Which Is The Best Conservatory Heater In The UK?

Conservatories make for the best room in the house to grab some RnR. But once the cold season sets in, nobody’s stepping in that freezer. If you want to reclaim your favourite view at home, it’s time for the best conservatory heater in the UK.

1. Simple, clean, and with one heck of a sleek low profile design, the Dimplex LPP100 Saletto Panel Heater lets you warm up your conservatory without leaving any bulky appliances lying around.

2. Looking the quickest way to pump heat into your conservatory as well as the rest of your house? Then you’ll love the raw power and reliability of the Dimplex Cadiz Eco Electric Oil Free Standing Radiator.

3. How about an affordable heater that can handle cold and wet conditions even in a greenhouse? I’m talking about the Greenbrook TUBH1 frost protection tubular heater.

Conservatory Heaters Buying Guide

After a long day at the mines, one of the things we’re all looking forward to is some peace and quite at home. If you have a conservatory, then you already know it’s the best place in the house to relax and unwind.

The plants and flowers as well as the wonderful warmth and view of summer are unbeatable. But once winter sets in, the last thing you want to do is freeze your buns off at your conservatory. This is where the need for some clever heating options comes in.

So, how do you ensure you’re all set with the best conservatory heater?

Types of Conservatory Heaters

  • Electric Heaters – Since all you have to do is connect them to a socket, these are the most affordable and readily available models for conservatories. They can be either portable/free standing or wall mounted/panel heaters and can heat a room instantly.
  • Gas Fire – These are usualy free standing models that make use of either propane or butane to heat up the conservatory. While they’re definitely bulkier, they are also affordable to buy, operate and maintain.
  • Tubular Heating – This type is already popular with outside rooms such as greenhouses. Thanks to the design, tubular heaters work well in damp areas and will do fine with conservatories.

Key Features and Considerations

i) Power Output

If you have a massive conservatory that gets a lot of traffic, then you’ll obviously need a heater with plenty of output. However, smaller spaces will be more at home with low output heaters.

ii) Budget

Like most shoppers, you probably have a predetermined budget to work with. If you don’t, then you can go ahead and install central heating in the conservatory. But if you do, then you’ll want to buy a heater that you can afford both initially, and in the long run as well.

iii) Safety Features

When dealing with heating appliances, safety is paramount. One of the safety features to watch out for is a cut off switch that keeps the unit from overheating. For free standing conservatory heaters, a tip over switch renders the machine inactive if it falls over.

iv) User Friendliness

Having a heater with an easy-to-use control panel helps make things a lot simpler. Likewise, features such as timers help make the heating process even more automated. It doesn’t have to have all the latest features, just the most essential ones.

Top Conservatory Heaters Reviews

1. BEST PANEL HEATER: Dimplex LPP100 Saletto Low Profile Panel Heater


  • Best panel heater in the UK
  • Sleek, stylish white exterior
  • Ideal for conservatories where space is at a minimum


  • Heater has to be wired into socket (doesn’t come with a plug)


Simplistic design, clean look, and one of the sleekest low profile designs I’ve seen in a while, the Dimplex LPP100 Saletto Panel Heater is ideal for a wide array of applications.

But once you factor in that feeling of total control and high end performance, it’s easy to see why this unit has become a favourite in many UK conservatories.

In addition to a contemporary design, the Dimplex LPP100 boasts of advanced energy controls with illuminated indicators to show you exactly what you’re doing.

But it’s not all tech – the heater is actually solidly constructed. The unit has been finished in white steel and comes with a detachable wall mount frame.

What It Does Best

There’s no question about it; the Dimplex LPP100 Saletto Low Profile Panel Heater does a great job of warming up your conservatory to a toasty temperature. However, that’s not what it does best. In this segment, we’re more interested in another part of the product’s name – low profile.

This brilliant white model is so sleek that it almost lies flush with the wall you mount it on. And like with all wall mounted appliances, this makes the LPP100 the best panel heater for conservatories where space is at a premium.

Keeping in mind the fact that the heater includes an integral electric thermostat, it’s definitely of the more advanced models.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

While the Dimplex LPP100 Panel Heater is a well built piece of heating equipment, we couldn’t help but notice a few issues here and there. Of course, it’s nothing major – more of nit picking than pointing out flaws actually.

For instance, one of the main headaches stemmed from the fact that it’s a wall mounted heater. I’m sure you bough it knowing that you’d have to mount it to the wall, but it’s still a huge inconvenience.

I’d be more impressed if the manufacturer managed to make it more portable and versatile enough to serve as both a free standing and wall mounted model. Now that would be something.

What Other Customers Think

This is one of those rare occasions where you see customers giving nothing but the best ratings and reviews for a product. And if you ask me, Dimplex definitely deserves all the praise they’ve been getting.

The LPP100 Saletto Low Profile Panel Heater delivers almost every single thing it promised the customers.

From great quality workmanship of components all the way to performance that would normally be reserved for larger electric heaters, this unit definitely ranks high on the customer satisfaction factor.

Should You Buy It?

Should I even be asking this question? If you’ve read though the review, it’s obvious that the Dimplex LPP100 Saletto Low Profile Heater is the best panel heater for your conservatory. Not only does it come with a sleek and brilliant white exterior, but it actually delivers consistent performance.

If you’re looking for a way to heat up your conservatory without leaving any bulky appliances around, then you’ll love the sleek, seamless look of the Dimplex LPP100 Saletto Low Profile Panel Heater.

2. BEST FREE STANDING PORTABLE: Dimplex Cadiz Eco Electric Oil Free Radiator


  • Best free standing oil free radiator
  • Versatile heating function
  • 50 % lighter and 10% more efficient


  • Is a bit expensive compared to other oil filled models


If you’re looking for a way to keep your conservatory as well as any other room in your house warm, then you’ll need a unit that moves around with you. And you guessed it; Dimplex showed up the competition by giving us the best free standing portable conservatory heater in the UK.

Just when you though their wall mounted model was awesome, here comes the Dimplex Cadiz Eco Electric Radiator. Featuring the highly innovative twin panel tech system, both sides of the radiator can be controlled independently for total control over heat direction. There’s also an on board timer that allows for two program period settings.

What It Does Best

So what does the Dimplex Cadiz Radiator do best? Well, it’s faster, lighter, more portable and more efficient. Compared to those oil filled radiators, this bad boy is actually 10% more efficient to operate because of its ultra fast warm up.

And since there’s no oil used, the heater is a whopping 50% lighted so you can move it from one room to another with little effort.

This means that once you’re all done relaxing in the conservatory, you can pick up the heater and take it with you to the living room and bedroom. And thanks to the integral cable tidy, no more messy cables to deal with.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

I have to say, it’s tough finding flaws in a product that is so well thought out. I mean, Diplex really did their homework on this one. From the tough, robust exterior to the simple fact that you can control individual sides, it’s difficult not to be impressed.

But as always, you never let customer satisfaction cloud your judgment because manufacturers can always do more. For instance (nit picking), Dimplex really did an awful job of placing the panel light. That sucker is so damn bright that it’s distracting, especially if you plan on using the heater in your bedroom.

What Other Customers Think

As I mentioned earlier, Dimplex really did their homework in delivering exactly what the customers want. According to reviews, it’s clear that people really appreciated the fact that it’s solidly made and contains high quality components.

Similarly, the powerful performance doesn’t hurt. And once you factor in the super easy control panel, it really helped to tie the entire image together. However, customers did have a thing or two to say about the comparatively expensive price tag.

Should You Buy It?

One of the most useful features you could want in a heater is portability. The Dimplex Cadiz Electric Radiator not only delivers this, but also goes the extra mile to offer efficiency and speed. If you’re looking for a free standing heater to quickly warm up your conservatory and the rest of your house as well, then this is it right here.

The Dimplex Cadiz Eco Electric Oil Free Radiator is a bit expensive compared to other models, but it’s definitely worth every pound.

3. BEST FROST PROTECTION: Greenbrook TUBH1 Frost Protection Tubular Heater


  • Very good value for money
  • Great for damp conditions
  • Best for frost protection


  • Lower warming speed
  • More suitable for greenhouses


If you still haven’t found the ideal heater for your conservatory, maybe it’s because you have some unique needs. It’s not all too uncommon for these structures to take in far more moisture and become damper than an outhouse.

If you’re thinking more green house than conservatory, then how about checking out the best frost protection heater in the UK. The Greenbrook TUBH1is a 310mm long tubular heater that is more versatile than anything you’ll find here.

This uniquely shaped model is IP44 rated at 230/240 V AC and a power consumption of 60 watts. Wall fixings have been included to mount the heater to any surface.

What It Does Best

Also its strongest selling point, the Greenbrook TUBH1 tubular heater excels at one thing and one thing only – surviving in conditions that would render other types of heaters useless. Thanks to the enclosed tubular design and a smaller surface area, this bad boy is made for especially damp conditions.

This means that even with UKs cold winters, your heater still has frost protection. And as a bonus, the space saving design is perfect for smaller spaces.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

Being among the cheapest models on the list, there were definitely a few issues to be expected. Nope, it’s not the construction – the Greenbrook TUBH1 tubular heater is very well constructed and as far as I can see without looking inside, the components also don’t seem that bad given the price range.

Besides, the frost protection means it’s already a pretty durable unit. But what I did find a tad disappointing was the warming speed. It took quite some time to feel the heating effects even in a smaller conservatory.

What Other Customers Think

One look at what previous customers had to say and it’s pretty clear that this review was spot on. While most people loved the fact that the unit was small enough to hide in unseen nooks around greenhouses and conservatories, that’s where the size benefits end.

After that, the smaller frame only works at a disadvantage once you turn the heater on. But if you can manage to get the heater on a few minutes before, you’ll find the room adequately heated.

Should You Buy It?

When it comes to adaptable and temporary heating, tubular heaters make for one of the best heating options out there. So with its ability to thrive in damp conditions and resist frost, the Greenbrook TUBH1 Tubular Heater is already a shoe in as the best option for conservatories.

If you’re looking for an affordable heater that can take some splashes now and then, this is it right here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size heater do I need for my conservatory?

The size of a conservatory varies, and as such you will need a different sized heater for each one. Another factor to consider is how warm the conservatory gets – if it is naturally cool then a stronger heater will be better, and if it is already on the warm side without heating then you won’t need such a large or powerful heater.

The insulation will make a difference too; if you have a well insulated, new conservatory then you will need less heating than for a poorly insulated space. It is always better to choose a conservatory heater that is slightly stronger than your requirements, so that you don’t end up shivering!

There are some very useful online calculators that you can use to work out what size heater you will need for your conservatory.

Q: What type of electric heater is best for a conservatory?

There are a great many options for heating your conservatory so that it stays as comfortable in the winter as it does in the summer.

  1. A panel heater is a good bet for a conservatory heater; these are especially suited for a small space as it means no bulky appliances getting in your way, at the same time as heating up your space.
  2. A free standing electric heater is an efficient way of heating up your conservatory space, as long as your conservatory is large enough that having a heater standing about won’t get in your way.
  3. A tubular heater is a modern design of highly efficient heater, that are so small you will barely notice they’re there – but they do put out a lot of heat!

All these options are affordable and efficient, so all you need to do is decide what type suits your needs best, then get online to search for your heating solution, or go to your local heating centre and get your wallet out!

Q: What is the most economical heater for a conservatory?

Coat is obviously a factor with just about everything in life – but you don’t want to skimp on heating options for your conservatory, otherwise it will become next to useless in the winter as it will be too cold to enjoy.

One of the most economical options is modern types of heating such as tubular heating – these tend to be more geared towards affordability for the user as well as being more environmentally friendly.

Gas heaters are therefore pretty much a no no – they are expensive, unsustainable, and can even leach noxious gases which can be harmful to your health.

Electric radiators are the best bet, because they use your existing electricity supply and don’t need much setting up. Also, they have the added bonus of saving you money when they are not in use! One downside is that you will often need to turn them on for a while before you intend to use the conservatory, making it less easy to spontaneously use the room.

If you are considering building a conservatory, you should also look into double glazing. This will automatically help the room stay warmer, without the need for a really powerful heater which will lose most of its energy through the windows.

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