The Best Way To Heat Outdoor Patio

Many people think that the end of summer would mark the final days of outdoor parties, casual get-togethers, and barbecues. Yet, it is simple to extend your time outdoors, from hours to weeks or even months, with the addition of a heat source in your backyard, deck, or patio. From an outdoor heater or a fireplace to a fire pit, there are many portable or permanent options available to meet your needs.

In addition to warming up your cold guests, they can also add a touch of beauty and create an elegant space to gather around and enjoy the time. So, if you are looking for the best way to heat outdoor patio, consider the following ideas and make it come true.

1. Firepit

Fire pits are portable, inexpensive, and easy to use. That’s why they have quickly become the most popular form of fire features for outdoor spaces. Traditionally made to be located low in the ground, these units could be purchased or built in any size or shape and in a wide range of materials. The prices can vary greatly, with custom-designed pits and hearths featuring elaborate materials and features being more expensive.

Wood-burning models are most popular, but you can also find fire pits which are fuelled by gas or propane to ensure air quality and reduce your carbon footprints. Keep in mind that a few areas ban the burning of wood. Thus, make sure to check with your county or city for wood-burning codes and laws before using.

2. Hot tubs

Hot tubs are very popular in many areas all year round for a simple reason. They can make everyone feel totally relaxed, warm, and pleasant – any time of the year. But it particularly feels great when the temperatures go down on chilly days.

With portable and compact designs, these bubbling tubs can be installed easily and heat up to 40 degrees right outside on the deck or patio. Even when it is snowing, they would warm up your body quickly and help alleviate sore or tense muscles. Just ensure that you have a towel, slippers, and warm robe nearby.

Both freestanding and portable hot tubs could go anywhere you want – in the corner of the backyard, on the deck, near the pool, or even indoors. Just make sure to consider some factors such as safety, privacy, weather, and convenience for a perfect setup. Whether it is a solo soak or an unscheduled party with friends after evening out, your hot tubs will always be there and invite you to relax.

Here’s a simple guide to a DIY hot tub right in your backyard:

3. Chimineas

Chimineas are another simple yet effective way solution if you want to heat outdoor patio spend more time outside. These wood-burning stoves used to be placed indoors for cooking and heating, but today they are increasingly becoming a wonderful centrepiece for outdoor relaxing or living, working to keep everybody warm and offering a cooking area for pizzas or barbecues.

There are often three material options for chimineas. Clay is the traditional material and can be a simple way to bring a rustic feel to your patio. Cast iron is sturdy and can resist scratches or to knocks to ensure the unit can last for many years. Steel is also durable, but this option is much simpler to move around than heavy cast iron if you often rearrange the backyard or garden.

Whatever model you choose, make sure to go for a weatherproof product for drizzly days. In addition to serving as a focal point, chimineas can also a great structure that you and family can gather around, relax, entertain, and enjoy leisure time outdoors.

4. Outdoor fireplace

A fireplace can extend the use of your outdoor living space only from summer to all seasons. Unlike fire pits, outdoor fireplaces would define your deck or patio as a destination and focal point – an area to gather, entertain, and relax.

Just add a table and seating, and space will become an outdoor room for your family. Fireplaces can range from DIY projects to affordable chimineas or beautiful structures designed by experienced architects. No matter which option you go for, make sure to do research to ensure the best results.

Material options can range from metal, concrete, stone, or brick, while outdoor fireplaces could be fuelled by wood or gas. When it comes to location, consider low-hanging shrubs and trees, nearby structures, and prevent the wind from blowing smoke to the properties of your neighbours.

Always put the safety on top priority and avoid flammable surfaces because sparks and flames would ignite combustible components easily.

5. Heated floors

While heating floors are often associated with indoor spaces, they are gaining widespread popularity with outdoor areas as well. They typically come with a system of wires or pipes running under the surface to help spread heat upwards into the floor. Such options are especially helpful on flooring surfaces which are naturally cold to touch, including ceramic, concrete, or stone tile.

While there is a variety of styles, the electric system is the most popular option due to its ease of installation and maintenance. You can also adjust the level of intensity to meet your warming needs or even melt snow. Despite many benefits it brings, keep in mind that the initial costs for installing and regular maintenance expenses could be relatively costly, compared to other heating options.

6. Outdoor kitchen

People often say that food will taste better when it is grilled. And that can be true for any season of the year. Nothing can stop us from grilling when the summer has gone. Just put on an extra sweater or shirt, bring a heat lamp, and set up an outdoor kitchen or garden bar. A brick oven, a grill, or any outdoor cooking appliances can heat up everything quickly.

They would also produce flavorful aromas that would make your friends or family want to stay outside on the deck or patio. After all, nothing is better than enjoying some warm dishes and dining outside with your loved one in a cosy atmosphere during the winter.

Those are the best ways to heat outdoor patio. Find the best options for your home and have a relaxing time with your family!

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