How To Light Your Garden At Night

When the weather turns warm, spending the night time in your garden after dusk can be more enticing. This is especially true as evenings are the only moments you and your family have chances to gather and share stories after a long day at work or school. Good lighting design is the key to ensure this space looks alluring both at night and day. Without it, a backyard is only a black, inaccessible space when the sun goes down. Read on to find out some simple ways to light your garden at night.

Make a fire

A good fire pit is worth investing if you want a perfect blend of lighting and heat in chilling nights. Your family will be enjoying warm moments when the temperatures drop with glowing illumination and pleasant warmth. Some models even come with a sleek, stylish metal panel behind to help reflect flames and deliver brighter glows.

There is a variety of options available around, from custom-designed chimineas to inexpensive and simple freestanding braziers. Make sure to consider carefully and choose one that fit your space and preferences.

Install a chandelier or pendant lights

If there are any overhead structures in your garden, it is a good idea to make the most of those areas by hanging a statement chandelier or pendant light. You can find both solar-powered and LED models widely available in most home improvement stores. They can add a touch of beauty and give your garden the feel of a living room.

An ornate chandelier can be an unexpected addition for your garden. But it would bring both light and luxurious touch to this space at night. Some pendants are even designed to double up as heaters to keep you warm in the winter.

Light up the path

Walk around your beautiful garden at night can be a great way to relax and alleviate stress. But first, you need to illuminate the path with light. There are many options for this task, but bollard lamps are often the most common type. You can install these units at regular intervals or along the edge to create a uniform look. Solar-powered models are also great as they can save a lot of electricity.

The key is to go for simple and less formal designs. Also, make sure to select bulbs which would emit a warm white instead of cool light. This will help create a more welcoming and softer glow in your property.

Connect the outside and inside

If the rear living space of your property opens out to the backyard or garden, then consider using similar lights to link both spaces. For instance, you can use fixtures with the same white or yellow beam for your garden and house to create a uniform look in the entire area. Also, it can create an illusion that your outdoor area is an extended part of the inside space, while also light up your garden effectively at night.

Pay attention to the greenery

When it comes to lighting, seating spaces tend to get lots of attention. This makes it easy for everyone to ignore the remaining spots of the garden. Thus, avoid the likeliness of look at the darkness by setting up fixtures around every part of the outdoor space. You can have colourful lamps in the flowerbed to provide a warm and interesting glow, thus giving someone sitting on your patio or deck a focal point to gaze out.

Turn plants into features

Uplighting plants and trees is an effective, yet simple, way to bring drama to your outside area. The light beam can be solely directed to each tree in your garden to highlight each one’s distinctive sculptural shape. By setting up fixtures smartly, you can make trees look like living artworks without spending too much.

For enhanced drama, consider uplighting plants standing before a wall or similar structures to cast more dramatic shadows. Make sure to try it out in advance with a torch or head torch, so that you can choose the best angles and effects.

Take everything to the deck

If there is a deck located between your garden and living space, it can be a good idea to set up recessed LEDs around the boards. You would place them in a straight alongside one board or use your creativity to create something more curvy and attractive.

To do this, you will have to remove the deck boards and mark those areas where you plan to place the fixtures. Keep in mind the position and length of the power cord when you work this out. Choose a suitable drill bit to make holes that are only several millimetres larger than the fitting and light. Lastly, insert the fixtures in the holes, then connect the power cord and place a waterproof seal around all lights.

Make it look magical

Another inexpensive and simple way to light up your garden at night can be fairy lights. You would string them up anywhere you want and move them around in special parties. Simply hang some fixture between trees, put them alongside a fence, or drape these lights over a pergola or arbour in your garden.

Go for brightly coloured fixtures and models to create a festive space. Also, you can combine them with a variety of designs and ideas, such as tealights or glass bottles to make your friends or relatives impressive.

Pop in a few lanterns

Whether you want some additional light to show off your outdoor space or a little illumination for your garden, a lantern can be a simple and inexpensive alternative to many lighting options. You can find them available in a variety of sizes and shapes, from contemporary inflatable models to classic kerosene lanterns. There are also many great solar or battery-powered products that can provide a safe flicker and won’t be blown away by wind or breeze.

The bottom line

What do you think of those lighting ideas? Hope this post would inspire you to light up your garden and make the most of this space at night. From solar-powered lamps to chandeliers, there are many options to mix and match. Thus, make sure to consider carefully and make an informed decision.

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