Which Are The Best Garden Loungers On The UK Market?

A good garden lounger should be comfortable, weather resistant and easy to keep clean. Look for a lounger that you can lie on for hours in the garden without any discomfort. That means it should have a soft surface and be adjustable to different position.

In this buying guide, I recommend the best garden loungers you can order online in the UK. I also give you a few shopping tips on how to choose the best lounger for your garden.

Features to Consider When Choosing a Garden Lounger

A. Construction

How a garden lounger is constructed is important for its durability and portability.

I recommend getting a lightweight garden lounger that hold a lot of weight and withstand the elements.

The best garden loungers have an aluminium or heavy-duty plastic frame. Aluminium and plastic are both light, making it easier to move the lounger around the garden or from the house to the garden.

They are also weatherproof – they don’t warp or rust in the sun and rain.

Steel-frame loungers are also durable and have a high weight capacity, but they are heavy. Get a steel frame lounger if you plan on keeping it in one spot most of the time.

Wooden loungers look great, but they are heavy and may not do as well outdoors as other materials. A wooden lounger is ideal for partially shaded areas like a gazebo or porch.

B. Upholstery

Next, check whether the lounger is upholstered.

A soft padded lounger will obviously be more comfortable as it’s easier on your back and joints.

Some loungers have a simple canvas top. It’s not as comfortable as a padded lounger, but it’s easier to clean.

If you have back or joint problems, or if you are buying the lounger for a senior family member, get one with thick and soft padding.

C. Adjustable

Do not buy a garden lounger that cannot be adjusted to multiple positions. When you are relaxing in the garden, you’ll appreciate an adjustable lounger. You can go from sitting up to reclining to lying flat. This is handy for taking naps or reading a book.

Most garden loungers have 4-6 backrest positions. Make sure the backrest has a secure locking mechanism so it doesn’t move once you set it to a certain position.

Something else to check is whether the lounger has a lay flat position. A lounger that goes completely flat is great for napping or lying on your stomach.

D. Size

Check if you’ll fit comfortably on the lounger. Tall people should get a lounger that’s long enough to accommodate their tall backs or long legs.

If you have a wide body figure, check that the lounger is wide enough.

E. Ease of Cleaning

You are going to have trouble with dust, dirt and bird droppings on your lounger. So look for one that’s easy to clean.

Canvas top garden loungers are the easiest to maintain. You can even hose it down for a deep cleaning.

If you buy an upholstered lounger, make sure it has a wipe-to-clean surface.

Best Garden Loungers: Top 5 Reviews

1. TecTake Rattan Day Bed

If you already have rattan garden furniture, the TecTake rattan day bed is the perfect addition to your garden.

It has an alloy steel frame with a beautiful rattan finish. The steel frame has a weight capacity of 120kg.

5cm thick cushioning provides a soft surface to relax on. In addition to the cushions, the TecTake lounger also include a pillow that you can place where it’s most comfortable on the backrest using the attached Velcro straps.

The backrest is adjustable to six positions ranging from sitting upright to lying completely flat. So whether you are enjoying a snack, reading a book or taking a nap, there’s a perfect position for it.

Assembling the lounger is easy and quick, and you don’t need any tools. Once assembled, it weighs 15kg.

That’s a bit heavy, but the lounger comes with wheels for easy mobility.

What I like about it:

  • Easy to clean cushions.
  • Includes pillow.
  • Six-position adjustable backrest.
  • Includes wheels.

2. Resol 2 Piece Marina Garden Sun Lounger Bed Set

If you prefer the hardiness and ease of maintenance of a canvas garden lounger, I recommend the Resol 2-piece set.

The set includes two loungers that you can get in several colours including green, silver, yellow and blue.

These are resort-quality loungers. They are designed for heavy use and daily outdoor exposure. The frame is heavy duty plastic mixed with fiberglass. It doesn’t rust or warp. It’s also light, making it easy to move the lounger about.

Instead of upholstery, the top of the lounger is canvas. It’s weather resistant, UV-resistant and very durable. Granted, it’s not as plush as an upholstered lounger. If you want a lounger that will be soft on your back and joints, I don’t recommend this Resol set.

But the canvas is not too bad. You can still sunbathe on the lounger for hours without getting a sore back.

The backrest is adjustable to four reclining positions and it can lay completely flat for when you want to nap or tan your back.

The canvas top is easy to clean. Because there is no padding, you can even hose it down to remove bird dropping and dirt.

What I like about it:

  • Hardy and durable resort-quality lounger.
  • Extra-thick cushion.
  • Adjustable backrest.
  • Includes a built-in drink holder.

3. Alfresia Sun Lounger

Shopping on a budget? The Alfresia Sun Lounger is one of our cheapest picks. It has a simple but sturdy metal frame and plastic arms. The weight capacity is 102kg.

You can recline the backrest to different positions by lifting the plastic arms and adjusting the backrest. At full recline, it doesn’t lay quite flat, but it goes back far enough that you can comfortably take a nap.

The Alfresia Sun Lounger has a thicker cushion than most other garden loungers do. It is 10cm thick. The sprung frame also adds to the lounger’s comfort.

If you plan to spend hours relaxing in the garden, or if you are getting a lounger for someone elderly, the Alfresia lounger is one of the most comfortable garden loungers.

When you are done sunbathing, the Alfresia Sun Lounger folds down for easy portability and storage. You can even put it in the trunk of your car for a day at the beach.

What I like about it:

  • Good value for money – affordable yet durable and comfortable.
  • Extra-thick cushion.
  • Adjustable backrest.
  • Foldable for easy storage.

4. Garden Market Place Set of 2 Padded Garden Sun Lounger

This Garden Market Place 2-piece set is another good choice if you are shopping on a budget. You get two loungers for a great price.

These are more like chairs than day beds. The backrest doesn’t lay flat; you can only recline it. If you love napping in the garden or you plan to tan your back, I don’t recommend these loungers. They are more suitable for reading or sunbathing while you eat or drink.

The backrest doesn’t have a fixed number of positions. You simply loosen the dial on the side, adjust the lounger to exactly where you want and then lock it in place.

The loungers have a steel frame that’s powder coated to prevent rusting. The polyester padding is a bit stiff, but good enough for people without back or joint problems.

A padded headrest provides head support, but you can remove it if you don’t need it or prefer using your own softer pillow.

The Garden Market Place loungers are foldable for easy storage. The foldable and lightweight design also makes these loungers easy to carry to the beach and other places.

What I like about it:

  • Affordable.
  • Reclining backrest.
  • Sturdy and lightweight.
  • Foldable for easy storage.

5. Chicreat Luxury Folding Lounger

The Chicreat Luxury folding lounger is our lightest pick, weighing only 5.8kg. Combined with the foldable design, the Chicreat lounger is a great choice for those looking for a portable lounger.

You can easily carry it from place to place in the garden, or take it camping or to the beach.

The lounger is adjustable to five positions ranging from sitting upright to lying almost flat. It has some padding, but it’s thin. You may want to add some cushions for added comfort.

The powder coated steel frame is rustproof and the padding is UV and water-resistant. You can leave the lounger outside in the rain or sun without a problem.

The only issue customers have encountered is the bottom of the chair trapping water under the fabric. After it rains, it takes a while for the lounger to dry.

What I like about it:

  • Low price.
  • Adjustable back rest (with an almost flat position).
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to clean padding.

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