Which Is The Best Garden Strimmer In The UK?

There’s no denying it; your lawn will never be truly manicured without a tool designed specifically for the job. Mowing your lawn is hard enough as it is, and the last thing you want is to spend even more time edging and trimming it. That’s why you should think real hard before settling on a grass trimmer.

Here are the top ranking options for you to choose from:

1. Got a small lawn with shorter edges and minimal bush growth? Do you prefer cordless grass trimmers? Then the Black and Decker 36 V is one of the best cordless strimmers that will work just great for you.

2. Looking for a robust, effective strimmer that’s also affordable in the long run? How about a light, user friendly ST5530-GB Corded Grass Strimmer, one of the best corded strimmers, from Black and Decker?

3. If you’re looking for a cheap, powerful grass trimmer that will spend hours out in the yard dealing with tough weeds, then the Mcculloch TRIMMAC Petrol Grass Trimmer is right up your alley, one of the best petrol strimmers on the UK market.

Garden Strimmer Buying Guide

Everyone loves smashing words together to create new concepts; and gardeners are no exception. By combining string with trimmer, we got a fun new name to play with.

Also known as grass trimmers, strimmers are just hollow metal poles with a rotating head and string or blade on one end, and an engine or motor on the other to drive it.

Grass trimmers excel at reaching where mowers can’t reach to give your lawn that neatly manicured look. This includes around trees and sheds, along garden fences and at the edge of your lawn. Grass strimmers are also just about the only tool that can effectively cut down long nettle, brambles and weed patches.

But how do you know which strimmer will suit your needs best?

Types of Strimmers

When looking at grass trimmers, you’re likely to find three major types.

  1. Petrol strimmers – These are the most robust and heavy duty strimmers with the ability to easily cover large areas. Since they’re petrol powered, they are also the most portable with the longest operating time. However, petrol strimmers are expensive, noisy, and produce emissions.
  2. Electrical strimmers – Corded strimmers are the most popular type in the UK. Not only are they the cheapest option to buy, they’re also quite affordable to run. Corded options are preferred for gardening purposes, but are limited in how far they can reach.
  3. Cordless strimmers – These are battery operated models and also among the least powerful types. Since they have to be recharged often, using them in large, remote areas is not advisable.

Key Features and Considerations when Buying a Strimmer

1. Lawn Size

If you’re got an extremely large lawn and backyard or plan to trim, chop and edge very far from your house, you should consider an option that doesn’t require electricity. A petrol strimmer will give you more freedom of movement and longer operations with no downtime.

2. Cutting Width

As a basic rule, the larger the cutting width, the more grass and weeds you can chop down in one sweep. But a large width might not be so good if you plant to do some delicate work such as flower bed weeding.

3. Head Type

There are two options for the strimmer head. A fixed head is the standard and cheapest option. The other type is a pivoting head that allows for more manoeuvrability for a neater, cleaner and more accurate cut.

4. Plant Guard

Buying a grass trimmer with a plant guard will help protect flowers and trees from the spinning spool.

5. Comfort Features

Comfort features such as a telescopic shaft and padded grips will help you work for longer without getting cramped or fatigued.

My Top Picks and Reviews

1. BEST CORDLESS STRIMMER: BLACK+DECKER 36 V Lithium-Ion Cordless Strimmer


  • Offers more portability than others on the list
  • Eco mode allows for longer battery time
  • Utilizes E Drive tech to power through thick bush


  • Instructions are a bit misleading


From a small machine shop in the early 1900’s to the manufacturing giant that we see today, Black and Decker has been really making huge steps in the gardening department. And their 36 V Lithium-Ion Strimmer speaks volumes of how far they’ve come.

This grass trimmer is twice as powerful as some of the other cordless models out there and is more than ideal for trimming tough grass that your mower can’t reach.

In addition to making use of a 36 v battery for longer operation, this model uses advanced E-drive tech to get the job done. And since its battery operated, you don’t have to worry about looking for extensions. I also thought the new AFS system that automatically feeds line form the spool was an excellent touch.

What It Does Best

The 36 V Strimmer from Black and Decker excels in one major aspect that I didn’t see in most cordless models. If we’re talking about operating time, it would be unfair to pit a battery powered model against a petrol engine.

However, the manufacturer went above and beyond to ensure that you get as much battery life as possible. For starters, they claim that when left idle with a full charge, the grass trimmer can hold it for up to 18 months.

But it’s the stats while working that we’re after. The strimmer cuts about 3750 linear meters in one charge making it great for small and medium sized lawns.

But that’s not all; a power selecting function lets you optimize the run time by either choosing turbo to maximise power for tough jobs or Eco mode for less power on lighter tasks.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

There’s no question about it, the cordless model makes this strimmer one of the easiest to use. But it’s the initial use that can get a bit fiddly. The Black and Decker 36 V Lithium-Ion Strimmer requires some assembly and parts installation such as the handle.

Unfortunately, the instructions on how to do this seem a bit insufficient and misleading. Another issue is the auto feed system that lags when pushed to it’s limit, so you might want to go easy on thick, bushy regions.

What Other Customers Think

Apart from the slightly higher price range, most customers had nothing but great things to say about the 36 v battery operated strimmer. Not only were they impressed by the fact that you could control the power settings for different terrain, but the strimmer performed exceptionally well even at the lowest setting. Still, people with massive lawns did show concern over the operating time even with a full charge.

Should You Buy It?

Durable, portable, and one of the easiest models to use, the 36 V grass trimmer from Black and Decker definitely punches a few pounds above its weight. But while the performance and strength is unquestionable, the barely half hour operating time means that it’s built for people with smaller to medium lawns. So if you’re okay with cutting less than 4000 linear metres in a single charge, then this is the lightest, strongest and most portable option you’ll find.



  • Most affordable price range on the list
  • The edging wheel is quite useful
  • Comfortable and very user friendly


  • Shorter cable lead means you’ll have to get an extension lead


Like I said, Black and Decker has been around for decades; that’s why many people consider the brand to be among the most dependable gardening tool manufacturers of all time. So it’s no surprise that they also have the best corded grass trimmers currently in the market as well.

Also the most affordable model on the list, the ST5530-GB Corded Grass Strimmer is also a favourite amongst many UK homeowners.

Much like other B&Ds, the ST5530 also uses E drive technology to power through even the most overgrown areas in your lawn. And with the auto select feature, users can select either edging mode or string trimming to give you maximum control, output, and precision while working.

What It Does Best

Well, we can say that the ST5530-GB Corded Grass Strimmer from Black and Decker excels at saving you money. Being one of the most affordable models from the brand, it’s no wonder that the strimmer is a favourite.

However, there’s another aspect where the strimmer shines. By combining the E drive tech with a 550 W motor, you get quite the incredible high torque gear system with a cutting speed of 7500 rpm. This high power and speed does short work of clogged, overgrown patches.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

Being a money saver, a few flaws and errors are expected here and there – especially if we’re talking construction quality. Surprisingly, Black and Decker don’t seem to have cut many corners to the price down to where they did.

The first flaw is an issue that affects pretty much all corded grass trimmers – the cord. The manufacturer used a cord that’s only 6 metres long which makes the strimmer only good for areas closer to the house. This means that if you have a larger lawn, you’ll have to invest in an extension lead to get to all the corners.

What Other Customers Think

Well, apart from being elated by the low price range, precious customers had plenty to say about the ST5530-GB Corded Grass Strimmer. In fact, most people who bought it did so because of the gleaming reviews the unit was getting.

Those who’ve actually used it were really impressed by the lightweight feel and comfort features that let you go on all day. The secondary handle really evens out the balance while the telescopic shaft is easier to use. Of course, almost all customers had to get an extension line to reach all the areas of the yard.

Should You Buy It?

One of the reasons why electric grass trimmers are best sellers is because of their cheaper price range. In addition to saving you money on the initial purchase, they also require the least maintenance and operating costs. So if you’re on the market for a powerful electric model with good build quality, the ST5530-GB strimmer from Black and Decker might just be up your alley.

3. BEST PETROL STRIMMER: Mcculloch TRIMMAC Petrol Grass Trimmer


  • Powerful 25cc two stroke engine
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Virtually no downtime while operating


  • The TrimMac has been fingered for it’s above average noise capacity


Let’s face it; mowing the lawn is exhausting enough without having to spend hours trimming and edging. That’s why you want a strimmer that will let you complete these final touches as quickly and effectively as possible.

Also the most powerful model on our list, the TRIMMAC Petrol Grass Trimmer from Mcculloch cuts faster and stronger than other types. Thanks to a 25 cc two stroke engine, you can now take down those thicker and tougher weeds that you wouldn’t go near with a cordless model.

In addition to the latest Tap N go head tech, the motor is equipped with a fuel primer and choke for instant start. But it’s not all business; the petrol powered strimmer comes with a curved shaft and loop handle for a more comfortable grip and accuracy while edging flowerbeds.

What It Does Best

No need to sugar coat it, there’s a reason why the brand is among the most popular in the UK. And looking at the Mcculloch TrimMac, it’s clear that each strimmer is built for peak performance and unquestionable durability.

If you can take the utmost care when using it and ensure that you follow all maintenance requirements, the manufacturer guarantees that their machines will last for years and years. Even the quality policy on this strimmer is clearly worded. So if you ask me, this is one case where the marketing department told the truth.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

For a brand with such a rapport, you’d have expected Mcculloch to at least follow the one basic rule of building petrol powered gardening equipment. Don’t get me wrong, the construction of the unit itself is pretty solid.

However, I noticed that the strimmer sits directly on its fuel tank without any sort of wire stand or frame. This makes it both very difficult and unsafe to start the machine on the ground.

What Other Customers Think

The Mcculloch strimmer does pretty much everything you would expect a petrol powered model to do. And that’s why most of the people who bought it had good things to say. The most impressive aspect was the raw power from the engine as well as just how light the unit was for a petrol powered model. Lastly, the fact that this strimmer is among the lower priced models really helps.

Should You Buy It?

Despite being an incredibly budget model, the Mcculloch TrimMac petrol strimmer is surprisingly robust and effective. The 25 cc two stroke engine delivers more power to get through thicker shrub. With a full tank, you’ll be able to edge, trim, and cut without literally any downtime. If you have a large property or just want more power for your strimmer, then you should definitely get the TrimMac.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does a garden strimmer work?

An electric strimmer is a hand held device that plugs into a mains socket, and it makes clearing heavy weeds and trimming borders much easier than trimming or cutting by hand. There are also petrol powered versions, and those that use battery packs.

Garden strimmers work so well because they have a motor that powers a nylon thread that spins around incredibly fast, and it is this which cuts through garden overgrowth so quickly and easily.

It is best to find a strimmer with an auto feed, as this will automatically let out more line as the old line is worn out and breaks – without an auto feed you will likely spend a lot of your time fiddling about with the spool!

The line will eventually wear out, whether you have an auto feed or not, and it will need replacing – the time this takes will depend on how much you use your strimmer, and for what type of job.

Q: How to use a garden strimmer?

Before you get started on strimming your weeds, you need to decide which type of strimmer you want. You can get petrol ones, battery powered models, or a mains powered strimmer – each has their own advantages; which one you get just depends how often you are going to use it and for what sort of work

  • Petrol strimmers are ideally suited to larger than average gardens, or for extra tough strimming. An advantage of these strimmers is that they have no wires or cables, so they are very mobile.
  • Battery powered strimmers are good for smaller gardens and light work. Depending on the size of the battery, they will need recharging every 20 minutes or so.
  • Electric strimmers don’t rely on batteries, but they do need to be connected to a socket at all times. This means that you won’t be able to travel for miles to use one, but you can get a fair distance with an extension cable.
  1. Whatever type of strimmer you choose, the first rule is that you must always stay safe. Wearing the right protective gear is an absolute must – eye and face protection is essential, along with good strong gloves and sturdy shoes.
  2. Check the garden for debris. Strimming can cause small pieces of stone or twigs to fly up, which can damage the strimmer or worse, yourself. Have a look around for hidden hazards before you start your strimming.
  3. Keep an eye on the cable if you are using an electric strimmer. Falling over the cable or cutting through it can be a recipe for disaster!
  4. Never strim in the rain. Electricity and water don’t mix well, so if you are using an electric strimmer, stay away from the wet days. Even a petrol strimmer will struggle to cut well if the grass is wet.
  5. Never touch the cutting end. Even if it turned off, it’s best to stay away from the sharp end of the strimmer. If you need to clear a blockage or change the spool, make sure the strimmer is turned off and disconnected.
  6. Take breaks. A strimmer is a powerful tool that can do a lot of damage, so you should never attempt to strim when you are tired.
  7. Mind the flowers! Strimmers are very strong, and they don’t distinguish between your prized begonias and your overgrown lawn. Plan your strimming area to make sure you don’t accidentally undo years of hard work cultivating roses.
  8. Sweep the strimmer in wide, smooth strokes. Don’t cut too close to the ground or you risk it churning up the soil.

Q: How to rewire a garden strimmer?

Replacing the wire inside your strimmer should be a quick and easy job. You will need to remove the old spool and replace the whole thing with a new one – make sure you check that you are buying the correct replacement for your particular strimmer model.

  • First, turn off the strimmer, unplug an electric model, and make sure there is no way that a petrol or battery one can suddenly turn on while you are working on it.
  • Remove the cap covering the head of the trimmer inside the head of the strimmer, at the bottom end.
  • Pull the spool out of the cap (this can be a fiddly moment).
  • Remove any old line that may still be in the spool, to prevent problems when you restart the strimmer.
  • Thread the new line into the holes on your spool and wind it around, following the lines of direction. Wrap the line so that it lies flush, rather than overlapping, as this will prevent tangling issues when the strimmer is in use.
  • Secure the line and cut it with about 6 inches to spare, then repeat on the other side.
  • Place the spool back into the cap, making sure the eyelets are lined up so you can feed the line through, then once the spool is in place push the excess line through the eyelets.
  • Replace the cap firmly back inside the strimmer.
  • Turn the strimmer on and test it to make sure it works, then strim away!

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