Which Are The Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders?

Watching nature and wildlife is always a relaxing and fun past time; especially if it’s from your very own backyard. Now, we’re not implying you should move next to a zoo, far from it! With something as simple as a bird feeder, you could soon be hosting beautiful, majestic winged creatures that bring joy with their colourful antics. Some of the most common types of bird feeders include:

  • Seed Feeders – Most popular due to the variety of seeds you can get to fill them. More seeds equals wider species birds. They come in a variety of designs from tubular stations to hopper type. Seed feeders can be hung from a fence, branch, or mounted on a post.
  • Ground Feeders – These might not be too popular, but they’re great for ground feeding birds like Junkos, Sparrows and Towhees.
  • Suet Feeders – These are plastic coated wire holders that hold suet blocks, however, they can also use toast and other scraps.

Unfortunately, bird feeders attract more than birds. All types of rodents also welcome the free meal, but none more agile, dextrous, and determined than the squirrel. Sure, squirrels frolicking around seems amusing at first. At least until you realise that the extremely high feeding speed of these tiny mammals is running the birds away and giving you unwanted pet/pest expenses. What’s more, a growing pack of these nibblers can really wreak havoc on your landscape. This is why you need a squirrel proof bird feeder.

Key Features and Considerations When Buying a Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

i) Durability

A robust bird feeder not only guarantees years of longevity, it will also survive violent squirrel chewing attacks.

ii) Ventilation

To ensure the seeds are safe for the birds, they need to be dry all the time. Having proper ventilation lets in fresh air to avoid damp, humid conditions.

iii) Cleaning and Maintenance

Birds are incredibly popular for their nit picking (pun intended). If you want to continue attracting birds, you’ll need to keep it clean at all times. So when buying, make sure you choose a design that is simple to wash up.

Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Reviews

1. Jacobi Jayne Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder


Tired of squirrels raiding your bird feeder every day? How about using a bird feeder that is both effective and aesthetic too? The Jacobi Jayne Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder lets birds fed freely while denying access to squirrels by way of a simple weight mechanism. Once a squirrel gets on, its weight automatically shuts off all feeder ports.

Jacobi Jayne incorporated chew proof materials to make sure that some of these toothy rodents don’t gnaw through. The material is also rust proof, waterproof and UV stabilized so it doesn’t lose its colour overtime. But it’s not all business; the patented seed tube is thoroughly ventilated to keep the air flowing and seed fresh. As a bonus, the feeder easily adjusts so you can also keep out larger birds like crows and pigeons.

What I like about it:

  • Wide range of clinging and perching options
  • Excellent ventilation keeps seeds fresh longer
  • Beautiful design resembles an outdoor lantern

2. Gardman A01044 Heavy Duty Seed Feeder


If you’re looking for a reliable bird feeder that won’t cost you much, then the Gardman A01044 Heavy Duty Seed Feeder is what you should be checking out. For a cheaper model, it boasts of heavy duty, polished die cast all metal aluminium construction that makes it as durable as some of the high end feeders.

The A01044 holds about 600g of seed mix and is ideal for hanging in your back yard, around the garden or even high up a balcony. But where this squirrel proof bird feeder excels has to be the ease of set up and maintenance. Thanks to a contemporary tubular design, filling up the seeds is a breeze. The manufacturer also included a handy allen key so you can easily disassemble and clean out the feeder when necessary.

What I like about it:

  • Simple setup and maintenance
  • Budget friendly price range
  • Sturdy all metal construction

3. Roamwild Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder


When it comes to keeping your birds exclusively well fed, Roamwild seem to know exactly what to do. This is very evident with one of the best bird feeders in the UK – the Roamwild Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder. This mammoth feeder has a whopping 1.5 litre capacity making it great for low maintenance homes and sites with numerous bird species.

Like the best models, this one also uses a weighted mechanism to automatically keep squirrels, rats, rodents and large birds from stealing all the seeds. The squirrel proof feeder from Roamwild goes a step further by incorporating tough, chew proof 304 grade stainless steel seed ports to stop destructive rodents and pests from gnawing through. Filling up the feeder is a cinch, although it swallows up quite a large amount of seeds. It’s ideal for use with sunflower hearts or any assortment of mixed seeds.

What I like about it:

  • Superbly built bird feeder
  • Huge seed capacity of 1.5 litres
  • Tough, chew proof 304 grade steel ports

4. Gardman A01820 Squirrel Proof Steel Fort


Not all squirrel proof bird feeders work with fancy mechanisms and all that technobabble. Sometimes, the easiest and most traditional way to do things is the mot effective. In a bid to make things simpler and cheaper, Gardman have given us yet another great addition to their bird feeder line.

The Gardman A01820 Squirrel Proof Steel Fort is a heavy duty cast cage with just enough space in the wires for small birds to get in. Any squirrels, rodents and big birds that try to feed will just get discouraged by the relentless cage while small birds feed inside. The feeder is ideal for seed mixes and sunflower hearts and can hold u to 240 grams of peanuts.

What I like about it:

  • Features a heavy duty cast cage
  • Simple, low maintenance design
  • Comes with a hanging hook

5. Kingfisher BF007FB Squirrel Guard Suet Feeder

Bonnington Plastics Ltd remains one of the largest gardening products manufacturer in the UK. With over 40 years experience, it’s little wonder that they’re a well known household name. When it comes to bird feeders, one of their models is renown for one thing and one thing only – feeding as many birds as possible for as low a cost as possible.

The Kingfisher BF007FB Squirrel Guard Feeder is one of the cheapest feeders you’re likely to find in the UK. So if you want to set up a few of these feeders around your property, it helps that the initial cost is down. The Fat Ball feeder boasts of metal construction with plastic coating and a design to keep large rodents and birds outside.

What I like about it:

  • Cheapest bird feeder on the list
  • Effective suet fat ball feeder
  • Easy to use with nice attractive vibrant finish

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to fill squirrel proof bird feeder?

It is super easy to fill a squirrel proof bird feeder – simply lift off the lid, pour in the seed then close it again. Make sure you close the lid firmly and securely though, to prevent a squirrel getting at the seed from the top.

Q: How to clean squirrel proof bird feeder?

The feeder itself should stay fairly clean, but it is worth bringing it in every now and again and washing the whole thing with warm soapy water.

What is even more important is to keep the area underneath the feeder clean – birds tend to drop a lot of seeds and husks and bits that they don’t like, which can attract squirrels and even more unsavoury rodents like rats. You could put a tray down which will catch all the discarded bits, and will be easy to simply pick up and throw away each day.

Q: How to squirrel proof bird feeder?

If you have a bird feeder that is not squirrel proof, and you don’t want to buy a specially designed squirrel proof one (i.e. not one of the above selection), you can easily squirrel proof your existing feeder:

  • Hang your feeder on a smooth metal pole at least 6 feet high.
  • Keep it at least 10 feet away from trees, roofs, porches and other places a squirrel can launch itself from, as they are excellent jumpers and will leap to reach food.
  • Place a wire cage around the feeder. This will prevent squirrels getting in, and has the added bonus of stopping big, bullying birds like pigeons from eating all the seeds.
  • Add a baffle above and below the bird feeder. Many squirrel baffles will tilt and tip if a squirrel tries to climb on them, stopping them from getting the seed.
  • Use seed like Nyjer and Safflower, which have a bitter taste and which squirrels do not like.
  • Hang your feeder on a wire, with things like empty plastic bottles, short lengths of hose pipe or empty spools of thread. These will make it very difficult for the squirrel to run across the wire and access the seed.

Q: Where to buy squirrel proof bird feeder?

Squirrel proof bird feeders are easy to find. Most hardware stores will stock them, and garden centres are another good bet. If you cannot find one in any of these places, have a search online and you will be sure to find what you are looking for.


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