How To Choose The Best Chainsaw Safety Trousers?

Lower leg injuries when working with a chainsaw are some of the most common among tree surgeons, woodcutters and other chainsaw users.

Many of these injuries are caused by lack of proper protective wear, including safety boots and trousers.

A conventional pair of pants is useless against the fast-spinning chain of a powered chainsaw. Even slight contact will almost definitely result in serious injury.

For effective leg protection, chainsaw safety trousers are the best. They are designed to reduce the risk of the chain coming into contact with your skin.

How Chainsaw Safety Trousers Work

Chainsaw safety trousers consist of a tough outer layer with several fibre layers beneath. The number of layers depends on the class of protection the pants provide.

When a spinning chainsaw comes into contact with the safety trousers, the chain easily cuts through the top layer. It then pulls onto the long fibres beneath, spooling them around the chain and into the chain mechanism.

This jams the chain sprockets and stops the spinning chain almost instantly before the chainsaw can go deeper.

Here’s a quick video by STIHL showing how chainsaw safety trousers work to keep you safe.

Note that chainsaw safety trousers don’t just protect you from the chain. They also shield your skin from flying wood chips, heat and oils.

What to Consider When Buying Chainsaw Safety Trousers

a) European Certification

Before anything else, check that the trousers have EN 381-5 certification, the European standard that covers leg protection against hand-held chainsaws.

The standard specifies three types and three classes of chainsaw safety trousers, which we explain below.

b) Type A, B or C

Type A chainsaw safety trousers provide protection only on the front. They are the most common choice for lumberjacks and other professionals using a chainsaw.

They can come in form of chaps, dungarees or normal trousers.

Type B chainsaw safety trousers are almost similar to Type A. The only difference is that type B trousers have a bit more protection coverage on the left leg.

Type A and B chainsaw safety trousers are ideal for professionals who mostly work on the ground.

Type C safety trousers provide all-round protection. While Type A trousers provide about 180° of front protective coverage, Type C trousers provide 360° protection including the front, sides and back.

Type C trousers are ideal for tree surgeons, who often have to cut trees and branches in awkward positions.

c) Class 1, 2 or 3

In addition to type, the other important classification to look for is the Class.

All chainsaw safety gear is categorized into three classes depending on the maximum chain speed at which they can provide effective protection.

  • Class 1: Protection up to 20m/s
  • Class 2: Protection up to 24m/s
  • Class 3: Protection up to 28m/s

Check your manual for the chainsaw specs. Specifically, check the maximum speed and choose the right class of safety trousers.

d) Size and Fit

The fit and comfort of chainsaw safety trousers are an essential part of their safety. A too tight trouser can cause the chainsaw to reach your skin.

Similarly, a pair of too-short trousers that rise when you bend can expose the bottom of your leg to potential injury.

Many sellers indicate trouser sizes as L, XL, XXL and so on. However, we recommend looking up specific waist and height sizes. If they are not indicated, ask the seller.

This ensures you buy the right fit for your body size.

You should order chainsaw safety trousers that are slightly bigger than your usual size, even if you won’t wear ordinary trousers inside. The bagginess provided additional protection. It also provides adequate space for movement, especially when bending up and down.

e) Lightweight and Breathable

When working in the sun, heavy and thick trousers that trap a lot of heat can be a health hazard.

Chainsaw safety trousers are understandably heavier than normal trousers. But they shouldn’t be too heavy that you have trouble walking or get hot and sweaty when wearing them.

f) Visibility

Most chainsaw safety trousers come with bright coloured lines, patches or panels for easy visibility in low light conditions.

The added visibility is important for pros working in wooded areas.

g) Care and Maintenance

Finally, check what kind of maintenance the trousers need.

Some trousers use high-maintenance fibres that need to be washed often to retain their protective qualities. Others require only occasional cleaning.

Definitely check if the trousers can be machine washed. It’ll make cleaning much easier.

The Best Chainsaw Safety Trousers Reviews

1. Oregon 295397 Type C All Round Yukon Chainsaw Protective Trouser

Oregon 295397 Type C (All Round Yukon Chainsaw Protective Trouser, Large


If you prefer a pair of trousers with all-round protection, we recommend this Type C pair by Oregon.

The top layer consists of tough abrasion-resistant polyester fabric. It is resistant to heat, fuel and oils. It also does a great job shielding you from flying wood chips.

Being Type C trousers, you wear these like normal trousers. You don’t need another pair inside. They are pretty light and surprisingly breathable. You’ll be able to work comfortably in hot weather.

You get two large pockets at the front and another at the back, giving you plenty of space to store small tools.

The Oregon Yukon trousers are available in 5 sizes: medium, large, x-large, xx-large and xxx-large. The manufacturer doesn’t provide specific dimensions for the waist and leg height.

What I like about it:

  • Secure hook and loop closure.
  • All-round protection.
  • Comfortable to wear in hot weather.
  • Wide range of sizes available.

2. RocwooD Chainsaw Protection Safety Bib & Brace Trousers

Chainsaw Protection Safety Bib & Brace Trousers Size L Large 36" - 38" Waist


If you mostly work on the ground, these Type A RocwooD trousers provide adequate protection.

The protective part of the trousers covers the front part of your legs starting from around 5cm from the bottom to just above the crotch.

Beneath the tough outer layer, there are nine layers of long protective fibres underneath. These are enough to stop a chainsaw spinning at up to 20m/s(Class 1 protection).

These trousers are available in just one size – large – with a 36/38″ waist. The shoulder straps and elastic waistband ensure a snug fit even if you have a 34” waist.

The trousers are pretty long, adequately covering your legs up to the bottom. They don’t ride up when you bend.

Glowy orange panels at the bottom and along the side pockets provide added visibility in low light conditions.

What I like about it:

  • Comfortable and snug fit for most people.
  • 9-ply protection.
  • Comes with two pockets.
  • Good visibility.

3. Schnittschutz-Latzhose EVO Men’s KWF Chainsaw Bib Dungarees Trousers

Schnittschutz-Latzhose EVO 689-0-2900-L Bib Overalls EN 381-5 CE 0302 DPLF Tested Cut-Protection (Test centre KWF) 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton Antrhacite Size L


These are also bib-style Type A chainsaw safety trousers.

The inner lining consists of polyester and cotton. The combination of polyester and cotton makes the lining strong and breathable.

The outer lining consists of polyester and polypropylene. It shields you from the wood chips as well as oils and fuel.

But it won’t stop the chainsaw. For that, the Schnittschutz-Latzhose EVO trousers depend on the 9-ply fibre construction that quickly stops the chainsaw.

These dungarees are made with an elasticated waist and shoulder straps for a snug but flexible fit. They are available in S, M, L and XXL sizes. Specific dimensions for each size are provided.

For cleaning, the Schnittschutz-Latzhose EVO dungarees are machine washable at 60°C.

What I like about it:

  • Pocketed for convenient storage of smartphone and small tools.
  • Adjustable waist size.
  • Multiple sizes available.
  • 9-ply chainsaw protection.

4. SWS KWF certified cut resistant dungarees

KWF certified cut resistant dungarees, cut protection trousers, forest trousers, made in EU


If you are on a budget, we recommend this affordable pair of SWS dungarees.

They are tested to the EN 381-5 standard and are classified as Type A (front protection only) and Class 1 (20m/s max chainsaw speed) chainsaw safety trousers.

The dungarees come in a green colour with bright orange warning patches at the bottom and on the shoulder straps.

The outer material is highly resistant to damage from flying chips, oils and water. Similar to other safety trousers, multiple layers underneath provide cut protection.

The upper part of the SWS dungarees is made from 100% polyester. This keeps the entire outfit lightweight and as breathable as possible.

The dungarees are available in four sizes: 46, 48, 60 and 62.

They have an elasticated waist band as well as adjustable elastic shoulder straps that provide a snug fit.

What I like about it:

  • Pocketed.
  • Multiple sizes available.
  • Lightweight and breathable.

5. WOODSafe Cut Protection Trousers

Cut protection trousers class 1, forest trousers Woodsafe, KWF-tested, trousers with elastic waistband green/orange, mens lumberjack trousers with cut-protection form A, lightweight


These cut protection trousers from WOODSafe are another good choice if you are on a tight budget. They are cheaper than most chainsaw safety trousers but provide the same level of protection.

These are Type A, Class 1 trousers. That means they provide only front protection against a chainsaw running at a maximum speed of 20m/s.

The outer lining consists of polyester and cotton while the fibre padding is made from a mixture of polyester and polypropylene. For breathability and moisture-wicking, the inner lining is 100% cotton.

One thing we like about these trousers is the versatile size range. They are available in eight Euro sizes ranging from 48 to 62.

The trousers are longer than normal trousers, to give you the flexibility to bend and ensure full leg protection.

They do not have shoulder straps, so you may need to loop a belt around the waist or use suspenders to keep the trousers from sliding down.

We also love the practical multi-pocketed design. There are two large side pockets, a dedicated ruler pocket and a back pocket. This makes it easy to keep all the tools you need close for easy access.

What I like about it:

  • Comfortable to wear – heavier than normal trousers but not overly heavy.
  • Breathable cotton inner lining.
  • Pocketed.
  • Orange warning panels at the bottom.

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