The Ultimated Guide to the Best Garden Boots in the UK

Practical, efficient, and strangely thrilling, garden boots are the kind of equipment that makes any type of yard work extra fun. With a great pair on, no task seems too muddled or foreboding. Be it a patch of poison ivy or a thorny bush; you can always stomp on forward without a care in the world.

But with an ever increasing range of incredible garden boots, how do you know which pair suits you best?

Whether you’re looking for men’s or women’s boots for garden, best wellington boots (wellies), something to help you get through the winter or a boot made for warmer climates, I’ve done the hard yards to find the top 5 best garden boots in the UK today. Let’s see what each of these stompers have to offer.

Best Garden Boots in the UK

1. Waterproof Muckboot Ankle Boot Velcro Wellington Muddies

womens garden boots


If you’re looking for a lightweight, casual gardening boot for light duties, then the Waterproof Muckboot Ankle Boot Velcro Wellington Muddies are your kind of shoes. In addition to being a bestseller in the UK, the Wellington Muddies just inch above the ankles to give you as much flexibility as possible.

You simply can’t get this flexibility with the other longer gardening boots. The Muck boots feature a reinforced Nylon upper that is fully waterproof for working in wet conditions and a steel shank for protection from sharp objects from below. The removable, cushioned, fur lined insoles might just make these Muddies the most comfortable garden boots on our list.

Key features

  • Ankle high shafts for more operational flexibility
  • Incorporates Thermolite lining that’s ideal for UK’s cold weather
  • Extremely comfortable interiors

2. Dunlop Men’s DUK680211 Boots

best wellington boots


If your chores take you smack dab in the middle of a patch of knee-high stinging nettles, then you obviously need a gardening boot built for the job. Measuring a solid 12 inches from the ground up, the Dunlop Men’s DUK680211 Boots are fit for chores as demanding as sewer cleaning.

Since the exteriors are made of tough, abrasion-resistant and waterproof rubber, you can get on your duties without watching your step all the time. The sole is made of proper gum rubber that is not only extremely durable, but also oil and slip resistant. One of the best wellington boots on the UK market.

Key features

  • Extremely sturdy rubber construction
  • Easier to slip on and off
  • Recommended for people with wide calves

3. Dunlop Short Leg Wellies Half-Heights

best wellies boots


For landscapers, gardeners and other workers who spend over 10 hours a day in their boots, the last thing they need is something heavy and cumbersome. This is why the Dunlop Short Leg Wellies Half-Height boots are becoming increasingly popular in the gardening industry.

In addition to offering all the typical features you expect in a rubber boot, the mere fact that these Dunlops are only half heights makes them much lighter than others. Similarly, they are easier to wear and take off due to their intelligent, slip on design. The Hi-Grip sole is a great addition for manoeuvring slippery surfaces, ladders and uneven terrain.

Key features

  • Half height design allows for easier on and off
  • Waterproof, synthetic exterior for flexible protection
  • High traction outsole for maximum grip

4. Women’s Muck Outdoor Yard Garden Winter Boots

muck boots for women


With an increasing number of bulky, rubber boots that look like clones, the need for stylish women’s gardening boots has never been higher. The Women’s Muck Outdoor Yard Garden Winter Boots are not only built for daily abuse in the outdoors, but they also let you look great while doing it too.

The boots design lets you know upfront that it’s suited for colder climates. The warm padded cuff insulates against heat loss and keeps your feet warm and dry. The fact that the entire boot is actually man-made means that women get a custom, secure and comfortable fit.

Key features

  • Perfect for UK’s cold climate
  • Manmade materials for higher quality
  • Extremely secure fit with flexible construction

5. Michigan Waterproof Neoprene Outdoor Garden Wellington Muck Boots

mens garden shoes


If your main enemy in the field is water, then you need a boot that is more than suited for marine conditions. There’s a reason why the Michigan Black Waterproof Neoprene Garden Muck Boots come highly ranked by workers in all occupations. From farmers to fishermen, gardeners to the average backyard warrior, the Neoprene Much Boots definitely live up to their name.

In addition to a warmer material at the top for those cold UK days, the Muck Boots feature a cleated sole that offers unmatched grip on slippery surfaces.

Key features

  • Robust, durable construction
  • Superior slip resistance thanks to a cleated sole
  • Great for UK’s colder climate

Best Garden Boots Buying Guide

When that gardening muse beckons, many gardeners in the UK don’t really give much thought the importance of a decent pair of gardening boots and gardening gloves. For most, pretty much anything will do. The only thing most of us agree on is that practicality beats fashion. So while most gardening footwear tends to have similar features, there are a few things you should consider before spending your hard earned money.

a. Type

As you’ve seen above, there are many different types of garden boots. While some run as high as your knees, others will typically end at the ankles. If you are looking for something to help with heavy duty work, then a full-length boot will be more practical and protective. But if you just want to complete some light outdoor chores, then a half height boot or ankle boots will serve you well.

b. Material

Most garden boots are made of rubber which is very durable and waterproof. However, it tends to cut down the breathability of your boots. If you’re operating in a hot area that is not as wet, then synthetic materials might be more suited for your boots.

c. Closure

What matters more to you; a secure fit or easy access to the boot? If you want something that will be easy to slip on and off, then make sure you go with a slip on design. However, gardeners looking for a secure fit might want to look for Velcro or buckles on the exterior.

Garden Boots FAQs

Q: What are muck boots?

Muck Boots are simply boots that are 100 percent waterproof and designed to keep your feet dry, warm, and well protected in messy conditions and harsh weather. Most of these boots incorporate Neoprene shell construction that acts as a medium for internal and external temperatures.

Q: Are garden boots breathable?

This is a very major concern for most gardeners. Fortunately, most of the best garden boots in the UK are breathable. Thanks to revolutionary features, these boots are made with Breathable Airmesh lining surfaces that wick away excess perspiration by circulating air through the interior.

Q: What do I do if my gardening boots are punctured?

Thanks to today’s array of footwear technologies, you don’t have to throw out your rubber boots when they lose a fight with nails and sharp objects. The rubber can be naturally repaired with affordable sealants found in every general hardware store near you. All you have to do is clean out the punctured part thoroughly with mineral spirits and apply sealant on the slashed or punctured area. Wipe to make a thin film of sealant and wait for at least 24 hours for it to dry. Your rubber garden boots should be just as good as new.

Q: Are garden boots and rain boots the same?

Rain boots tend to be rubber, waterproof, and quite long, to keep the wearer’s legs dry. Garden boots are like a short version of Wellingtons – they are waterproof, and long enough to protect the ankle, but not so long that it is hard to kneel down. Garden boots are easy to slip on and off, and perfect for doing any type of work in the garden whatever the weather.

Q: Where to buy garden boots?

Any good garden store should be able to supply you with good gardening boots – if not, you can find a great pair online (the only downside being that you cannot try them on before you buy).

Q: Are crocs good for gardening?

Crocs are great for pottering about in the garden, especially because you can easily slip them on and off. They are suitable for light weeding, or maybe a bit of dead heading, but you should bear in mind that they are not all that suitable for jobs such as heavy digging, as you feet can get damaged by a stray spade or fork.

Also, crocs are very soft, so they won’t protect your feet from falling rocks or bricks, and those little holes that are so useful for letting feet breathe are also notorious for letting in stray thorns. Stick to the gardening boots!

Q: How to keep spiders out of garden boots?

Keeping your boots stored upside down is a good way to keep the pesky insects out; you can repurpose an old broom handle, or buy a specific boot storage unit for this. Another good idea is putting something in your boots to stop creepy crawlies getting in – you could stuff them with newspaper, or place an old plant pot over the top.

Apart from that, you should empty your boots out once in a while if you’re not wearing them regularly, and always turn them upside down and give them a good shake before you put them on.


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