Gardening Month by Month: Gardening in June

Summer has finally arrived and it’s time to celebrate in your garden gazebo. Your garden will be bursting with life, the sky will stay bright long into the night, and this month even gives us the longest day of the year. Unfortunately it’s hard to celebrate for too long, because the extra light and heat means gardening in June will be packed with lots of things to do. There are always some jobs a little more important than others, which we’ll discuss now so you know what to do.

Gardening calendar: Gardening in June

Flowers, Trees, and Shrubs

Frequently chosen container types

1 – Plant Out Summer Bedding: I talked about this last month, but it was only those who lived in warmer areas who could implement it. Anyone gardening in June will be able to start planting out their summer bedding.

2 – Spring-Flowering Shrubs: I know it’s a long time until next spring rolls around, but you’ll have to be prepared. You’ll be able to start pruning many of your spring-flowering shrubs this month.

3 – Stake Certain Plants: If you have any tall or floppy plants you’ll need to make sure you stake them. If the wind gets a hold of them they’ll never be able to survive the onslaught.

4 – Spreading and Trailing Plants: If any plants are looking tatty it could be because they’re spreading or trailing. Trim them back to tidy everything up and encourage new growth.

5 – Summer Hanging Baskets: Did you take down all your summer hanging baskets once the flowers died last year? Well now is the perfect time to add style to your garden by setting them up again.

Fruits and Vegetables

Harvest Radish

1 – Tending to Tomatoes: You’ll need to pinch out the side shoots on your tomatoes to keep the focus on the fruits. It’s a bushy plant and failure to take care of the side shoots will mean they end up everywhere.

2 – Harvest Radish and Lettuce: Hopefully you’re looking forward to your summer salads, because you’ll be able to start harvesting your radishes, lettuce, and other salad vegetables you’ve been growing.

3 – Get Those Early Potatoes: You’ll have to wait another month for your second batch of potatoes, but the first batch of early potatoes should be ready to lift some time in June.

4 – Direct Sow Carrots: If you’re going to sow carrots make sure you place them in rows. They’ll also need to be protected with something in order to prevent carrot fly attack.

5 – Growing Beetroot: Beetroot has many health benefits and it tastes great, so it’s no surprise it is popular to begin growing it in June. It should be thinly sown directly into the ground.

General Garden Maintenance

waterlilies in pond

1 – Mow the Lawn Weekly: On the plus side it means your grass should be growing rather quickly, but it also involves more work for you. The lawn should still be mowed at least once per week.

2 – Shade Your Greenhouse: Your greenhouse is designed to help your plants grow in the heat, but it’s not meant to scald them. To prevent this from happening you should shade the greenhouse.

3 – Be Careful with Your Water: It’s going to get even hotter in June even though the weather in Britain isn’t the best in the world. A lack of rain means you should try your utmost to conserve water.

4 – Hoe the Weeds Again: The weeds will keep on getting worse if you don’t pay attention to them, so make sure you’re doing it regularly. Pay special attention to the borders around your garden.

5 – Stocking Up on Fish: After your plantings have finally been established in your pond you’ll be able to start stocking it with fish. Make sure the water isn’t too cold when you do it.

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