How To Choose The Best Chainsaw Safety Boots?

Chainsaw safety boots protect your feet when using a chainsaw. They are designed with a cut-resistant toecap, usually with embedded steel, and a tough leather exterior.

The hardy exterior protects your feet from flying bits of debris and wood chips. The thick sole keeps you safe when walking among the brambles and bushes.

When you are shopping for a pair of chainsaw safety boots, don’t just focus on safety features. They need to be comfortable as well. They should be the right size, lightweight and breathable.

In this buying guide, I review the best chainsaw safety boots and give you tips on how to buy the right ones for your needs.

What To Consider When Buying Chainsaw Safety Boots

a) Level of Protection (Class 1, 2 or 3)

Chainsaw protective equipment are labelled according to classes. Different classes indicate the level of protection.

Specifically, each class represents the maximum chainsaw speed at which the boots have been tested for effective protection.

There are three classes.

  • Class 1: Protection up to 20m/s
  • Class 2: Protection up to 24m/s
  • Class 3: Protection up to 28m/s

The best choice will depend on your chainsaw’s specs. If it has a speed lower than 20m/s, you’ll be safe in Class 1 boots. If it’s higher than 24m/s, Class 3 boots are the safest.

b) Additional Safety Features

A good pair of chainsaw safety boots not only protects your feet from the chain but many other hazards as well.

Check that the soles are waterproof, which allows you to work in any kind of environment. They should also be penetration-resistant, anti-static and have a strong grip to make walking easy and safe.

Most chainsaw safety boots also provide heat-protection through the soles.

Another safety feature to look for is ankle protection. The boots should extend upwards past the ankles. This protects your skin from flying debris and wood chips.

c) Material

When assessing the quality of materials, focus on three crucial parts of the boots.

One, the shoe upper. It should be made from tough leather or PU leather. Rubber is also a good material for the boot upper.

Two, the toecap. It should be made from steel, which offers the best resistance against a chainsaw.

Do not buy safety boots containing a composite (a plastic material) toecap. No matter how tough the manufacturer says it is, it doesn’t provide as good protection as steel.

Three, the sole. It should be made from thick and tough rubber. This provides penetration, anti-static and water resistance.

Nitrile rubber is one of the best materials for soles. Nitrile rubber can withstand high temperatures, constant abrasion and a wide range of chemicals including oils.

The sole should have deep grooves that provide a strong grip on the ground especially when walking uphill or downhill.

Some safety boots incorporate extra protection in the midsole. They contain a composite or steel insert to provide effective penetration resistance.

d) Size

The right fit is important for safety and comfort. Most people prefer ordering chainsaw safety boots that are a half size or full size bigger than their shoe size.

This ensures that even when you put on thick socks, the boots will fit snugly.

e) Weight and Breathability

Chainsaw safety boots are understandably heavier than normal boots. But they shouldn’t be too heavy that you have trouble walking.

The ideal weight is around 2kg or under.

Make sure the inner material is made with a breathable textile to prevent sweating and overheating. This keeps your feet comfortable especially when working in the sun.

The Best Chainsaw Safety Boots Reviews

1. Oregon Yukon Class 1 Leather Chainsaw Protective Boots

Oregon Yukon Class 1 Leather Chainsaw Protective Boot,12 UK (47 EU) (12.5 US)


These are the best Class 1 chainsaw safety boots.

They feature a leather upper with reinforced stitching to ensure the boots will last long. A steel toecap protects you from the sharp chain while the heavy-duty outsole can resist sharp objects, oils and water.

The inner material is a breathable textile that keeps your feet fresh and cool in all kinds of weather.

The Yukon safety boots are available in ten UK sizes ranging from 5.5 to 12.5. They go past your ankle for full protection.

With the laces tied, the boots provide a snug fit.

The Oregon Yukon boots are obviously heavier than your everyday boots, but you’ll still be able to walk comfortable in them.

They weigh 2.1kg, which is not overly heavy. Once you get used to their slightly-heavier-than-normal feel, you won’t have a problem keeping them on for hours at a time.

What I like about them:

  • All-round protection – steel toecap, tough upper and thick outsole.
  • Waterproof sole and water resistant upper.
  • Breathable.
  • Lightweight.

2. Skellerup Euro Forester Chainsaw Safety Boots, Class 3

Skellerup Euro Forester Chainsaw Safety Boots Class 3 EN20345 EN17249 28m/s 6-13 (UK 11)


If you own a fast-spinning chainsaw (faster than 24m/s), these class 3 Skellerup boots offer the best protection.

They can protect your feet from a chainsaw spinning at up to 28m/s.

The main protective feature is the steel toecap that can resist a spinning chain. The midsole in some safety boots also contains steel to protect your feet from thorns and other sharp objects.

The Wellingtons-style Skellerup boots rise much higher than other chainsaw safety boots, covering your ankle and part of your calf.

This provides better protection against flying wood chips as well as thorny bushes. The boots have a built-in ballistic shin guard to protect your shins from flying objects.

The upper is made from rubber. It’s durable and fully waterproof.

The outsole is made from Sure-Grip 360 Nitrile rubber. It’s also waterproof and resistant to puncturing by thorns and other sharp objects.

Sizes range from 6 UK wide to 13 UK wide. For a comfortably fit, the boots have rear laces at the top.

What I like about them:

  • Full feet and shin protection.
  • Plenty of safety features.
  • Very comfortable to work in.

3. Cofra Power Chainsaw Safety Leather Boots, Class 2

Cofra Power Black 9 UK


If your chainsaw speed is between 20m/s and 24m/s, we recommend Cofra Class 2 safety leather boots.

The upper consists of Italian grained leather, which makes the boots particularly stylish. The leather is also functional. It is water resistant, ensuring your feet stay dry. It also protects your feet from flying wood chips.

The outsole is made from nitrile rubber, a type of rubber with wide uses in protective equipment. The outsole is heat resistant (up to 300°C for one minute) and anti-static.

The innersole consists of soft PU leather. It provides a soft comfortable foot bed and absorbs shock when you are walking.

Cofra boots are available in five wide fit sizes ranging between 7 and 11 (UK sizes). Front laces with metal hardware ensure a snug fit.

What I like about them:

  • Heavy duty construction for durability and foot protection.
  • Comfortable to wear, even for extended periods.
  • Extends upwards for ankle protection.

4. Amblers Safety FS998C Safety Boots

Amblers Safety FS998C Safety Boot / Mens Boots (10 UK) (Honey)


If you are looking for extra-large chainsaw safety boots, we recommend the Amblers Safety FS998C men’s boots.

In addition to smaller sizes – 6, 7 and 8 – they also come in sizes 12, 13 and 14.

As long as you choose the right size, the boots are very comfortable. They also incorporate several safety features.

The outer upper material is leather. It shields your feet from wood chips.

Midsole and toecap protection keeps your feet safe from the chainsaw and sharp objects on the ground.

The rubber outsole is designed to absorb shock and provide proper foot support. You can comfortably wear the boots through hours of work. The sole is also temperature-resistant.

Grooves under the sole channel water from under the boot. This allows you to walk comfortably on wet or muddy surfaces without slipping.

What I like about them:

  • Larger sizes available.
  • Comfortable and breathable.
  • Plenty of protective features.
  • Waterproof.

5. Terra Mens Sawtooth Met Leather Waterproof Safety Boots

Terra Mens Sawtooth Leather Waterproof Safety Steel Toe Cap Work Boots Shoe Size[UK 11, Black]


The Terra Mens Sawtooth safety boots have a full leather upper. Unlike most boot uppers that are just water resistant, the upper on these boots is waterproof.

The seams are sealed tightly to prevent water entry. If you work often in wet environments, these are the best boots.

The rubber outsole is also waterproof and can resist penetration by sharp objects and damage from exposure to acids and oils. It is heat-resistant and can withstand temperatures between -20°C and 250°C.

In cold temperatures, an insulation lining called Thinsulate maintains your feet at a comfortable temperature.

Inside the boots is a comfortable footbed with a CLEANFEET-treated lining. CLEANFEET prevents odours.

The boots are available in UK sizes 11, 12 and 13.

What I like about them:

  • They provide good protection to your feet.
  • Fully waterproof – both the upper and sole.
  • Reflective 3M Scotchlite piping improves visibility in poor light.
  • Comfortable and breathable in all kinds of environments.

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