How to Choose the Best Garden Sheds in the UK

Gardening is without a doubt one of the greatest and most fulfilling hobbies you could have. Not only does it get you in touch with nature, but it also gives you a well-deserved sense of accomplishment and pride. Not to mention getting a well-manicured lawn and some healthy greens. But as all serious gardeners and landscapers know, it’s very easy to accumulate a bunch of tools and equipment over the years. This is where the need for the best garden sheds comes in.

Garden sheds are the ideal addition to any yard for more than one reason. In addition to keeping all your stuff organized and readily accessible, garden sheds save you countless trips to stores and garages for tools and materials. Not to mention how they allow you to lock up your expensive power tools and equipment safely. With a big enough garden shed, you could even store more than one compost bin in there. And they even look nice if you try hard.

Best Garden Sheds in the UK

But as with all other storage areas, you have to consider a few factors before setting up the shed. This includes the size of your yard, how much equipment you have as well as your own personal style and preference. I’ve done the hard yards and talked to gardeners and landscapers all over the UK to find the most appropriate storage solution for everyone.

Here are the top 10 best garden sheds in the UK and a buying guide to help you find the best match.

1. Keter Factor Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed

Keter Factor Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed


As one of the world’s leading marketers and manufacturers of plastic consumer products, Keter has become a global trendsetter in the DIY garden and household industry. The company’s underlying premise to improve people’s lives with practical storage solutions. Measuring 4 x 6, the Keter Factor Outdoor Plastic Garden Shed is the ideal storage solution for small outdoor spaces.

The wood effect on the Factor Shed is constructed out of weather-resistant plastic that is reinforced with steel for more durability and less maintenance. Boasting of a heavy-duty floor panel for supporting heavier items, built in vents, a secondary door for wider entry and a window for natural lighting, the Factor outdoor shed from Keter is very well rounded.


  • Constructed with UV resistant resin for more durability
  • Shed is virtually maintenance free
  • Easy to clean and operate


  • While the Factor garden shed has been touted as easy to assemble, there are points when you will need an extra pair of hands.

2. Keter Store It Out Max Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed

Keter Store It Out Max Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed


Keter prides itself in offering a broad range of storage solution for your home and garden. Today, we’re checking out their larger Store It Out garden shed that has been lauded as an all-purpose storage box. At 145.5 by 82 by 125 cm, this particular garden shed is more than ideal for all your garden tools, lawn mowers, garden furniture, bikes and other equipment.

The Mac garden shed from Keter provides users with a dry and well-ventilated space as well as two wide doors for easier access to your stuff. Keter went a step further and included two lid lifter chains for hands-free operation. The shed is also weather resistance and will not fade even after years of use.


  • Central door bolt and secondary lock for secure closure
  • Little maintenance required
  • More space for storing equipment, tools, and bikes


  • The lockable bolt will require you to buy a long shanked padlock

3. Keter Store It Out Midi Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed

Keter Store It Out Midi Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed


If you enjoy a bit of occasional gardening every now and then, Keter’s got the perfect outdoor storage solution just for you. The Keter Store It Out Midi Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed is one of their small sheds that provide storage for gardening implements, tools, and other supplies.

The dimensions are 51 by 29 by 43 inches, making the shed a great fit for patios and deck areas. However, the shed works more like a closet or pantry as opposed to a walk-in unit. You can add your own accessories, but the shed comes with minimal features. They include front double doors and an optional lift lid for easy, convenient access to your items.


  • Fits 2 120 litre wheelie bins
  • Elegant and pleasing wooden effect
  • Weather resistant construction


  • Unit is not made for heavy duty storage; too much weight will cause buckling

4. Keter Manor Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed

Keter Manor Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed


The functionality of the Manor Shed is made clear by its narrow yet tall frame. At 4 by 3 feet, the Keter Manor Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed is more than ideal for tighter confines. Now, gardeners all over the UK can bring style and organization to even the smallest of spaces.

The Manor Outdoor Storage Shed from Keter boasts of double wall panels that are extruded for more durability and weather resistance. However, the floor panel is what really grabs your attention. This model comes with built in ventilation ducts on the floor for as much air circulation as possible.


  • Ideal for tight and confined spaces
  • Extra height allows for more stacking
  • Floors come with built-in ventilation


  • With no windows, you might have to get your own lighting to see where you put your stuff

5. Overlap Wooden Pent Garden Shed

10x6 Overlap Wooden Pent Garden Shed


If you’re looking for the best garden sheds with generous storage space, then you will love the Overlap Wooden Pent Shed. This shed is a great sized and highly affordable garden storage solution that will fit all your gardening furniture, equipment, and tools.

The Wooden Pent by Waltons is made from overlapped timber that is cleverly fixed on framing. The roof and floor are constructed from solid sheet materials that are stripped and compacted for an overall secure feel. To guarantee that your shed is not sitting on damp ground, the manufacturer included frequent bearers. Aside from being a simple storage shed, the Overlap also doubles as a workshop.


  • 10-year anti rot guarantee
  • Comes with shatterproof styrene windows
  • Manufactured with UK’s high-quality standards


  • The floor has been pointed out as weak and unstable; you may have to reinforce it with cardboard

6. Wooden Garden Shed for Tool Storage

Wooden Garden Shed for Tool Storage


The Wooden Garden Shed for Tool Storage can only be described as a cheap, convenient and stylish solution for all your gardening storage needs. From ordinary gardening equipment to smaller children’s toys, they can all fit in the shed easily.

This particular shed stands out from the rest thanks to the stylish, louvered door design that allows for air circulation and temperature control. The floor is also raised for better protection and includes rubber feet for firm placement.


  • Perfect for the smallest spaces possible
  • Louvered doors increase air circulation
  • Easy to move and assemble


  • You may have to add an extra varnish coat to make the shed truly waterproof

7. Overlap Reverse Apex Wooden Shed

6x8 Overlap Reverse Apex Wooden Shed


When you want an excellent quality shed, then it’s obvious that you have to spend a generous amount of money. The Overlap Reverse Apex Wooden Shed is designed to give you a large and highly accessible storage solution without the need for time-consuming maintenance.

The Reverse Apex shed incorporates treated timbers that have been infused with preservatives for additional protection against weather and insect damage. Much like the previous unit, this one is also made from 8mm overlap cladding and 28 by 28mm framing. With Walton’s centuries of experience, their sheds are definitely worth every penny.


  • 10-year anti rot guarantee
  • Inclusive pad bolt for unmatched security
  • Comes with roofing felt and shatterproof styrene windows


  • The assembly instructions have a few lapses, but it’s relatively easy to put together

8. Pent Garden Shed – Heavy Duty Tongue and Groove Wood

8x6' Pent Garden Shed


If you do indeed get what you paid for, then the Pent Garden Shed must be one of the best garden sheds in the UK. This uni door all wooden shed offers the perfect storage solution for small and midsized yards.

What makes this particular shed superior to others is the high-quality materials and smart design. The Pent Garden Shed is constructed with heavy duty tongue & groove wood that is incredibly durable and resistant to weather damage. The wide windows allow for optimum light levels in the shed that can also double as a mini workshop.


  • High-quality construction and design
  • Use of heavy duty tongue and groove wood
  • Incredibly heavy duty roofing felt


  • Weather changes in the UK may cause the roofing felt to wrinkle a bit

9. Galvanized Steel Metal Shed Garden Storage



Perhaps the largest product in our entire list of best garden sheds in the UK; the Metal Shed is surprisingly affordable. This storage is by far the heaviest in the list and comes with an attractive, great coloured finish and a massive storage space of 9 by 8 feet.

From the framing to the cladding, all of them are dipped in galvanized steel for the ultimate durability. As if that was not enough, the manufacturer coated the shed with rust proof resin for even more resilience. The large, double doors come with lockable handles as well as strong foundation rails that allow storage of heavier equipment.


  • Tough epoxy resin coating to prevent rusting
  • Overlapped and folded corner sheets for optimum water resistance
  • Louvered front ventilators for more air circulation


  • This shed is a masterpiece, but it might take you a while to assemble

10. Mini Wooden Store Small Outside Storage Unit with Shiplap Cladding

Mini Wooden Store Small Outside Storage Unit with Shiplap Cladding


If you dabble in a bit of gardening now and then, you obviously need a simple garden shed to store your growing collection of tools and equipment. The Mini Wooden Store Small Outside Storage Unit with Shiplap Cladding offers a spacious and sturdy solution that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

The Mini store from Rowlinson comes with a honey brown finish that really catches your eye. To give gardeners more than one storage option, the manufacturer incorporates an adjustable shelve for this purpose. The large door is fully lockable for secure access and improved security.


  • Robust and sturdy board roofing and floors
  • Includes shelves for more storage options
  • Large door that can be locked


  • The roof felt has received several complaints about being weak and low quality

Best Garden Sheds Buying Guide

When searching for the ideal garden shed to erect in your yard, you need to consider the following factors.

a. Material

The material you choose will have an enormous impact on the durability and functionality. While most sheds in the UK are made of wood, there are plenty of other options. Wood is durable, but it tends to rot and may burn down, unlike metal. Metal sheds, on the other hand, can be costly, tricky to assemble and tend to drip condensation. Plastic sheds usually fit easy and are relatively maintenance free. Once you are well informed on the different materials, making your choice should be much easier.

b. Shed Size

Does your yard have plenty of space to work with or are you limited in the size of shed you can buy? How about your implements and gardening equipment; Is it just a few pruning tools or do you have an entire arsenal? All these questions will have to be answered so as to find the right sized shed for you. If you have a lot of equipment and a lot of space, go with a larger shed with dimensions over 8 by 9 feet. However, the gardeners with less equipment and confined spaces may want a smaller, pantry-like shed that is just a few inches or centimetres in dimensions.

c. Weather Resistance

If you will be storing sensitive tools and equipment that does not go well with water, then you need a shed with great resistance. Wooden sheds tend to leak and rot due to too much water running through them. In the UK, it’s important to at least choose a shed with overhanging roofs to protect the shed from runoff. Also, avoid garden sheds with gaps and open spaces. Good shed insulation is also important.

d. Shed Access

This refers to access for both yourself and the tools in your shed. Do you need something that you can store equipment in or will you also be needing a workshop? If you just need a closet or pantry-like shed, then make sure that it is easily accessible and can be accessed through a variety of openings. Similarly, walk in sheds should be accessible through the door without tripping or banging your head.

Garden Shed FAQs

Q: How do I ensure the sturdiness of my shed?

The last thing you want is to spend money of a shed only to have it develop sagging roofs and distorted sides. If you fail to ensure the sturdiness of your shed, chances are that it will start deteriorating in a matter of weeks. To check the strength, stand inside the shed and jump on the floor while pushing at the sides and roof. If it’s small, try pressing on the sides and roof from the outside. You should be able to feel some form of resistance if the shed is sturdy enough.

Q: What is the best base for a shed?

When setting up your shed, you need to ensure that you have a stable and level ground for your shed to sit on. A solid base protects the shed from moisture and other detrimental factors. The materials used for shed bases include gravel, concrete, paving slabs, timber bearers among others.

Q: Where do I position my shed?

A garden shed should be placed at least 2 to 3 metres away from your home. However, there are other factors that must come into play. It is recommended that you place your shed far enough from walls, fences, and buildings so as to get easy access all the way round. This helps in carrying out maintenance and repairs as well as allowing for more ventilation.

Q: Can you put a garden shed on grass?

A shed is a little bit like a house, in that it needs strong foundations to keep it sturdy and stable. It is not recommended that you put your garden shed on grass, as this can cause subsidence and make the walls of the shed go rotten from the damp rising up from the grass.

You can put your shed onto your lawn, but you will have to prepare the area first – either by laying down slabs, digging foundations, or laying some specially designed protective material.

Q: Can you put a garden shed over an easement?

This is something that you would have to check with your local council or authority – easements may need to be accessed for work to be carried out, so you must make sure that the shed can either be moved, or that it does not block access to the easement.

Q: Can you insulate garden shed?

If you are using your shed for more than just storing tools, you may want it to be a bit more protected from the elements. It is easy to insulate your garden shed to make it warmer inside.

  • The first step is to look for tongue and groove cladding, rather than the cheaper overlap cladding.
  • Ensure that there are no gaps around the doors for heat to escape and cold air to get in, and do the same with any windows.
  • You can insulate the walls fairly cheaply, using polystyrene or blankets, of you can buy specialist insulation from any hardware store. You can then cover the insulation with wooden boards to keep the shed looking nice as well as feeling warm.
  • When you insulate the ceiling, be sure to leave a gap between the insulation and the ceiling itself, to stop moisture collecting and to allow it to evaporate.

Q: Can you live in a garden shed?

You can live in your shed, as long as it is warm enough to do so – but legally this is more of a tricky business.

Turning your shed from a place to store tools into a self contained home holds legal implications; it’s all very well to have a sofa bed in there that the occasional guest can stay in if the house gets too full, but to be able to live in it permanently you would need to meet all the Building Regulations, and apply for planning permission.

Q: How to secure a garden shed?

Keeping your shed secure, especially if it contains valuables, or even your favourite digging fork, is a must.

First make sure the location is right – it should not be visible from the street, but you should be able to see it from the house.

Next, anchor the shed to the ground. You can use brackets, rawl plugs and screws – or even just place lots of breeze blocks inside (this has the added bonus of making sure your shed will not blow down on windy days). Investing in a good lock and/or shed alarm, and replacing hinges that have short screws that can easily be levered off is also a good idea.

Finally, make sure you out your tools away inside the shed – a spade or fork left lying about can be used to break into your shed and steal the rest of your tools!


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