Gardening Month by Month: Gardening in July

You know summer is progressing along nicely because you’ve been spending more time outside on non-gardening duties (have you bought your garden hammock?). We don’t always have the greatest weather each year, but this month is the first you’ve seen the sun regularly for a long time and it feels good. The flowers in your garden are looking fantastic too. Don’t let the weather get to your head because gardening in July is still important. Let’s discuss the top jobs you should be doing so you don’t forget anything.

Gardening calendar: Gardening in July

Flowers, Trees, and Shrubs

watering tubs and plants

1 – Deadhead Your Plants: This applies to the repeat-flowering perennials and bedding plants, which you must take the time to deadhead. It will ensure they continue flowering beautifully throughout the months.

2 – Watering Tubs and Plants: There is a chance you’ll need to keep your tubs and plants watered, but this will only apply if it’s dry. Make sure you’re careful with the water if they do need help.

3 – Check for Clematis Wilt: Keep a close eye on any suspect signs of clematis wilt this month. If you fail to do this your seemingly healthy plants might collapse for no apparent reason.

4 – Maintain Established Bamboos: Anyone with established bamboos will need to take the flowering stalks off them promptly. Not only do they look horrible, but the bamboo will weaken.

5 – Caring for Houseplants: If you’re like other people you might be packing your bags and heading off on holiday in July. Don’t forget to make sure your houseplants are cared for while you’re away.

Fruits and Vegetables


1 – Courgettes to Marrows: If you’re planning on picking any courgettes this year you better do it now. Wait too long and they’ll turn into marrows, so tackle the job if they’re around 15-20cm in length.

2 – Deal with Apple Scab: You’ll need to deal with apple scab, which is caused by fungus and spread by airborne spores. The last thing you want is fruit rot hurting things like apples and pears.

3 – Nectarines, Peaches, and Apricots: You worked hard pruning your trees and now it’s about to pay off. You’ll be able to harvest your juicy nectarines, peaches, and apricots in July.

4 – Sow Perpetual Spinach: If you want to turn into Popeye the Sailor Man in autumn and winter you’ll need your spinach. Sow it now to make sure it’s going to be ready to pick after summer.

5 – Plant Out Winter Veg: If you want your usual winter vegetables they should be planted out some time in July. This will include veg like kale, leeks, and hardy cauliflowers.

General Garden Maintenance

Mowing Your Lawn

1 – Monthly Pond Duties: When you’re gardening in July you’ll need to remove blanket weeds, debris, and algae from your pond. Keep an eye on the water level of your pond and top it up too.

2 – Start Ordering Catalogues: Now is the time to start planning what your garden will look like next year. Your first job is to order catalogues to get your spring-flowering bulbs.

3 – Feed Your Lawn: You’ve been caring for your lawn in the last few months, but it might need to be given a quick-acting feed during summer. It’s even more important if you didn’t do it in spring.

4 – Mowing Your Lawn: When you’re mowing your lawn this month try to set the lawnmower a touch higher. It’s going to be hotter than early summer and it will stop your lawn from drying too quickly.

5 – A Boiling Conservatory: Your conservatory is going to get very warm throughout the month, so it would be wise to move plants onto your patio. This will prevent them from being baked alive.

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