How To Relax In Your Garden

There are times when you just want to escape the stressful hustle and bustle of deadlines or examinations. No place is better for that purpose than your garden or backyard where fresh air and lush plants blend to create a calming and relaxing environment to chill out. Quiet and beautiful, it can be a perfect spot to relieve pressure and clear your thoughts. Whatever your style, budget, or space, below are our top tips to show you how to create a personal haven and relax in your garden.

1. Create a private oasis

private oasis in the garden

No matter the shape and size, your garden can be a great source of enjoyment to have fun, relax, and unwind. To achieve this, it is important to ensure privacy by clocking out the sounds and sights of the surrounding areas with fences, walls, trees, or hedges. With a secluded space, you can enjoy a sense of surprise and mystery while walking throughout the landscape.

If your garden is spacious, grow tall plants or trees to block out unsightly and prevent your neighbours from looking into your property when you are resting. Overhead roofs and arbours can also add to your feeling and deliver extra shade or protection from the rain or sun.

2. Soak in a hot tub

What would be more soothing and relaxing than splashing out in a hot tub on chilly days? Whether it is a large spa for the whole family or a two-person tub, you can easily set up in your garden and enjoy the luxury of bubbles and warm heat. Create a tranquil and sheltered space by adding the tub under your gazebo. You can also sink the structure in the decking.

Around the hot tub, consider having some pieces of spa furniture, such as drink holders, planters, or side tables. They are great for placing some candles or drinks and foods while you are enjoying some rest and peace.

3. Walk barefoot

Summer seasons are the best time of the year to walk barefoot around your garden or backyard. It can bring a calming and relaxing experience to connect you with nature and relieve stresses at work or study. This can only be achieved with a lush lawn, so make sure to design and care for yours properly. If it is too damaged during the winter, you might have to lay new turf.

An alternative to high-maintenance lawns might be a hard-landscaping option like decking. It provides a slightly warmer and softer feeling than cold paving. Just make sure that all nails and screws are firmly fixed in place and replace all broken or cracked boards before taking off your shoes. If you want the best of both worlds, then a blend of decking and lawn is worth considering.

4. Enjoy a breathtaking view

If you are a lucky homeowner who lives in a property with a view, such as a lake, mountain, or forest, do not be shy about establishing a spot from which you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. When planning to design for a view, make sure not to block the views with hedges and trees. Similarly, avoid placing large outdoor furniture that could limit your visibility to those areas.

Your garden landscape should blend well with the neighbouring environments and views, not complete with them. A useful tip is to use furnishings and landscape to frame the overall view. By doing this, you can have a great spot to relax in your garden.

5. Sit and relax

garden furnishings

Make the most of sunny and warm weather by creating a comfortable seating area in your garden. From chaise lounges and lounge chairs to a sofa set and garden bench, those pieces of furniture will allow you to relax and stretch out. You can even build or buy a comfortable swing for adults to make it more fun.

More greatly, you can place a dining table and a few chairs to enjoy your daily breakfast as if you are on holiday in the Mediterranean. And when the night comes, having some glasses of tea or coffee with your friends and chatting about life can make your life more meaningful.

6. Try gardening

If you are the type of people who often de-stress by tinkering around outdoor spaces, then gardening might be a great way to relax in your garden. Keep in mind that carefully selected and planned plants which look natural in the settings would really create a mood or theme, even bring you to your favourite vacation destination. Isn’t it great to step outside your home every day to a spot which reminds you of previous trips to Hawaii, Santorini, or Bali?

The key is to select plants or flowers that can adapt well to your living area and complement the existing ecosystem. Go for those with silvery grey, white, or calm blue tones to bring a soothing feeling in the hot summer days. Also, add soft pinks and yellows to create tranquillity and harmony. Mix native plants with some perennials, vines, shrubs, and trees for a colourful look.

7. Unwind at night

Keep your party in the garden to the night with some outdoor heating and lighting. You can purchase a fire bowl or a chiminea to add both warmth and illumination when the temperatures drop. Some well-designed models can even add a touch of beauty to your garden. Also, pair with some outdoor fixtures to established a relaxed ambience. Several stringing lights on tree branches or pergolas can conjure a magical look, while some well-placed lanterns will set your mood.

8. Tune in to summer’s sounds

Listening to the sounds of rippling water is amazingly calming. But you do not have to stay near a natural source of water like a stream to enjoy this effect. Instead, just add a (bamboo) water feature to your garden. From a fountain and a wading pool to a garden pond and a birth bath, it is not that hard to bring a restorative and calming feeling to your outdoor space.

If you don’t have enough budget for that, then consider hanging some wind chimes around tree branches. They not only look pretty while spinning in the breeze, but also add some musical rhythms to your garden.

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