How To Hide A Shed In A Small Garden?

A shed is a very useful thing, great for storing small tools as well as larger items such as lawnmowers. However, when you have a small garden it can be hard to know where to put a shed! How to hide a shed in a small garden?

I’m here to help you find the answers.

How To Hide A Shed In A Small Garden?

There are a lot of ways you can use to hide your shed – or at the very least, make it look more attractive in your small garden:


Placing a trellis near your shed for pretty plants to climb up is a great idea for disguising your shed.

Not only will this make your shed look better, it is also a great excuse to grow some more fancy plants that you may not have grown before!


You can hide your shed with a pretty screen, as they used to do in the old days with room dividers.

You can either make your own, or buy something from a local garden centre – or even a second hand shop.


Plants growing around your shed will really help detract from the shed itself; you can go for small, shrubby bushes or tall, imposing plants or trees.

Just be careful that anything you plant close to the shed does not interfere with its structural integrity, or you might have to spend even more replacing it!


Painting your shed pretty colours will probably draw more attention to it – but if this is the good kind of attention then you won’t mind too much!

If you are of an artistic bent, you could even paint a beautiful mural on it, turning it into a focal point of your garden.

How Can I Make My Shed More Attractive?

A shed, although it is a very useful thing, is not always the most attractive feature in your garden, is it?

However, there are lots of things you can do to make your shed look nicer – it may not be a garden feature, but at least it won’t be an eyesore!

Paint it pretty colours

You can go all out and paint your shed in shades of hot pink and clashing orange, or go for more muted colours.

Whatever you pick, go for colours that go with your garden’s general theme – if you like calm and classy then pick those colours; for bold and brassy then whip out the neon colours!

Use it to grow plants up

Adding a few strategic hooks and wires means that you can use your shed as a support for some really pretty plants.

Climbing plants are great for crawling up a shed; try Honeysuckle or Clematis for some really great results.

Screen it

Using screens can not only hide parts of your garden you don’t like so much, but it can also add depth and texture, especially to a small garden.

Go for a pretty screen that can become a garden feature in its own right, as well as improving the look of your old shed.

Put up shelves

Shelves inside can help you organise the space, while outside shelves can be used to place potted plants.

Add a green roof

This method not only looks cool and funky, but it adds a whole new growing space to your garden.

You can plant wild flowers on it too, making it the perfect thing to attract those all important pollinators to your garden.

Here is a great video giving you ideas on how to make a green roof:


What Can I Put Outside Of My Shed?

There are a great many things you can do to jazz up a boring shed, or at least give it a little bit of something different.

How about adding some different materials on the outside? Veneers can be a great option, as these can just sit on the outside.

Choose from stone, brick or wood, to add a different sort of look to your shed. These have the advantage of strengthening the walls of your shed too!

Vinyl siding is another great option, especially if you are turning your shed into a play house for the kids.

Vinyl is a strong, strudy material that is waterproof and hard wearing – plus you can find it in lots of different colours.

You can go for metal siding to cover the outside of your shed – this is ideal if you use your shed to store heavy machinery and you want it to be more sturdy.

Metal sides can also give your shed a contemporary look, and you can tie it in with your garden furniture You can hang all sorts of things on the outside of your shed to offer it a bit more of an interesting look too.

Watering cans not only look cool, but it is a practical solution too!

Pots look lovely hanging around a shed, especially if they contain pretty trailing plants.

Bunting is a lovely, cheerful thing, which can really improve the look of an old shed.

Fairy lights will not only make your shed pretty, but they can be a lovely focal point for your whole garden.

What To Grow Up A Shed?

The best thing you can do is grow climbing plants up your shed. The walls will support the plants, and the whole effect will be lovely.

Willow is another great thing to train up your shed – it is very fast growing too, so you won’t have to wait long for the effects!

Jasmine is a great choice, as it is not only gorgeous, but it smells absolutely wonderful too.

Your shed is a great foil for growing plants up – think of it as an extension to a trellis, and get your gardening gloves on!

Final Words

Making your garden beautiful, whilst still keeping the useful storage that is a shed, is a bit of an art.

However, it is totally possible to keep your shed whilst still enjoying your beautiful garden, and hiding the shed so you hardly know it is there!

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