How To Build Decking On A Sloped Garden?

Decking is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? It adds a whole new dimension to your outside space, and can carry on the indoors into the outdoors. However, finding out how to build decking on a sloped garden can be a tricky thing!

We have done a bit of research, and the below will hopefully help you to do just that.

How To Build Decking On A Sloped Garden?

If you have a sloped garden, you may have despaired about ever having a decking in your garden. But, there are ways around this!

Even if your garden is slopey and wonky, you can still place a decking on it – you just may need to plan it out a little more thoroughly than if you had a flat garden.

There are a couple of methods you can use when installing decking yourself on uneven ground:

  1. The first thing you need to do is clear the ground. Remove all the grass, debris and weeds using a spade.
  2. Dig 1ft holes for the posts that support the decking structure.
  3. Using post mix, set the posts so that the top is slightly higher than the desired height.
  4. Fix joists to the posts at the correct height – you will need good strong wood screws of at least 100mm for this, and an electric screwdriver.
  5. Remember to install stairs and handrails to the finished decking, to prevent people falling off.
  6. This method gives you a level support structure on which to place your decking, and is ideal for a garden with a really serious slope.
  7. Alternatively, dig out the ground until it is completely even. Excavate to around 200mm below where the surface of the decking should end up.
  8. Add a layer of builder’s hardcore to the area you have dug out.
  9. Lay builder’s slabs down both edges of the excavated area, as well as down the middle, to act as supports for the decking base.
  10. Build the decking frame according to the instructions.
  11. Lay the decking over the top of the frame, and secure it well.

This method involves a lot of digging, especially if you are trying to level your whole garden! It is more suitable for areas with a small slope or uneven area.

Here is a great, detailed video taking you through the best way to build a raised decking on a sloped garden:


How High Can Decking Be On A Sloped Garden?

As a general rule, decking should be no more than 30cm above the ground to allow it to be allowed for a standard garden.

However, in a sloped garden this can be more tricky – your decking may be higher in some areas than others!

Placing your decking on a slope may be more difficult, as some areas may be higher or lower than others.

If you have to raise your decking much higher than 30com, you may have to contact your local authority to see if it is an acceptable development.

You will probably find that even if it has to be raised a lot in some areas, it won’t be in some others, so your application should go through with not problems.

Do You Need Planning For Decking On A Slope?

Decking is generally considered a permitted development, and as such it does not require planning permission.

There are a few exceptions, based on the height and extent of your decking, however:

  • If the decking is being added to more than 50% of the garden, you may have to look into planning laws.
  • The decking needs to remain no more than 30cm above the ground, in order to be considered a permitted development.
  • When you are adding a decking to your garden, you shouldn’t need planning permission – to lay one somewhere else you should definitely check the legality of it.
  • If the decking is on land in front of a wall that forms the principal elevation, you will need to check out local planning laws.

Decking is a great addition to any garden – it can enlarge your space and give you a safe, level area to sit on and have the kids play.

Unlike many additions to your house, most decking doesn’t need planning permission, which definitely adds to the appeal!

Decking on a sloped garden can be a little more tricky – in some places it may be higher than the regulation 30cm from the ground, due to the slope of the garden.

Your best bet, if you are considering decking a garden with a serious slope, is to contact your local Planning Authority for more guidance.

Can You Level A Garden With Decking?

If your garden is on a steep slope, it can be hard to use it effectively and find ways to enjoy your outside space.

Decking is a great way to level out your garden – or at least part of it – and make your garden more useful and enjoyable.

Decking is also a pretty cost effective way to improve your garden space – certainly cheaper and less hassle than hiring a digger!

A decking can be successfully installed into just about any garden, no matter how uneven the ground is initially.

You may wish to level just a part of you garden with decking, and leave the rest sloped – this can add a level of interest to your garden and make it more multi layered

Decking can be pretty much customised to your needs – you can have railings installed so that people don’t fall down the remaining slope of your garden, for example!

Final Words

If you live in a house with a sloped garden, you might have despaired at ever being able to build a decking on it.

Hopefully now you have a few more ideas on how it can be don, and you can enjoy a decking in your garden no matter what the incline is!

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