What Is The Best Sawhorse On The UK Market?

Are you a DIY woodworking hobbyist or a professional carpenter who works on the go? No matter what you’re doing, you need a stable platform to perform all your sawing if you deal with lumber on the regular. Most people use their workbench or a simple table to perform some sawing. However, tables tend to be bulky and take up a lot of workspace. What’s more, the sheer weight alone makes it impossible to move with your workbench.

That’s why today’s breed of professionals require something lighter, more portable, easy to store and versatile in its function – we’re talking about the best saw horse. A saw horse is just a four legged accessory; some as simple as a plank on four legs. Saw horses are kind of like a table without the top.

This gives users all the space and freedom they need to approach their project from any side and angle. In addition to more working flexibility, a saw horse is small and light enough to take anywhere. So, how do you go about getting the best saw horse for the job?

Key Features and Considerations When Buying a Saw Horse

a. Dimensions (Size and Height)

We all have different builds and statures. Some are a bit tall while others are shorter. When buying a saw horse, make sure it’s not too high or too low to avoid stretching or bending your back in uncomfortable ways. Some horses are adjustable which makes them ideal for all kinds of people.

b. Construction material & Weight limits

As expected, saw horses undergo a ton of abuse, stress, and weight burden everyday. To make sure you make the right investment, check if the horse is made of aluminium, steel, or heavy duty plastic. These offer the most longevity and durability and can support more weight than cheaper models without buckling under pressure.

c. Portability

As opposed to just remaining in the workshop, most people are now working on site, in open areas and even several stories high during building renovations. That’s why the demand for a lightweight, portable sawing platform is on the rise. If you intend to carry your saw horse everywhere, buy one with a foldable frame for maximum space saving and convenience.

Sawhorse Safety Tips

A sawhorse is literally every tradesman’s best buddy both in and out of the workplace. While one sawhorse is primarily useful for sawing and cutting, you can pair them up to create hundreds of uses. In this segment, we’ll show you how to use your sawhorse is different ways while still observing all safety rules.

a. Makeshift workbench

Sawhorses can be much more than just unpaid sawing assistants. With a little creativity, you can turn your ponies into a big makeshift workbench for any task. To achieve this, screw a plywood platform to the tops of two sawhorses. Let the ponies project outwards a bit for safer carrying. To avoid clutter under the ponies, install another plywood shelf across the bases at the bottom to make the ultimate temporary workbench.

b. Instant scaffolding

If you have a couple of sawhorses handy, then you don’t need to bring out the ladder for projects less than 10 feet off the ground. You can actually make a crude but very safe scaffolding plank using some timber or hardy plywood. The safety precautions here include making sure the ponies are sitting level so they don’t rock or sink. The board should also be completely stable to avoid slipping and tumbling off.

c. Painting and Drying racks

If you have some materials that need painting such as planks or pipes, then your sawhorse might just have another use. With some wood underneath to prevent staining, you can lay your lumber or planks at the top for both painting and drying. While we’re here, the same wooden tops on your sawhorse are made to wreck. So whether its paint, nails, or circular saws, do not be afraid to cut into or even slice right through them to get your main task done – they can always be replaced.

d. More safety tips

Although most sawhorses nowadays come with protective rubber capping on the feet, not all of them do. If yours doesn’t have any or if you perceive the protection is not enough, you could always add your own. Sawhorses are being used indoors, and the last thing you want is scratches all over your floor. Protective feet keep your floors safe while avoiding any slippage. The final safety tip is to make sure that all your cables and cords for your power tools have a place to anchor on the sawhorses. This will keep the connections dry and avoid short circuits.

The Best Sawhorse reviews

1. Draper 32273 Log Stand/Saw Horse


Draper is a family run company that has been providing innovative products in the UK for almost a century now. Judging by the high quality of their more complex power tools, you can be sure that their sawhorse range is tough, durable and reliable. The 32273 Saw Horse from Draper is a unique, manually operated pony that also doubles as a log stand.

The sawhorse is designed for both manual cutting with bow saws as well as power tools as big as chainsaws. Thanks to a robust powder coated steel frame, the 32273 is capable of supporting branches, logs and timber up to 150Kg. With its out of the box design and secure gripping teeth, the Draper log stand is an ideal assistant for all woodwork projects.

What I like about it:

  • Unique Stand Design with tough gripping teeth
  • High weight threshold of 150Kg
  • Robust steel frame

2. Rocwood Loggers Safety Saw Horse


Do your woodworking projects often take you to remote forests? Or maybe you’re just a landscaper looking for a safer, easier way to serve your clients. Well, what you need is a simple and portable saw horse with a neat safety accessory.

The Loggers Safety Saw Horse from Rocwood is a basic, four legged pony with a V logging platform at the top to support your project. What makes this the most portable logging assistant is the fact that it only weighs 998g – not even 1kg. What’s more, it can be taken apart for easy storage and transportation. The special feature at the top is a chainsaw clamp that can be used to support your saw and other tools when not is use.

What I like about it:

  • Simple design with affordable price range
  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • Comes with an included chainsaw clamp

3. Wolfcraft 5121000 Easy Cut Log Saw Horse


We all agree that splitting firewood is a hassle; that’s why most homes now have chainsaws instead of axes. But without the right platform to split your wood, it can feel like you’re still hacking away with an axe. The 5121000 Easy Cut Log Saw Horse from Wolfcraft is an ingenious innovation designed for people who are serious about wood.

What makes the Easy Cut stand out are the easily visible markings that help users saw to exact lengths and specifications. The markings are for 25, 50, and 75 cm for smaller logs and 33 to 66cm for larger logs. The markings allow for quick, safe, and precise sawing. Courtesy of a stiff stop bar, your logs and firewood will not slip even an inch while sawing – even at full 150Kg capacity.

What I like about it:

  • Robust high quality construction
  • Anti-throw off locking mechanism
  • Protective wooden bar with saw markings for precision

4. Forest Master Bulk Log Saw Horse


From the makers of some of the best electric and manual log splitters now comes what is hands down the strongest saw horse on this list. Manufactured by the Newcastle based company known as Forest Master, the Bulk Log Saw Horse promises safer, easier and a more reliable sawing experience.

Aptly named the Bulk Horse, this robust work pony can support not one, not two, but several logs along the length up to 250Kg. The patent pending design bundles logs of different sizes together securely with locking chains that drop over the uprights. Apart from holding incredible weights, the design is such that there’s no framework at the bottom eliminating any danger of kickback and user injury.

What I like about it:

  • Holds several logs of different sizes (upto 250Kg)
  • User friendly and secure chain locking mechanism
  • Folds up for convenient storage and transport

5. Faithfull Folding Trestle Saw Horse


Are you looking for a great saw horse but don’t want to spend too much. Well, since you’re looking for the most affordable model, why not make it the most portable as well? The Faithfull Folding Trestle Saw Horse is today’s minimalist’s budget model with everything you need to cut logs down to size.

The Faithful saw horse is an all metal model made from strong and stable angled steel construction. The steel has a galvanised finish to protect the pony against rust when working in wet outdoor conditions. At the top is a deep V serrated, non slip supporting surface to ensure the logs do not slip during sawing. Despite being cheaper, the pony has a high load bearing capacity of 150Kg and is completely collapsible for the ultimate space saving storage.

What I like about it:

  • Lower price range
  • All galvanised rust resistant steel construction
  • Completely collapsible for compact storage

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much weight can a sawhorse hold?

Saw horses vary in their size and weight holding capacity, so your best bet is to ask your manufacturer how much weight your particular saw horse can hold. Or, you can just try piling the heaviest logs you can find onto it and see how long it holds up!

A really good, strong saw horse can hold up to around 2,400lb before it starts to buckle under the strain – but you should really stop before you get to this amount of weight so that you don’t end up with a broken saw horse, or even a broken toe.

Q: How to build a folding sawhorse?

The quickest and easiest way to make a saw horse is to take two lengths of wood of equal lengths, nail them together and make sure they hold up. But to have a folding saw horse is even better – you can fold it down so they take up less room in your garage or shed, and it’s easy to transport.

For this you will need 3 pieces of equal length wood, and one piece that is longer, for the shelf. Drill hinges into the top of the legs, then spread them out to make sure they hold up. Make another set of legs the same length.

Next, attach the shelf part to the top of the legs so that you end up with a mobile, folding saw horse, and voila!

Most saw horses are about 30 inches tall, so you can opt for this if you just want a standard saw horse, or make it a little longer or shorter depending on your needs.

Q: How to use a sawhorse?

A saw horse is a supporting beam with four legs that holds a board for sawing,or a log for cutting. You should make sure, first of all, that your saw horse is sturdy and stable, with the legs well spread so that it can support the weight of the material you are going to cut.

It is a good idea to place your saw horse onto a flat surface, to avoid any movement as you are cutting or working.

If you have a large project to work on, you can screw wood to the top of your saw horse to make an even more sturdy platform to work on – this makes a semi permanent work station which can even be picked up and moved for your next project.

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