How to Choose a Garden Hammock: Reviews and Buying Guide

First developed in the jungles of South Africa, hammocks were invented to help people sleep above the wet ground. From rudimentary leaves and tree vines, hammocks have evolved to newer styles with incredible levels of comfort.

Today, hammocks are popular for some poolside lounging, backyard napping and even for safe, convenient camping. Being highly affordable, portable, easy to set up and available in a plethora of styles, it’s no wonder almost every homestead has one or two as both functional and decorative pieces.

No matter what purpose you intend to put your hammock to, I have gone through a pile of brands to help you find your perfect match. Here are some mini-reviews of our top 5 most popular garden hammocks in the UK and key considerations to make before buying the best garden hammock.

Top 5 Garden Hammocks on the UK Market

1. VonHaus Luxury Standing Swinging Garden Hammock

VonHaus Hammock with Metal Frame


VonHaus has had a way with household products since its inception, and their Luxury Standing Swinging Garden Hammock is proof. If you have all the space in the world to set up your hammock but can find two trees to put together, then this hammock is for you.

The VonHaus hammock comes with its own supporting steel frame that will not only support your full weight, but is easy to assemble too. After assembly, the hammock attaches to the frame using two sturdy steel S hooks. The luxury comes in the fact that this hammock is made from woven, natural cotton making it ultra cool and very breathable. Not to mention the eye-catching contrasting stripes design.


  • Convenient for use in open spaces
  • High-quality hammock material
  • Easy set up and dismantling


  • The metal frame takes up some boot space when camping

2. Red Hammock for Several People

Hammock for Several People


There’s you regular old hammocks for ordinary people, and then there’s the Red Hammock for Several People. If you want something larger for couples and more than one person to relax in, then this product is more than well suited for the job.

The Red hammock boasts of a wide lying surface measuring 210 by 150cm with a total length of 320cm. additionally, it is designed in such a way that the diagonal and longitudinal side lie down flat with little difficulty. You’ll also notice the hand rolled braids at either end that allow the hammock to carry a much heavier load.


  • Larger lying surface for multiple users
  • Strong construction that can hold up to 300Kg
  • Soft, durable cotton polyester blend


  • Most heavier adults can say goodbye to coupling up on the hammock

3. Tortola Rainbow Outdoor Garden Double Hammock

Tortola Rainbow Outdoor Garden Double Hammock


If you like to sleep well and stretch yourself all the way out in whatever direction, then you will need a hammock that can take the lead. The Tortola Rainbow Outdoor Garden Double Hammock is built with a double birth for extra width. This means that you can make the most of the extra space and stretch out or invite a loved one and cuddle up.

The Tortola hammock is woven from a sturdy, soft cotton and polyester blend with an aesthetically pleasing rainbow pattern. You also get a lengthy support rope to fasten the hammock to poles or trees.


  • Comes with a handy carry bag for easy transportation
  • Vibrant, colourful rainbow design
  • Extra wide girth for more relaxation


  • Tortola may have exaggerated on the multiple users but; the hammock only supports a maximum of 200Kg.

4. Amazonas Aruba Juniper Weather Proof Spreader Bar Hammock

Amazonas Aruba Juniper Weather Proof Spreader Bar Hammock


As with any other purchase these days, it’s always essential to conserve the environment. If you consider yourself an environmentally friendly consumer, then the Amazonas spreader hammock is the ultimate match for you.

The manufacturer uses recycled materials to craft each hammock with quality, durability, and care. The Juniper line is made from recycled yarn in a very eco-friendly manner to make for a comfortable, relaxing surface. The design for this hammock is classic with vibrant colors and designs.


  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Highly affordable
  • Easy to assemble


  • May lack a bit in the area of durability

5. Redstone Luxury Hammock with Steel Stand

Redstone Luxury Hammock


For people who would rather not trouble themselves looking for trees or share their hammock, the Redstone Luxury Hammock offers the ideal solution. This hammock comes with a lightweight steel frame that is easy to set up and disassemble.

For people who live in open, treeless areas, you don’t have to bother with looking for a place to tie it. The hammock itself measures 210cm by 81cm and is made from soft cotton with links at the end for a secure, sturdy fit.


  • Frame is adjustable with three height options
  • Made from soft cotton for comfort and breathability
  • Incorporates wood stabilizers to prevent tipping


  • The steel frame has a very high possibility of tipping if you move too much

Garden Hammock Buying Guide

The key considerations you need to make when shopping for the best garden hammocks include:

1. Will you need a stand?

Since using a hammock is centered on hanging above the ground, you’re going to want to think about where you will hang yours. You could hang it between two trees, from a pole to a wall fitting or posts around your yard.

However, there are instances when two convenient trees or poles may not always be available. This is where the need for a stand comes in for convenient indoor and outdoor use. With your own stand, you won’t have to worry about permanent features. However, frames often to the overall cost of the purchase.

2. Preferred size?

Do you plan on using the hammock yourself or will you be inviting guests in? If you only plan on relaxing alone with your favourite book about gardening, a single hammock will do best. However, multiple users will need a double width hammock to support the extra weight. You can also purchase family sized hammocks that support up to 2 adults and about 3 kids. Luxury hammocks are often larger to allow for maximum stretching distance, so you might also want to look into that too. Similarly, make sure you watch the weight capacity of your hammock and stand.

3. Material

Typically, most hammocks in the UK are made of cotton. That’s because cotton is affordable, breathable, very comfortable and allows for the evaporation of sweat and moisture. Cotton also allows for the release of any bad odours and dries very quickly even when left out in the rain. Alternatively, you could use silk hammocks that are better suited for travelling. Silk is not only breathable, but tear proof and lightweight too. However, it is not as comfortable as cotton. There are also plenty of other materials that are specialised by different manufacturers with UV resistant properties to keep you cool and relaxed.

4. Preferred colour?

Now, while the visual aesthetics may seem mundane when buying your hammock, the colours you choose will be with you for a long time. If you like bright colours go for it; but remember that although they look far much nicer and are less likely to fade, they pick up more dirt. Darker colours may fade in the sun quicker, but they look cleaner for longer. Also, you may want to match your hammock to the intended purpose. Maybe go for darker, more camouflaging colours if you are camping, and bright, vibrant colours for the beach and relaxing in your yard.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hammocks

Q: How to make a garden hammock?

Making your own hammock is relatively simple. You can make a version that only requires rope and a piece of fabric – you don’t even need to sew anything! Another way of making a hammock is to sew the rope into the ends of the fabric (you should use either nylon or canvas for this method). Or, if you’re feeling creative, you can make a rope hammock – this is slightly more complicated, and involves drilling holes into pieces of wood, knowing a good knot or two and working out measurements.

Whichever method you go for, you will need two good strong supports evenly spaced out to hold your hammock up and support your weight.

Q: Where to buy a garden hammock?

You can buy hammocks just about anywhere. This is the simple version of making your own! Many companies advertise them online, or you can go to a garden store and find your perfect hammock. You can buy a standalone hammock or one that comes attached to a stand, if you don’t have any handy trees to string it between.

Q: Are hammocks comfortable?

In a word, yes. Hammocks are the most luxurious, comfortable way of lounging in your garden and taking in the view. A perfect way to reward yourself after a long day’s digging and planting! If you have acute back trouble it may not be for you, but in general a hammock is a very comfortable, relaxing thing.

Reclining with your head slightly higher than your body encourages good circulation and oxygen flow to the body, making it a benefit to your health to use one – and they are actually recommended for people who have trouble sleeping too. Although I wouldn’t recommend dozing off in your garden, particularly if you live in a wet country!

Q: Do hammocks hurt or help your back?

As long as you don’t have an acute bad back, swinging in a hammock can actually help you. It allows the head to be slightly higher than the body, taking the pressure off your spine and encouraging blood and oxygen circulation to the body.

A hammock is also a deeply relaxing experience, which is very good for overall health as well as for any nagging back pain in the long run. Can you tell your family that you need a hammock to help your chronic back pain? Absolutely. Will it get you out of weeding duties? Probably not.

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