Which Is The Best Garden Multi Tool In The UK?

Garden multi tools are the Swiss army knife equivalent for landscapers. Not only do they save you money on the initial purchase, they also help you avoid clutter in the shed. Here’s a look at some of the best garden multi tools in the UK:

1. If you’re looking for the only gardening implement you’ll ever need, the Hyundai HYMT5200 is definitely one of the most versatile (5 in 1) and complete gardening tools I’ve seen in a while.

2. In the market for an affordable, lightweight, zero emission gardening implement, how about the eSkde 4 in 1 Electric Multi Tool, one of the best electric multi tools?

3. In many cases, professional gardeners and landscapers often value raw power and durability over comfort and style. If you’re in for some tough, lengthy and unforgiving gardening, you’ll love the Mitox 28MT Petrol Garden Multi-Tool, one of the best cordless petrol multi tools.

Garden Multi Tool Buying Guide

When it comes to keeping our lawns and gardens neat, it’s quite common for us to accumulate a broad range of tool and equipment as the years progress. That’s why most garden sheds often fill up with all sorts of redundant junk.

Well, what if I told you that there was a way you could save money and space by getting the Swiss Army knife equivalent for gardeners?

A garden multi tool basically houses or supports all the essential gardening tools in one main structure. By simply adding, removing and switching out attachments, you can perform a broad range of tasks on the spot. This includes trimming, cutting, sawing, strimming, drilling and many more functions.

In addition to the attachments, garden multi tools come in 2 different types depending on the power source – electric multi tools and petrol powered multi tools. So, how do you know which multi tool will work best for you?

Key Features and Considerations when Buying Multi Tools

i) Power Source

As mentioned above, there are two main types of multi tools; and the one you choose will mostly depend on the usage and budget. Electric multi tools are still the most popular due to their lower price range and zero emissions. However, petrol powered tools are renowned for their powerful output and unmatched portability.

ii) Essential Gardening Tools

We all have different gardening styles and specific requirements from our equipment. That’s why you’ll find some tools are far more effective in some situations than others. So if you can find a manufacturer who sells assorted tools separately, you’ll be able to choose only what you need from a list of attachments.

iii) Tool Quality

If you’ve already made up your mind about buying a garden multi tool, you’ll want to make sure that you get the best quality you can find. Why?

Well, you’re already saving a lot of money on the numerous attachments, so why not make sure they last as long as possible? A quality build and finish will save you plenty of maintenance and repair costs in the long run.

iv) Safety Features

You’ll need to make sure your gardening multi tool has all the latest safety features installed. These will ensure that you don’t have any accidents with whatever attachment you’re using.

One crucial safety feature has to be the locking mechanism which locks attachments in place so they don’t spin or shoot out of the structure and cause bodily harm. Likewise, having protective gloves, shoes and facemasks is highly recommended when dealing with any power tools.

Garden Multi Tool Reviews

1. BEST 5 IN 1: Hyundai HYMT5200 52cc Petrol Garden Multi Tool


  • Powerful 52 cc 2 stroke engine
  • Most versatile and complete landscaping tool
  • Easy to assemble and switch out attachments


  • Noise levels might be a tad bothersome


If you’re looking for the only garden multi tool you’ll ever need, you can bet that Hyundai’s got something pretty close to it. The HYMT5200 Petrol multi tool is an incredibly powerful, heavy duty machine that allows users to completely maintain all their lawn requirements with one versatile tool.

This bad boy is powered by a two stroke, 52cc high torque engine that is not only easy to start, but also produces fairly low emissions for a combustion engine.

The purchase includes all the attachments a gardener needs to keep a lawn in peak condition such as a hedge trimmer, brushcutter, pole chainsaw, 800mm extension shaft, and pole grass trimmer.

What It Does Best

Popular in many UK households as the best 5 in 1 gardening multi tool, it’s pretty clear what this model does best. The Hyundai HYMT5200 Multi Tool saves you far more money and space compared to buying individual machines.

So not only will you have to spend less on the initial purchase, but you’ll have as many as 5 different tools all compactly packed into one.

Users get 5 different tools including a grass trimmer to deal with lawn edging, a brush cutter for more stubborn weeds, a pole saw and extension shaft to get to those higher branches as well as a hedge trimmer to keep that hedge straight.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

If you’ve just purchased your brand new Hyundai HYMT5200 52cc Petrol Garden Multi Tool, you might be wondering what those headphone looking doodads are. Well, I’m sure you’ve already figured out that they’re ear defenders. My main point is, you might want to keep those things close.

While not really a deal breaker, the HYMT5200 can get quite loud at times, especially when you’re dealing with fuel guzzling attachments. So while we really appreciate the power provided by the 2 stroke, 52cc engine, our ears weren’t really that impressed.

Fortunately, the manufacturer included a decent pair of defenders to keep your ears from being overwhelmed.

What Other Customers Think

I’ll be entirely honest with you, the HYMT5200 52cc Petrol Garden Multi Tool is among the newest models from Hyundai. As such, there really aren’t that many reviews about the machine online.

However, I also couldn’t find any complaints. Most of the people talking about it were super impressed by the power of the 2 stroke engine installed by the tech giant that is Hyundai. The easy recoil start system and smooth operation really worked well together to impress.

Should You Buy It?

There’s no question about it, the Hyundai HYMT5200 is definitely one of the most versatile and complete gardening tools I’ve seen in a while. Not only does it pack enough of a punch to deal with even the toughest landscaping tasks, but the simple fact that it uses petrol makes it ideal for commercial applications.

So if you’re looking for a versatile tool complete with all the attachments you need, then look no further than the best 5 in 1 garden multi tool from Hyundai.

2. BEST ELECTRIC: eSkde 4 in 1 Electric Multi Tool


  • Best electric garden multi tool
  • Easy to assemble and switch out attachments
  • Cheaper to purchase and maintain


  • Some of the gears may malfunction if overworked


What does it take to create the ultimate electric garden multi tool? Whatever you’re thinking, eSkde probably already incorporated it in their new model. The eSkde 4 in 1 Electric Multi Tool boasts of the latest design with a super tough but extremely light split shaft system.

This system allows users to quickly change out attachments according to the task at hand. The four included in the kit are a hedge trimmer, brush cutter, chainsaw, and pruner.

All these are powered by a high power efficient 900 W motor that starts quicker than any petrol multi tool. The structure also offers an ergonomic handle with straps for more control and manoeuvrability.

What It Does Best

If you were to ask all the homeowners in the UK which type of tools they prefer, electric power tools will always win the poll hands down. That’s because in addition to being incredibly affordable to purchase, they also don’t cost much to maintain.

And with today’s eco-friendly breed of gardeners, electric models are being favoured over other types. Eskde knows this, and that’s why they created one of the best electric garden multi tools in the UK.

But saving your money and our planet is not the only thing this unit does best. Not surprisingly, the 4 in 1 multi tool is so lightweight that if you can manage to get a logn enough extension, you’ll have no trouble working all day long.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

As an electric garden multi tool, the eSkde 4 in 1 handles pretty well. However, I’ll admit that it might not be as tough as some of the petrol powered models on this list. One of the things I couldn’t help but notice was the fact that the shoulder strap clips to the electric cable.

I don’t know what kind of reasoning went in there, but the best place to clip any sort of strap is at the solid motor housing. Secondly, it would have really helped to have some sort of feature to tidy up the cable after use; it’s a long wire walk back to the socket.

What Other Customers Think

Looking at some of the reviews online, it’s clear that most of the people who bought the eSkde 4 in 1 Electric Multi Tool were pretty happy with their purchase. From the initial instructions to swapping out the attachments, everything did line up pretty well.

Another factor that had customers going was the motor that is powerful enough to drive a chainsaw and still chop down thick bush with the brush cutter. However, most of them did advice to express caution while working some of these attachments – more specifically the hedge trimmer and it’s gearing system.

Should You Buy It?

According to the trends we’re seeing, a lot of home owners have already bought this multi tool and have nothing but great things to say about it. Not only is the eSkde 4 in 1 Electric Multi Tool very affordable, but you’ll never have to deal with the hassle of petrol engine maintenance. It’s easy to operate and light enough to carry all day long. On top of all that, there are no emissions or loud noises to contend with.

If these are some qualities you appreciate in a multi tool, then you already found the 4 in 1 tool of your dreams.

3. BEST PETROL: Mitox 28MT Petrol Garden Multi-Tool


  • Best petrol garden multi tool
  • Powerful and efficient 25.4cc engine
  • Solid construction and robust workmanship


  • A bit on the heavier side


If its petrol powered, then you know exactly what it’s built for. The Mitox 28MT Petrol Garden Multi-Tool is engineered for those big, bulky and lengthy garden cutting and clearing jobs that would normally require a healthy array of tools.

This bad boy offers a huge step up in quality and functionality over its predecessors – and it’s easy to see why. The manufacturer included a Euro2 compliant 25.4 cc 2 stroke engine that is not only powerful enough to handle most gardening tasks, but also incredibly easy to start.

The 5 attachments include a grass trimmer, pruner, brush cutter, hedge trimmer and a 1 metre extension to give you the advantage over higher branches.

What It Does Best

Like I said earlier, you can always rely on petrol powered tools for consistent and powerful operation. The Mitox 28MT Petrol Garden Multi-Tool is no exception.

As the best petrol multi tool, this rugged model might just be the most well constructed model on the list – and not just overall, I’m talking about individually well built parts. This starts all the way at the extra strong gear boxes which feature heat treated gears for better performance and more durability.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

The Mitox 28MT Petrol Garden Multi-Tool is obviously a very well built piece of gardening technology. However, that might be one of its major Achilles heel as well. Why? Well, the solid construction adds up to make the multi tool quite heavy.

So while the engine can go all day provided you have the fuel nearby, you’ll definitely be feeling every weighty kilo while you work. Similarly, I also noticed it was a bit tenuous to use the multi tool with the extension attached.

What Other Customers Think

The Mitox 28MT Petrol Garden Multi-Tool is one hardy piece of gardening equipment, no one’s disputing that. Combined with the fact that it uses petrol, it’s now wonder that many professional landscapers are calling it the best petrol powered tool.

You have to acknowledge the excellent construction and practical workmanship that makes it super easy to assemble and use. All in all, it’s rare to see a product that delivers as promised.

Should You Buy It?

Any decision to purchase lies in what you intend to use the product for. If you’re looking for a multi tool that can go on forever and make quick work of even the toughest hedges, branches and weeds, then it’s obvious that you need a petrol powered tool. But if you want something that can also double as a commercial grade assistant without much fuss, then the Mitox 28MT Petrol Garden Multi-Tool is the best petrol model in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are garden multi tools any good?

Garden multi tools are incredibly convenient, and are especially useful if you only have a small place in which to store your gardening equipment. A multi tool is also cheaper in the long run than buying all the tools individually, although it may seem like a large initial outlay.

This power tool comes with a central unit, onto which the attachments are fitted, and most have easy change system, so switching between one and the other should be quick and simple.

Grass trimmer, brush cutter, pruner, strimmer, hedge trimmer, all in one – a multi tool is definitely a good investment and a very useful addition to your garden tool collection.

Having the central power supply onto which you put attachments is also quite a good idea for saving money in the long run – if an attachments breaks you only need to replace that part, and you still have the central unit for all the other attachments.

Q: Where can I buy a garden multi tool?

Multi tool purchasing should be something that you spend a bit of thought researching. You need to decide what type you want, and whether you want a standard type or one with lots of optional extras.

A multi tool can be the easy answer to a great many of your gardening issues, so make sure you spend a bit of time – and money – on the right one.

Any hardware store should be able to help you with your queries, and direct you to the right model for your needs, or you could ask on gardening forums to figure out the sort of thing you are looking for.

If you already know what you want in a multi tool then a quick browse online will find you the right model for your needs.

Q: How to store a garden multi tool?

Multi tools, like any other electric or battery powered piece of equipment, should be stored in a safe, dry place.

If your garden shed is leaky or exposed, you should consider keeping it elsewhere – after all, if you’re investing in a good piece of gardening equipment then you should do your best to keep it in one piece and working as well as it can!

If you really have nowhere indoors and dry to store your multi tool, cover it securely with a waterproof cover such as a tarpaulin. You need to protect your tools from water and cold weather as much as possible, to keep them working well for as long as possible.

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