Which Is The Best Garden Kneeler On The UK Market?

In addition to protecting your knees from dirt, a garden kneeler cushions you knees from the hard ground, thorns and stones.

It is especially beneficial for gardeners who have trouble getting back up from a kneeling position because of bad knees, a bad back or some other health problem.

A good garden kneeler should be comfortable under your knees, be easily portable and be easy to clean.

In this buying guide, I recommend the best garden kneelers you can order online in the UK. I also give you some tips on how to choose the most comfortable garden kneeler.

Features to Consider When Choosing a Garden Kneeler

A. Design (padded, seat, storage)

The design of a garden kneeler determines how comfortable and practical it is. Here are some design aspects to consider when shopping for a garden kneeler.

  • Padded – whatever type of kneeler you buy, it should be padded. Otherwise, it defeat the whole purpose of getting a kneeler. A padded surface cushions your knees from the hard ground as well as thorns and stones.
  • Kneeler and seat – our favourite kneelers are those that double up as a garden seat. A low seat is handy when you are trimming low bushes or taking a break from gardening. A kneeler with a seat has another big advantage. When you overturn the seat to use it as a kneeler, the legs provide a place to support your hands when you stand up. This is very helpful for senior gardeners and people with back or knee problems.
  • Storage – Another bonus feature I love in kneelers is storage space. Some have a storage compartment under the seat, while others have a porch hanging from one side of the kneeler. The storage is handy for holding small gardening tools or a bottle of water. It’s also a handy place to put seed packets when planting flowers or vegetables.

Note that you can still find a garden kneeler without a seat. These simple pads are ideal for gardeners that have no mobility problems and can get up without trouble. They are also great for kids.

B. Build Quality

Kneelers with a metal frame are a bit pricey, but they offer the best build quality. They can support more weight and they last longer.

Plastic kneelers are cheaper and lighter, but they can feel a bit flimsy especially if you need to hold onto the legs when standing up.

If you are buying a simple kneeler pad, the plastic vs. metal debate doesn’t apply. Instead, make sure the padding material is thick enough to cushion your knees and that outer fabric can withstand outdoor use.

C. Portability

You are going to be moving around a lot with the kneeler, so it’s important that you get a lightweight one that’s easy to carry.

If you buy a metal kneeler, make sure it’s made with hollow, not solid, metal tubes. This keeps the kneeler light.

If you want a kneeler that’s as light as possible, get a plastic kneeler or a basic kneeler pad. Many weigh less than a kilogram.

To improve portability, some kneelers have a foldable design. A foldable kneeler is also easier to store.

D. Easy to Clean

Finally, make sure the kneeler is easy to clean. Some kneelers have plastic at the bottom, so you can just wipe any dirt off.

Others are designed with feet such that the kneeling platform is slight above ground, meaning it doesn’t get dirty.

For kneeler pads, get one with a wipe-to-clean surface.

Best Garden Kneelers: Top 5 Reviews

1. Draper Gardener’s Kneeler Seat

The Draper Gardener’s Kneeler Seat is a good choice if you are looking for a lightweight garden kneeler with an integrated seat.

The kneeler is plastic, but can support weight up to 90kg. It’s also very light, weighing a little under 1kg.

There’s foam padding to cushion your legs and the bottom of the kneeler is hard plastic that’s easy to clean. The seat legs provide support when you are standing up.

With the kneeler in an upright sitting position, lift the top to reveal a storage compartment. It’s shallow, so you can’t store most gardening tools. But it’s perfect for seed packets and maybe a pair of gloves.

The Draper Gardener’s kneeler doesn’t feel as sturdy as a metal frame kneeler, but it should still last you a few years with good care.

What I like about it:

  • Lightweight.
  • Integrated seat.
  • Good for seniors.
  • Storage compartment.

2. LIVIVO Folding Portable Garden Kneeler

If you want a sturdier and more durable kneeler, I recommend this one by LIVIVO. It has a metal frame, which feels much more robust than plastic kneelers. The kneeler can support weight up to 100kg.

To keep the weight down, the kneeler is made with steel tubing. It’s still heavier than a plastic kneeler, but at 2.7kg, it’s light enough even for seniors to carry around.

Similar to the Draper Gardener’s kneeler, the LIVIVO kneeler comes with a built-in seat. Both the seat and kneeler sides are padded for comfort.

The LIVIVO also comes with a pouch that’s handy for storing gardening tools.

When you are done gardening, the LIVIVO kneeler folds into a flat shape that’s easy to carry back to the house and store.

What I like about it:

  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Padded kneeler and seat.
  • Bonus storage pouch.
  • Foldable for easier portability and storage.

3. Wrendale Outdoor Padded Garden Kneeler

If you prefer a kneeler pad, I recommend the Wrendale Outdoor Padded Garden Kneeler. The pad has a beautiful whimsical birds and rabbit design – birds on one side and rabbits on the other.

The pad is surprisingly thick, providing plenty of cushioning for your knees. In a pinch, you can also seat on it like you would a cushion.

The Wrendale weigh 460g and includes a handle for easy portability around the garden. When it gets dirty, the outer cover needs only a quick wipe to get clean.

What I like about it:

  • Cheaper than kneeler seats.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Wipe-to-clean cover.
  • Thick padding.

4. groundlevel Multi Purpose Easy Relax Garden Kneeler And Chair

The groundlevel Easy Relax garden kneeler is the best value for money among out picks. It has the same design and build quality as the LIVIVO kneeler, but at a more affordable price.

The metal frame feels very sturdy and the seat legs provide support when you are standing up. The padded insert cushions your knees from the hard ground.

Flip the kneeler over and it turns into a seat with a padded top.

A bonus pouch provides a handy place to store small tools when gardening.

What I like about it:

  • Sturdy but light.
  • Includes storage pouch.
  • Foldable design.
  • Great for seniors and people with a bad back.

5. Bosmere Garden Kneeling Mat

If you are looking for a cheap garden kneeler, the Bosmere Garden Kneeling Mat is a great choice. It’s a simple mat with soft padding to cushion your knees.

It’s great for gardeners whose knees get sore easily, and those who want to keep their pants clean when gardening. The Bosmere mat is also great for young gardeners. It protects their tender knees from rocks and other hazards on the ground.

The mat has a convenient wipe-to-clean surface and incudes a hole to hang it on the wall.

What I like about it:

  • Inexpensive.
  • Soft padding.
  • Great choice for kids.
  • Very light.

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