Gardening Month by Month: Gardening in March

The weather won’t be perfect in March, but it will be a lot better than anything you’ve experienced so far this year. Spring usually hits around the middle of the month, so you’ve got something to look forward to.

Those sunny days gardening in March are going to be fun, although it’s not all good because you’ll be busy. There are lots of jobs you’ll need to focus on before the month comes to an end, but let’s drill down on the most important ones.

Gardening calendar: Gardening in March


bush rose

1 – Plant Summer-Flowering Bulbs: Summer will come around quicker than you think, but you’ll have to start getting ready for it now. All of your summer-flowering bulbs should be planted in March.

2 – Sort Out Perennials: You’ll need to divide clumps of perennials that have lost all their shape, have grown too big for the space you have available, or that you want to propagate.

3 – Add Fresh Compost: It’s time to top dress all of your containers with fresh compost. You should only have to take out around 2-inches of the old compost, which shouldn’t amount to much work.

4 – Cornus and Salix: To make your garden as colourful as possible during winter you might have grown cornus and salix. Now would be a good time to start cutting them back.

5 – Climbing and Bush Roses: Everyone should strive for an abundance of roses in their garden, but it does take a lot of work. Begin pruning your climbing and bush roses now to achieve your goal.

Fruits and Vegetables

early potatoes

1 – Shallots and Onion Sets: If you want a good crop this summer you should begin to plant your shallots and onion sets now. While you’re at it you can also plant garlic sets at the same time.

2 – Early Potatoes: Potatoes are the one thing everyone should plant in their garden, because they’re so filling and full of calories. Get your early potatoes into the ground now.

3 – Chili Peppers and Sweet Peppers: One quick way to add a little spiciness or sweetness to any dish is by adding in some peppers. If you’d like to start growing them now you’ll be able to do so indoors.

4 – Cauliflowers and Brussel Sprouts: They’re the vegetables kids hate most, but they’re nutritious and perfect for supplementing meals. You can begin to grow both of them as long as it’s under cover.

5 – Growing Aubergines: One of the bad things about aubergines is the fact they need a long growing season. That means now is a good time to start the seeds off in your propagator.

General Garden Maintenance

start mowing the lawn

1 – Watch Out for Slugs: When gardening in March you’ll come up against another enemy looking to ruin your hard work. Slugs are known for attacking new spring shoots, so you’ll have to protect them.

2 – Hoe and Mulch Weeds: You haven’t touched your weeds in a long time, so you’ll find there is more than usual once the weather gets better. Hoe and mulch everything you can find.

3 – Start Mowing the Lawn: It’s possible you’ll need to start mowing the lawn this month to ensure your garden looks great. Only tackle this job if it’s needed, and you should obviously just do it on dry days.

4 – Return of the Water Features: You can begin to use your pond fountain again, plus the pond heaters should be removed. Remember to feed your fish and the pond will be looking great in no time.

5 – Clean Things Up: You’re going to begin spending a lot more time in the garden, so give your tools, pots, greenhouse heater, and other things a clean now. Use disinfectants to avoid the spread of diseases and pests.

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