When Should I Start My Herbs Indoors?

If you are planting outdoors, you generally have to follow the weather and plant during times when the seasons are milder.

For growing herbs indoors, you can start them much earlier because your plants will be sheltered in your house!

You can pretty much start germinating herb seeds whenever you like, but bear in mind that they will still grow better in spring and summer.

This is because, as well as warmth and water, plants need the sunlight in order to thrive at their best.

If you have an indoor grow light, you can throw all the rules out of the window and plant your herb seeds at any time!

What Is The Easiest Herb To Grow Indoors?

Not all herbs are created equal, and there are some that will be much easier to grow than others. If these are your favourites, then you’re in luck!

Moat herbs are fairly easy going and simple to grow, but some are a little bit more finicky and might require some more care and attention in order to thrive.

Go for the fail safe types, the ones that will be happy to grow in just about any conditions, especially if you are new to gardening and easily put off.

  • Basil
  • Rosemary
  • Mint
  • Chives
  • Oregano
  • Sage
  • Thyme

These herbs are all fairly low maintenance, so they will cope pretty well with any conditions and are easy for even beginners to grow.

Many of the best herbs to grow indoors are Mediterranean types, which like a bit of extra warmth, so they will benefit from being grown indoors.

This article takes you through a few of the best herbs, and how to propagate, plant and care for them.

Can You Grow Herbs Indoors All Year Round?

Although outdoor gardeners are at the mercy of the weather, growing plants inside can be much easier because you control the conditions.

Many herbs can be grown indoors all year round, particularly those which do not really die back.

There are better and worse ways to grow herbs indoors, as you might have guessed! Let’s have a look at the best ways to do so:

  • Water from the bottom. Place your pots in a tray and water directly into the tray, to prevent any issues with root rot.
  • Grow similar plants together. If they like the same conditions, they will do well together in the same conditions, so do a little homework on your herbs.
  • Mist the plants regularly. This mimics rainfall, and will allow your plants to absorb water through the leaves. Also, it helps get rid of dust.
  • Use a humidifier. Many herbs grow best with a bit of humidity, so using a humidifier will mimic their favourite conditions.
  • Ensure plenty of sunlight. No plant can survive without sunlight, so make sure your plants are situated where they get lots of light.

Most herbs, despite the best efforts of their growers, do have a growing season. You cannot force them to produce for the entire year; they all need a little downtime.

Give your herbs a break for a month or two, and allow them to just grow and do their thing – they will thank you for it!

Final Words

Now that you know how to start your indoor herb garden, there’s no excuse to not grow your own fresh, delicious herbs.

Just a little bit of effort – and remembering to water them – and you too can turn your house into a herb growing paradise.

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