Which Is The Best Shed Alarm [Reviews + Buying Guide]?

Protecting ourselves and our homes is a necessary part of life. But while we lock our doors and install the latest security systems, it’s easy to forget one vital structure in your property. Recent reports show a rise in the theft of gardening equipment; and it’s all because sheds make for softer targets than homes.

Fortunately, it’s easy to protect structures like garages, summer homes, cabins, caravans and storages with a shed alarm. Even if you don’t necessarily keep expensive equipment like bikes and power tools in your shed, burglars could just as well use your ladder and other tools to break into your home.

Key Features and Considerations when Buying a Shed Alarm

Shed alarms vary widely depending on the desired functionality. Some alarms can monitor which doors and windows are open and alert you with audio or visual features. Some crucial factors to consider when buying and installing a shed alarm include:

a) Sensors

The most common type of sensor consists of an electrical contact that sounds an alarm when broken. Advanced alarms use Passive Infra Red tech to detect motion substantial enough to indicate human activity.

b) Power Supply

If possible, try to hook your shed alarm to a mains power source. This ensures you don’ get problems like the battery dying and you’re not at home to replace it. However, a battery powered backup is not such a bad idea.

c) Alarm

The most simplistic type of alarm consists of a bell or siren that makes noise to scare burglars away. Another type of alarm sends remote signals to your monitoring service to quietly inform you of a break in so you can alert the police.

The Best Shed Alarm Reviews

1: CPVAN Motion Sensor Burglar Alarm


Got a lot of expensive equipment in your shed? Or maybe you just want to secure your caravan. Whatever the intended purpose, the CPVAN Motion Sensor Burglar Alarm is the ideal all in one solution. This stand alone wireless alarm uses infrared sensors with a detection range of about 5 to 8 meters.

Installation is as easy as it gets; all you have to do is paste it in place or set it by stent. While the CPVAN Motion Sensor Burglar Alarm does give the option of using a power adapter, the manufacturer did not include one. However, users get 3 AAA batteries and a remote control for convenient operation. Communication range hits an area of 100m while the alarm itself is quite loud at 125 db.

What I like about it:

  • Good quality and secure design
  • Multipurpose stand-alone unit
  • Includes remote control

2: Yale SAA5015 Wireless Alarm


Yale is already a trusted brand in the UK when it comes to matters security. And the fact that their SAA5015 Alarm is among the most affordable in this list only makes them look more attractive. This wireless shed and garage alarm is a great way to give any building outside the main house an added layer of protection.

Users have the option of installing the unit as free standing or mount it to the wall. The motion detector works by sounding an alarm if human sized activity is detected and a pin code is not entered. The siren blares out at 100 dB which is loud enough to hear from a distance. Yale’s SAA5015 runs on 4 AA batteries (not included) which connect to an indicator that warns you when they get too low.

What I like about it:

  • Affordable price range
  • Simple versatile installation
  • Lets you set your own 4 digit PIN code

3: Defender PIR Motion Sensor


If you’re going to install an alarm, why not make it as loud as reasonably possible? This is exactly what the Defender PIR Motion Sensor tries to achieve. The super loud alarm rips the ambience apart with a shrieking 130dB alarm that is not only loud enough to alert the neighbourhood, but also scare potential burglars away.

This robust alarm uses PIR motion detection and releases a warning beep once motion is detected. If it’s not disarmed within the 30 second delay, it triggers the full alarm. Arming and disarming the Defender alarm is a one button affair thanks to the supplied RF key fob. Users can install the unit in sheds, garages, homes, caracans, boats, park homes, and any other outdoor building.

What I like about it:

  • Super loud alarm (130dB)
  • Uses PIR motion detectors
  • Efficient sensors

4: Minder MA30 MkII Mini PIR Motion Sensor


The MA30 MkII Mini PIR Motion Sensor from Minder includes all the bells and whistles that come with your standard unit. Looking at the features, it’s clear that the MA30 is quite similar to the previous Defender model. For instance, this unit makes use of PIR motion detection to create effective sensors. Users also have the option to use it as a free standing model of mount it on the wall.

The Minder MA30 MkII Sensor is exceptionally user friendly and quick to install. Since its battery operated, there’s no wiring required. The alarm is armed with one click which gives a 5 second entry delay and a 30 second exit delay. Once activated, the alarm lets out a super loud siren that hits 130dB. The MA30 can be used in standard mode or home mode if you also want to include window and door sensors.

What I like about it:

  • Easy to install and operate
  • Loud 130dB alarm
  • Versatile operating modes

5: SZRWD Magnetic Door Alarm


Even if you don’t store expensive power tools and equipment in your shed, there’s always something in there that could assist a burglar with their break in. Whether it’s a hammer or your trusty ladder, giving any assistance to thieves is the worst type of insult to injury. The good news is that even the most basic of shed alarms will work just fine.

The SZRWD Magnetic Door Alarm is an ultra affordable, multipurpose unit. It comes with a magnetic sensor switch that safeguards your shed or home when you’re absent. What’s more, the magnetic function can be used on doors to prevent kids from going out when no one’s looking. The SZRWD mounts easily thanks to an adhesive at the back.

What I like about it:

  • Magnetic function
  • Versatile operation both in sheds and homes
  • Includes remote control with panic function

Frequently Asked Questions in the UK

Q: How to improve shed security?

You can have the best shed padlock and alarm system, but if your shed itself is falling apart then this is the first thing to sort out. The walls should be solid, the door strong and sturdy, and if you have a strong padlock then pop this on too.

Have a look at what you keep in your shed. Are they very expensive tools? Would it cost you a lot to replace them? If the answer is yes, you should really look into shed security, no matter how expensive it is.

You may be able to insure the contents of your shed on your home insurance, but you have to contact your provider to find out details of this.

  • As long as you have strong doors and walls, you can add a good lock to your door and this should hopefully make a difference to your shed security.
  • If your shed has windows, make sure they are safe and secure. Ideally, the window should not be see through. If it is clear glass, add some obstruction such as a curtain, a piece of wood, or even bubble wrap.
  • Shed alarms are another great idea, with inexpensive units that can be purchased for very little money, that will detect movement and emit an alarm if they are triggered. Often a loud noise will be enough to scare off any wannabe burglars, so these are a good investment.

Q: How to alarm a shed?

There are many different types of shed alarm out there. From the ones that alert you if there is a cat moving bout in the bushes nearby the the ones that call the police if you have a break in.

First, decide what type you need. Are you happy with a motion sensor? Or do you need a shed alarm with bells and whistles?

The simplest type of shed alarm is one with a sensor, that sounds an alarm when the connection between the lock is broken. This type of alarm is an excellent deterrent, as the alarm will scare off any potential intruders.

You may need a power supply to your shed to make sure that your shed alarm does not run out of battery and miss catching potential intruders.

If you’re feeling flush, you can get the type of alarm that sends alerts to your phone to alert you of a break in, so you can subtly call the police.

Q: Where to buy a shed alarm?

Shed alarms can be purchased very easily. You could try your local gardening store, as they may well be able to provide you with a shed alarm, or if you have local electrical shop it’s worth trying in there.

Any big hardware store you go to will be able to supply you with an alarm to keep your shed secure; or you could look for a generic department store, which will surely be able to help you find what you are looking for.

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